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Seven Degrees of Sin: Marnia started to understand the Martians in chapter 5. I kinda wrote it quickly, because at that time I didn't have any good ideas about how to make her understand the language. Years of studying would have sounded stupid and the story line I'm working on wouldn't fit that either.. So I made her 'learn' it quickly by just asking & listening to others (:

Basically, halfway through chapter 5 they all start to speak in Martian (well, Marnia starts to..The others already speak it!). I thought it's easier on the reader if everything is in English. Although writing "Martian" and then writing the same in English was fun, but on the long run it would've gotten very frustrating, at least I think so.

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Warnings: This chapter contains swearing, mentions of blood and adult themes

Out from Under

Chapter 7

Marnia shivered on the chair she had been sitting on for hours. She had no idea what time it was, or how long she had really been sitting there. The multiple bruises she had all over her body made movement painful, so she tried to hold still as best as she could. Her lip was busted also but the blood had dried and the wound wasn't bleeding anymore.

Mace hadn't really done his worst on her yet. The last time he had been there and beat her, he had said that he would take this slow on her, to make it more painful. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to think about something else than the fact that he would be coming down here soon.

And the Plutarkians? Mace had talked with them about her prize. Her prize, for God's sake. Sucking on her lower lip she winced at the stinging pain that came when she did it. The taste of her own blood was on her tongue.

She almost wished they would come to a decision with it. Though she never thought she would think this way, she would gladly go with the Plutarkians than be here with Mace and his rat buddies.

She wondered what would happen to her. And would she ever see Vinnie again..


Throttle sucked in his breath. "Mace is a traitor!?"

Vinnie nodded, serious. "And he kidnapped Marnia. He was with those two rats. I didn't see him then, but Stoke has had him on his sights for weeks now. The trail goes there as well. Are you guys in or out?"

The look on Vinnie's face was almost scary in a way. He was, for the first time, deadly serious about going for a fight. Whenever they had left to battle against the Plutarkians he had been excited about it. But now..

Modo was only barely holding it together. He stood there, his hands in tight fists and his whole massive form shaking. Suddenly he just whirled around and let his fist hit the concrete wall. Throttle glanced him with a worried frown.

"I'm in" Modo muttered, still not facing his bros.

"Throttle?" Vinnie asked.

"I'm in"


"Good news Sweetheart" the hated voice of Mace came over, "We came to a decision with what's your worth. Soon you'll be back where you were in the first place, and we will be wealthy rats!"

The three rats with him smirked and congratulated each other.

Marnia only shuddered and hang her head low. She didn't want them to see her tears.

"'Dead rats' sounds more like it"

The cold voice behind the rats made their eyes widen in shock. Marnia knew that cold, barely controlled voice. Vinnie.

Vinnie and his bros were standing in the doorway, armed from head to toe with all kind of nasty looking weapons. The three rats Mace had had with them turned in one swift move, their weapons ready, but they were too slow.

The anxiety the biker mice had felt upon learning the news about Mace had built up slowly inside them. Their reflexes were almost super-mouse as they dodged and fired their own weapons at the same time.

Mace had quickly gone behind Marnia and untied her ties, taking the coward's way out; using the woman as a shield. Mace knew how good the mice were. His rat buddies wouldn't have a chance. Taking his gun out, he pressed it to her temple, "Make a sound and I'll kill you."

The rats went done quickly, the three mice drilling their bodies full with holes. Their bleeding bodies were left on the floor as they went after Mace who had left with Marnia.

Vinnie was on the lead for the first time in his life. Throttle knew Vinnie wanted to do this, and he didn't want to push his bro at the moment, even though Stoke wouldn't have agreed with him. Vinnie was in a relationship with Marnia, which gave him an emotional attachment to this case.

They caught up with Mace outside the old base building. Mace was behind Marnia, his gun trained on her temple.

"Let her go Mace, it's over" Vinnie growled at him, his own gun pointed at the duo.

Marnia's eyes were full of fear and dread. Her eyes were little puffy and red, which told them she had been crying not long ago. She winced every time she had to put her full weight on her left leg and she favoured her right arm as well. The busted lip could be clearly seen. Vinnie was fuming and barely reining himself in when he saw what they had done to his girl.

"Over?" Mace asked, and then laughed hollowly, "I don't think so shit head" he seethed and dragged Marnia couple meters back again.

