Title: Out from Under
Warnings: Blood, torture, gore.. Sexual content later.
I also have bad grammar and make no apologies for that!

Out from Under

Chapter 1

The dark dungeon room gave no light to couple of the holding cells the Plutarkians had down in the basement. A lone figure was alone in the last cell, lying down on the itchy bunk. Suddenly the person heard some commotion coming somewhere. This person thought that maybe the Plutarkians were coming for another interrogation session. Not that it would give them any more information about what they want, the person thought and smirked evilly.

The metal door leading to the basement was opened and three mouse looking aliens were brought down to the cells. Four Plutarkian guards pushed them all to one of the cells. The mice with red antennae yelled something at them when the door was sealed closed. The person in the last cell thought she saw one of the mice spitting at the Plutarkian guards. Angry, the one who got mouse spit all over his legs, raised his weapon and shot at the spatter, a white mouse with light brown coloured cargo pants & jacket with a blue bandanna around his head. The mouse went down with a yelp as the laser nicked his arm. Some more yelling in a language she couldn't understand, and then the guards were gone, leaving the mice with her.

She was more than happy that the cell she was in had no illumination. If she was lucky, the mice wouldn't notice her if she kept quiet. Realizing there was, and making "friends" with, one alien race was enough to her. She wondered how many other species of aliens she would come by on her journey.

Watching at the mice again she saw that one of them, a giant grey coloured one, was helping his fallen comrade and tending his wound. The last of the three was dun coloured and to her he looked like the leader of this team. Even now his facial expression gave away the fact that he was thinking of a way to get out of here. They were speaking in a language she couldn't understand at all. She was quite certain though that the white coloured was swearing. As with all languages, it's usually the swear words that are easy to spot..

She didn't know how long it was until couple Plutarkians came down once again. The mice had been sleeping nearly the entire time, after they had treaded the white one. She had checked the mice out, fascinated by their sheer size and amount of bulk they had. It was almost ridiculously much. She wondered if their muscles ever got on their way..

The basement door opened and in came two Plutarkian guards and her usual interrogator, Midge. He was some sort of a psychologist at the Plutarkian army. He was a big fish-man with all your usual Plutarkian looks. And smell.

"Well, well, have you all met each other yet? Made friends?" Midge asked sneering as he walked past the cell were the mice were. They all looked puzzled, still unaware of the young woman in the last, dark cell. Probably wondering why he's speaking Earth language, she thought wittingly as she sat on her bunk, her back braced against the wall.

"I take it you haven't" he said then, and came to a stop at her cell door. "Ready to give us the code yet?"

Smirking, she got up and walked slowly to the cell door with a fake expression of defeat. "You.. You give me no choice Midge.." she stuttered, "I'll give you the code! Please, I just want out of here!"

The mice in the other cell just stared in awe at her. She was indeed from Earth; no fur, just skin, delicate bone structure. Shoulder length, violet hair and striking eyes with the same colour. She had black, tight jeans and a black leather belt with a quite big buck around her waist. Her boots were black as well and probably a size or two too big for her. The jacket that was open was some strange material, but the collar was high and something fabric. From the looks of it she lacked some muscle, unlike Martian women.

The Plutarkian's face lighted up like a light bulb. I cracked her! I did it! He thought and cheered himself. "Now that's a good girl.." he seethed to her and nodded her to continue. "You better write this down" she said with a scared and shaky voice. Pulling out a piece of paper and a weird looking pen, he waited anxiously for the code.

"U-o-y-k-c-u-f" she said each letter slowly and always left a little silent moment after each one. Midge glanced at the short, yet weird code. "This is it?" he asked, bewildered. "You have to read it from the other direction" she said back.

"F-u-c-k-y-o-u" he translated and after understanding what it meant he whipped his head to stare at the girl in the cell. She was smirking once again, with an evil leery grin on her face. "Midge, Midge, Midge.." she taunted him as she turned and walked back to the darkest corner of her cell, "You should know by now that I'm never, and I mean NEVER, going to give that code to you."

The Plutarkian fumed. "This is your last and final chance you Earth bitch" he hissed angrily, "if you don't give that code to me right now, I'm going to have to ask the guards to take you up to the surface and shoot you down."

"You do what you have to do Midge," she said coolly as she sat down on her bunk again, "as will I."

Midge looked like he was going to explode. He turned and stormed out from the basement, the guards with him. As the door banged shut, she laid down on the bunk. Let's see what the mice do now..


"Hey babe!" Vinnie yelled towards the last, dark cell. He had tried to get the girl to speak to them, but he hadn't had any luck so far.

"Vincent, let the girl be. She would have answered to you already if she wanted to speak" Throttle said with a bored voice from the ground. He had been sitting there for a while now and his ass was getting sore. "Yeah, and I think she doesn't even understand you" Modo growled from the one and only bunk in the sell. They had all decided to take turns on who would be lying on it every hour. "Besides, aren't you and Harvey and item nowadays?" Modo teased and leaned his head back.

