The Lost Priest

Chapter 1

The Traveling Priest Pt. 1

(A/N: Here is a weird combination of a Trinity Blood and Hellsing crossover. Now, how can this be? Well, you're just going to have to see.)




London, England 21st century, pre-Armageddon. A large, bustling city full of life and rich history in a Protestant country, it seems ordinary enough. But in the shadows lies a dark secret— vampires. They walk the night, looking for food. But unlike vampires of old these vampires are created not by a curse but by human hands. These artificial vampires have started to run amok in England.

But they are kept at bay for the most part by a secret group called the Hellsing Organization, a military force serving under the Queen of England to search out and destroy the bloodthirsty vampires. The leader of the organization is Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing. Her ancestors started this Organization over 100 years ago, and she is still carrying on the family business, albeit with a low tolerance for the Vatican and its Section XIII (Iscariot).

But what is most surprising about this organization is that they fight fire with fire, using real vampires, not the new, weak, artificial ones that they hunt. There are two, in fact. The first is a Class A vampire named Alucard and the second is a servant vampire name Seras Victoria, aka. Police Girl. They both serve under Sir Integra and are sent in when needed.

But what was about to unfold would change the outcome of the war between the Hellsing Organization and the artificial, chipped vampires. It seems that they are going to need help from a certain traveling Vatican priest. However, he's not from the Iscariot or from 21st century; in fact, he is something this time has never heard or seen of before.

"Where exactly am I?" wondered a young man dressed in long black robes with long white hair tied back and bright blue eyes encased behind thin round glasses. "I've been walking for almost a whole day now and I still haven't seen a single building. It's getting dark, too, and it'll be hard to see out here in the middle of nowhere."

It was indeed growing darker with each passing moment. In his hands was only a small briefcase without much in it. His stomach was growling something terrible for he had not eaten in over fourteen hours. But he kept on moving along the empty road. Perhaps, just maybe, he could find a nice family to spend the night with, or maybe a humble church, just somewhere to rest his tired, aching feet.

The light was fading fast and he could hear nocturnal animals awake from their sleep to begin their hunt for food. The air was growing chilly and a light wind blew through the autumn leaves. It looked as though he would have to spend the night out in the woods when a familiar sound entered his ears. The sound of bells- church bells, in fact. Maybe the priest residing there would admit him to spend the night.

"Oh, finally, God as has not forsaken me after all," he chimed happily, picking up his pace. "I can finally get off my feet and maybe get something to quiet my stomach!"

The sound of the chiming bells grew louder and louder with every hurried step. He could finally see the steeple looming over the treetops. He could hear people coming out and came to stop as he saw the churchgoers getting in to their cars- cars he had never seen before. The clothes they wore were different, too. Where exactly was he?

"This is odd. This is nothing like back home," He mused as the cars drove off. "All I remember is a bright light and ending up on the side of the road with a terrible headache. I just assumed I was knocked out and dumped somewhere. Well, I must say that this changes things."

He straightened his robes and started towards the church. Almost everyone was gone now; only a single couple was left, talking to a man hidden just inside the doors. He started up the steps to the small church as the couple left. The doors were starting to close.

"Wait, just a minute, please," he cried out as the doors stopped. "Oh, thank goodness. For a second I thought I wasn't going to make it."

"May I help you, good man?" a man said as the heavy wooden door was reopened.

"Actually this may sound a little awkward, but could I, by any chance, uh, stay here just for the night to rest my feet," he said with a sweet smile. "I've been walking all day and they're killing me."

"The church is always here to help those in need," the priest said, stepping to the side. "May I inquire your name?"

"Oh, yes, my name is Abel. I'm from the Vatican," he said with same sweet smile.

"Oh, damn the Vatican… Well, come inside then, Father Abel," the priest said, stepping aside. "I hope you can find comfort here. My name is Father Jonathan Winston."

"This is a nice church you have here," Abel said, looking at the ornate wood paneling in the ceiling and walls and beautiful stained glass windows. "I do thank you greatly for allowing me to stay the night. I promise I won't be a burden on you."

"Have you eaten yet?" Jonathan asked, leading him to a door. "Just beyond the door is our recreation room for church parties, and little farther are the classrooms for Sunday school. There is also a small kitchen full of snacks and drinks. You may help yourself to them."

"Oh, you have no idea how much this means to me," Abel said happily, shaking Jonathan's hand wildly. "Thank you so very much! I'm starving!"

"I figured as much. I could hear your stomach growling from when I opened the door." Jonathan sighed as Abel quickly hurried towards the kitchen. What is the Vatican doing here? They must have figured it out! I bet he's from Section XIII to boot! I have to get rid of him quickly and quietly.

