So here another thing that popped up in this wicked mind of mine!

For all those incest loving readers out there


Thin italics What's being said.

Thick italics - What is thought.

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His soft, black eyes were glazed over with tears.

It hurts. So much.

His tears were rubbed away by a gentle hand.

".. I will be carefull..."

When did he ever turn so soft?

When did he start to cry?

Another shock went through him, hurting just as much as the one before.

He couldn't help the tears from jumping into his eyes.

".. Aniki..."

Soft lips kissed away the tears, comforting the boy in his pain.

"It will all be over soon..."

He tangled his hands in the black locks of his brother.

In the back of his mind he heard something – it's wrong.

But the pain and pleasure averted his attention from it.

For once he wouldn't shy away.

He would trust his brother.

He looked up, his gaze caught in the eyes of the elder one.

He reached up, feeling the tender skin of the other on his fingers.


A small smile surrounded the lips of his aniki, as he leaned down to capture the innocent ones of his young lover.

Another shock of pain, less painful.

He trusted his brother.

He loved his brother.

And his brother loved him.

And Itachi knew.


Looking down in those black eyes of his little brother he could see nothing but trust.

'...I'm sorry...'

And he was, for soon those black eyes would turn cold.

Soon this innocent brother of his would lose his innocence.

Soon, he would lose his trust.

But for now... he would cherrish the moment.

'Because soon...I will lose you forever...'


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