Vinnie huffed "We would if it weren't for Stoker" He sat down on the ground beside Throttle, "I don't wanna steal his girl.. Even though Harvey says she isn't, but you have all seen how he acts when she's around" Throttle and Modo both nodded. They were all sure that all at Freedom Fighters HQ had noticed the Stoker/Harvey relationship.

"So why do you think she's here?" Modo asked nodding at the last cell, "And what did Midget ask from her?"

"Somehow I got a feeling that he was asking for some sort of a code, but she didn't give it to him. You do realize she's from Earth?"

Then the door to the basement was opened again and in walked another group of Plutarkian soldiers. They all had a leery smile on their faces and from the looks of it much unpleasant torture weapons. "Your turn now mousies.." one of them said grinning and the cell door was opened.


Another blood chilling cry slashed through the air and she cringed. She felt compassion for the mice. They were, just like her, taken prisoner. She hadn't been tortured yet though, she was still uncertain as to why. Not that it would've helped them. They would never get the code if it was up to her.

The grey furred mouse was moaning as she lifted her head to see what the Plutarkians were doing to them. They were all shackled to the wall; their wrists and ankles had huge manacles strapped on. The grey one had long, bloody stripes on his chest. A huge pool of blood was under him. It looked like the Plutarkians had decided to break him first and the two others later.

The dun mouse muttered some angry words and received a massive blow to his stomach, which made him double over. Well, almost double over since the manacles held him in place. Someone had stuck him with a knife couple times to his arms. One knife wound looked worst than the others. She thought that the blade must have went all the way in and the torturer had then twisted it inside his flesh to make it more agonizing.

The white mouse had a clash on his forehead and the blood that was dripping down from it had already reached to his eye level. He tried to blink most of the blood away in order to see what was happening. Another bloody clash was running down his left mouse-ear. He was trying hard not to put too much weight on his right leg, which was severed by a kick from one of the Plutarkians. His knee must be in flames, she thought as she continued surveying the scene.

Suddenly the inside com link the Plutarkians had in this building came to life and gave a report. The five soldiers talked after the report was over and four of them left the room. The last one walked in slow circles in front of the mice, clearly trying to decide which mouse to hurt next and in which way. He stopped his circling and looked thoughtful for a second or two..

But that was enough time for her to attack. She reached her arms through the holes in the cell door and got a hold of his head. In one fast hand move he had snapped his neck and the guard fell down to the floor into a lifeless heap. Crouching in her cell she once again took hold of him and dragged him a little closer to the cell door as she searched for the keys. Finding them, she tried to find the right key.

The mice were talking in their own language again.


"Did you see that? She just snapped that Plutarkian's neck!" Vinnie exclaimed and watched in awe as the girl searched the key chain. He hopped on his left leg and winced when the hop made his right leg hurt.

Throttle sighed, "We have eyes Vinnie. Of course we saw that" His arms were hurting from the wounds and because of the long time they had been shackled there.

Modo was out like a taillight.

The girl had finally got the right key and was out of her cell. Searching through the fallen guards pockets she found a gun and took it. She was just about to step over the body and leave the room when she cast a glance at their direction.

Even though Throttle knew she wouldn't understand what he was saying, he decided to give it a go. "Could you help us out here?"


She had no idea what the dun coloured mouse had said, but she thought she had a pretty good idea. Debating with herself a moment longer she raised the gun in her hand and shot the three mice free by firing at their manacles.

The grey one, who had been out cold, decided it was time to come around again. He dabbled something in their own language when he came to, sitting on the floor. The white one massaged his wrists while the dun one stood up and gave her a small nod and a smile.

She was still a little terrified at their sheer size and looks. But all in all they were hundred times better than the smelly fish like Plutarkians she had come to known.

A huge blast made the whole building they were in shook on its grounds. The white mouse gave a huge shriek and a pose that told her their rescuers had come for them. She wished Earth people had had more knowledge about aliens and space ships..


"YEEHAA! Looks like the cavalry has come once again!" Vinnie yelled and raised his fist to the air. "I hope they got our bikes with them" Modo said, sharp and ready to battle. "I'm pretty sure they do, bro" Throttle turned to look at the girl that was with them, "We should take her with.. Hey, where did she go?" his eyes searched the area but the girl was nowhere to be found.

"I don't blame her. Earth people don't know about aliens existing, you know that. She's probably scared" Modo reasoned with his bro while Vinnie called for their bikes. Soon the familiar roar reached them and their bikes came to them.

"I'll go search for the babe" Vinnie shouted and was off like a Martian devil, a small but fast animal that had once been roaming around the planet. "First time he declined to whip some Plutarkian ass" Modo said scratching his jaw. Throttle just chuckled.