A few miles away, just outside the city borders sat a small military camp. They had been keeping an eye on Father Jonathan for quite some time starting from after people started disappearing without a trace after going to that church. It had the same M.O. as the priest back in Cheddar. They were not going to let the vampire problem grow like it had there.

"This is your target right here," Integra said, holding up a picture of Jonathan to Alucard and Seras. "This is just like the situation in Cheddar. We can only hope that this is not as big of an infestation as it was then. I'm sure I don't have to tell you two what to do."

"Take out the vampire and his ghouls," Alucard smirked, pushing his orange tinted sunglasses up a bit. "I'll handle the vampire and Police Girl can take down the ghouls."

"The name's Seras Victoria, not Police Girl," Seras moaned.

"Do whatever you like Alucard, but just get rid of that artificial vampire quickly," Integra said, lighting an overly priced cigar.

"Sir Integra, these pictures were taken not long ago from St. Peter's Catholic Church," a soldier said, running up to her with some printouts. "There may be an accomplice working with Father Jonathan."

"Let me see them." she quickly took the print outs from his hand and looked over them. "Any clue as to who he is?"

"No, sir." The soldier shook his head. "He simply showed up just as church let out. They talked briefly outside on the steps before the new suspect was let inside, and after that we lost visual."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. You two have an added possible target. Take him out as well if he is threat." She handed Alucard the pictures. "But make sure whether he is or is not a threat first before you start firing. The last thing I need is the Vatican breathing down my neck if you end up killing a lowly priest. Now go."

"This sounds like fun," Alucard smirked, turning on his heel and starting to walk off with Seras in tow.

After Father Nightroad had eaten his fill, Father Winston gave him a blanket to keep warm with. Abel found a place on one of the pews close to the altar. He slumped down and set the blanket on top of himself. He took off his glasses and placed them in a pocket. The chapel was dark and quiet, just perfect for sleep, but alas, he could not bring himself to close his tired eyes.

"Of all times to have to use the restroom," he grumbled, getting up and taking out his glasses again. "Oh, well, c'est la vie."

He slowly made his way to the back of the church to where he saw the restrooms earlier. Just as he closed the door Jonathan came out of his office and back into the chapel, holding a gun in his hand. While Abel was sleeping he would get rid of him. However what he found in the chapel was not Father Abel but a man dressed in a dark red coat and wearing a matching red wide-rimmed hat.

"Good evening, Father. I just let myself in; I hope you don't mind," he said in a mocking tone.

"Shit, not now! What can I do for you, my good man," Jonathan said with warm smile.

"That fake persona of yours can go," The man said, standing up. "What a lame excuse for a vampire. You're the second one in the last two month to dress as a pathetic Catholic priest. For shame, you could have picked a better role than this."

"Wh-who are you," Jonathan asked, brandishing his gun.

"I'm with the Hellsing Organization; my name is Alucard," he said, pulling out his own guns. "By the way, your gun won't work on me. Go on and try, but I can assure you that you'd just be wasting your time and ammo."

"Damn it!" Whistle "…Let's see how well you go up against my army," He said as ghouls started flooding into the room. "Just how much ammo do you have, Hellsing's puppet? Because I don't think you can take all of them down!"

After that the ghouls started firing as Jonathan made a mad dash out while Alucard was occupied with his ghouls. Little did he know there was a trap waiting for him.

(9 minutes earlier)

Abel turned off the light in the men's room and closed the door. Well, now that that was over with, all that was left to do was to go to sleep.

"YAAAAWN… Maybe now I can finally get some—EEK!" Father Nightroad found himself being pulled into an empty, dark classroom.

"What's your name, Father," a woman asked as she closed the door and held a really large gun at him.

"My name is Father Abel Nightroad," he said, looking a bit fearful. "I'm nothing more than a traveling priest! I'm just here to rest for the night, Miss! Honest!"

"Well, you picked a hell of place to stop for the night," she said, resting the gun up against her shoulder. "You need to get out of here."

"What exactly is going on here, and who are you," he asked.

"I'm Seras Victoria of the Hellsing Organization. We are here to get rid of the vampire," she stated.

"Father Jonathan, I presume," he asked as she nodded. "I suspected as much, but are you not vampire yourself, Miss Victoria?"

"Yes, I am," she gasped, looking a little surprised. "What's that?"

She opened the door to see a bunch of ghouls, all carrying guns, run down the hall towards the chapel.

"Damn, the ghouls are here. I want you to stay here, Father," she said, watching the last of the ghouls run out the door leading to the chapel. "This is Hellsing business!"

