Real Life

This is a requested sequel to 'Stepping into the Real'

I don't own Supernatural or its characters – nor do I own Jared/Jensen but for all intents and purposes these characters are all fictional – this is a fictional situation which, unfortunately, can never come true – no real people were hurt or offended during the writing of this story!!

Chapter 1

Dean Winchester tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and sang along to the pounding music, his voice soft and soulful. He slipped a glance at his brother, fast asleep, face pressed against the window of the Impala, staining it with drool, Sammy looked happy and relaxed, even in sleep and Sammy was sleeping better these days and that made Dean even happier.

It had been a month since they had killed it, killed the evil son of a bitch that had killed his mother and Jess and taken the life of his beloved father and in that month both he and his brother had spent their time sleeping, partying and doing nothing and it had been wonderful but then Sam had announced he had wanted a vacation and Dean had envisioned sandy beaches, hot sun and hot chicks and had begun buying suntan lotion and condoms in preparation; however Sam had told Dean they were having their vacation in Vancouver – yeah – Vancouver and they were going to meet the two actors that Sam had somehow gotten involved with during 'that time'. It wasn't that Dean doubted Sam – he just didn't believe him! He had listened, several times, to Sam's tale of entering 'another world' where their life was a television series and the actors in it their doubles; he had heard tales about the wonderful Jensen until his ears felt like bleeding and he had nodded sagely as Sam had told him about this Jared guy who had taken Sam's place for a while. Dean frowned and shot his brother another glance through slitted eyes (his snake eyed look as Sam called it). Yeah – like that happened – oh yeah – it had but Dean wouldn't remember it cos Sam and the fantastic Jensen had sorted everything so that everything went back to normal, Dean snorted, normal – that was a laugh – he shook his head – Sam must have had a really bad vision or knocked his stupid head – come on – Dean had seen some really fucked up things – but parallel universes, other dimensions, actor doubles, television series about their lives – all that was just damn well impossible and Dean thought maybe, just maybe, his brother needed some therapy. Dean glanced in the rear view mirror, catching sight of his own reflection and running a hand through his blond hair; hey – he thought to himself – there can't be another guy as good looking as this – and that in itself proved how mad Sammy was!


Jared shifted in his seat and took a slug of beer, Jensen watched sympathetically and took a glance at his watch "Come on Jare" he said softly "He won't blast you – I swear – I mean you're perfectly safe now – he doesn't even remember you – Sam assured me of that – in fact – he doesn't even believe Sam – so we're going to have some fun – ok?"

"Yeah – I guess" Jared twirled the bottle in his hand and smiled at his friend "I'm just a little nervous that's all – and to meet Sam – it'll be weird – seeing this guy who looks just like me"

"Not just like you" Jensen grinned "He's a little quieter than you dude – and he uses those puppy dog eyes a lot more than you do – hey – I spotted the difference didn't I?"

"You're a clever guy Jen" Jared laughed and punched his friend good naturedly "Anyhow – what's the story?"

"They're coming to visit us for a while and – maybe – look into that little haunting problem your buddy had – should be cool Jare – we get to play real ghost hunters"

"Hey Jen" Jared's grin grew wider "I've done that dude – its not so much fun as you think"

"Yeah – well now it's my turn to find out" Jensen grinned "They should be here soon and I, for one, am very excited"


Jensen glanced out of the window and saw the large black Impala draw up. He took a breath and gazed at the shining hulk of metal in awe, this was no prop car, this was the real thing and it was all he could do to stop from leaping up and running out of the bar to give the car a hug. He drew back, waiting for the occupants to get out, he was looking forward to seeing Sam again, but he was unsure of the reception he would get from Dean – still that would be part of this evenings entertainment and Jensen felt a tingle of excitement blossom in his stomach – he was about to come face to face with a living legend and he couldn't wait!

Jared was at the bar when he heard the door of the bar open and close and he turned quickly, his breath catching in his throat; Dean looked just the same as he remembered, a harder, slightly colder Jensen, high planed face and soft bow lips betraying a hidden toughness that Jared both admired and envied. He wore the same vintage leather jacket, tight black tee and faded jeans, black biker boots completing the outfit, Jared was glad they had chosen a quiet time to have this meeting because he was sure that, had there been any women in the bar; they would all be quivering wrecks by now. Jared's eyes flicked to the man standing beside Dean; it was like looking into the dressing room mirror, looking at himself playing Sam Winchester; the man was extremely tall, looking deceptively skinny, baggy clothes helping to hide what Jared knew to be an extremely well muscled body. Shaggy brown hair hung in his slanting eyes and Jared ran a hand through his own hair in sympathy. Suddenly hazel eyes met hazel eyes and a dimple appeared in the corner of Sam's cheek, Jared felt his mouth twitch and his hesitant smile grew wider, his own dimples deepening; Wide smile met matching wide smile and Jared lifted a hand, his heart beating, Jensen was right – this was going to be fun!