"Ghouls? This is getting weirder by the second. Wait, Miss, I may just be a traveling priest but I can still be of a little assistance to you and your organization," he said, pulling a large handgun out of his robes as she gave him a really odd look. "Well, you see, when one travels alone, such as me, one can easily run into some unpleasant people."

"You're not from the Iscariot Organization, are you, Father," she asked, not looking all pleased.

"Oh, no, no, no! I can assure you I'm not from the Iscariot Organization," he said, shaking his head. The Iscariot Organization? That organization died centuries ago during Armageddon! The Hellsing Organization and ghouls? Crap, this can't be good.

"Father Nightroad! Earth to Father Nightroad, please report in," Seras said, waving her hand in his face as he blinked out of his daze. "You're a space case, you know that?"

"I'm very sorry," he said, bowing to her slightly in an apology as they heard gunfire. "That doesn't sound very good!"

"I hope my master is all right," Seras said, looking worried. "Ah! Here comes the rogue vampire. This is the opposite of what we planned!"

Police Girl, take out the vampire! Hurry!

Yes, Master!

Seras quickly ran out into the hall, aiming her gun at the vampire. He stopped in a second and stared on in shock. He then looked behind her to see the towering form of Father Abel, also holding a gun.

"Dammit, not here too," he bit out as Seras fired off her gun and he jumped up into the air to avoid it.

"Hold it right there, Jonathan," Abel said, firing a round into Jonathan's shoulder. "You must be punished for your crimes against this community and God."

"My, your demeanor has changed so swiftly, Nightroad. I knew you were more than just some dowdy, if not ditzy priest," He said bitterly, aiming his own firearm at Nightroad. "And a damn good shot unlike this bitch here. Take them down!"

"Seras, behind you," Nightroad yelled, seeing a horde of ghouls behind her.

"What the—Shit." Seras quickly started to fire her gun. "Father, can you take the vampire?"

"Yes, of course," he answered, firing his gun again at the vampire.

"Damn Vatican lapdog," Jonathan yelled, firing a couple rounds back at him. "I'll kill you! I'll drain you dry and make you a ghoul!"

In a flash, Jonathan grabbed hold of Abel's arm and threw him through the nearest window, disarming him. Seras quickly turned around after hearing the crash, seeing Jonathan walking over to the broken window.

"FATHER! FATHER ABEL, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" she called out.

"I'm fine, Ms. Victoria," he answered back as Jonathan jumped out. "Just keep doing what you're doing! Don't worry! Just have a little faith in me!"

Jonathan glared at Abel, who was now unarmed with nothing to fight back with. This was too easy. He started moving over to Abel with a wicked grin on his face. Abel's face however was ice-cold and dead serious.

"Have a little faith in you? HA! What a joke! It didn't take much to disarm you, Abel," Jonathan said in mock manner. "You have no chance now. Now be a good man and just give up."

"I can not comply with that, Jonathan. I will not let you harm anyone ever again. You will be punished for your crimes," Abel said, taking off his glasses.

"Don't make me laugh," Jonathan snorted, coming at Abel.

"Nanomachine Crusnik 02, power output at 40. Activate."

"What the…" the vampire came to a sudden stop as he gazed at being before him.

Abel's once blue eyes were now a dark red, and his long, white hair was no longer bound but reaching upwards free, forming a crown. His face had darkened, long fangs rested over his bottom lip, and his hands sported long claws.

"What are you? You're a vampire, right? Why do you side with these humans?" he asked. "We can work together to make an army—"

"That's enough," Abel said, opening his right hand as a large red scythe materialized from his palm. "I'm not interested in taking over the world, nor do I feed on humans. I am a Crusnik. I feed off the blood of vampires."

"What? A vampire that feeds off of vampires?" Jonathan snapped, pulling out his gun. "Damn you to hell, bastard."

Before Jonathan could fire off a round, the large scythe came down, clipping off his lower arm. He screamed in pain and fell to the ground, holding the stump where once the major part of his lower arm was.

"Why did you do this? Why did you feel the need to make so many ghouls?" Abel asked, walking over to him and putting the blade in Jonathan's face. "Why did you condemn them? The amount is staggering."

"I won't tell you a damn thing, Vatican puppet," Jonathan said, before spitting at Abel.

"So be it," he replied coldly, bring the large scythe down on the vampire's head.



"SERAS, NO," Abel shouted, seeing her thrown out a closed and now broken window, hitting the ground and rolling head over heels before coming to a stop into a nearby tree. "Ms. Victoria! Ms. Victoria, can you answer me?"

Abel quickly got in front of her as the ghouls started breaking through the windows and readied himself for the fight. He gripped his scythe tightly as the ghouls came closer and closer.

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