Vinnie took couple steps forward.

"You come any fucking closer and I'll fucking kill this bitch!" Mace yelled. He was starting to get afraid of the situation. He only had the bitch as a cover, and the three mice were spread out quite long away from each other. If he was protected from one, he was vulnerable to the other.

Vinnie seethed angrily upon hearing Mace's words. He still had his gun trained on the duo in front of him, but he didn't have a clear shot.

Then Modo decided to act. He took couple fast steps and threw himself forward firing his gun at Mace. Mace had seen the movement and turned himself and Marnia to Modo's general direction.

Modo's shot hit Marnia on the right shoulder and she gave a yelp when she felt the laser cut her skin. Mace shot at Modo, who got a direct hit to his chest. He didn't even give a sound as he went down.

In his haste, Mace had forgot Throttle and Vinnie. When he took cover against Modo he had turned his back to Throttle and even Vinnie had a good sight of his side.

The bullets rippled through his body and he felt the control of his body slip away. His grip lessened on Marnia and she was able to get free of him. Turning she watched in horror at Mace who looked into her eyes with a surprised expression on his face. His mouth made an O –shape and then he fell to the ground, eyes open, watching the sky. He was dead.

"Marnia!" Vinnie yelled and ran to her, putting his hands to her forearms and turning her to face him. She looked up to his eyes. "Vinnie.." she whispered, and then she passed out against him. Vinnie caught her and pressed her against him. "Marnia!?" he asked, scared.

The cut Modo's shot had made didn't look bad, and it wasn't even bleeding anymore. Placing her gently to the ground Vinnie examined the wound more closely. Taking the bandanna around his neck, he quickly tied it around her wound.

Throttle had gone examining Modo's wound the minute Mace had went down. He was in a way more bad shape than Marnia was. His chest wound was bleeding, and every pump of his heart made more blood gush out of the wound.

"Shit, shit, SHIT!" Throttle cursed whole-heartedly. "Come on Modo, hold on" he whispered to the giant and called for Vinnie. They had to come up with a plan to save Modo's life.


She woke up to the smell of fresh flowers. Her mother had always hang fresh flowers close to her crib when she had been just a little baby. When she got older, she realized that she did indeed sleep and relax better if she had flowers near her.

Opening her eyes she realized she wasn't on Earth. She was still in Mars, in her own room. Propping her body up she noticed the weird looking flowers on the vase beside her bed. Even though the flowers didn't look so beautiful, the smell they emitted to the room was very good. She took one of them from the vase and closing her eyes, inhaled the scent of it.

"I thought you might like 'em" a voice said. Her eyes shot open and she turned to the direction of the voice. Vinnie came out of the shadows, a slight smile on his lips.

That's when she remembered what had happened. The kidnapping. Mace. The rats. Getting beaten up. The guys coming for her rescue. Getting shot at. Mace dying.. And..

"Is Modo alright?" she asked, afraid of the answer.

Vinnie came sitting to the edge of her bed, chuckling. "You went through Hell and all you think is how's Modo doing." He put his hand to her arm caressed it. "He's ok. We got him to safety."

She exhaled. "Good." His touch on her arm felt good and she felt the warmness spread over her body. After feeling lone and cold for so long, she desperately wanted more. Reaching for him she put her arms around his neck and hold him close to her body.

He put his arms around her waist in return and inhaled the scent of her hair. His left arm stroked her back in soothing waves. He gave a kiss on the top of her head. "It's gonna be all right babe" he murmured to her ear.

She backed her head back a little. Enough to come eye to eye with him. She let her hand caress his cheek. Then heir heads slowly inched closer and closer.. Until their lips touched. It felt so good and so right they both got caught up with the moment.

Soon the gentle kiss turned into fierce lip lock. She got up enough to place herself into his lap. His hands went inside her shirt and touched her bare skin, which left a tingling feeling go over her. Her own hand trailed down his front, lower and lower, until her fingers edged on the rim of his freedom fighter cargo pants. Then her fingers went inside..

That was when he realized what might happen and why it was wrong. "Marnia" he said forcefully, ending the kiss and taking her hand away from his pants. She looked shocked.

Vinnie sighed. "As much as I'd love to do this.. You have just been though Hell. This..," he meant what they had just about done, "This will not help. The doc told me this might happen."

She hung her head ashamed of herself. She knew what the doctor had meant. Her feelings were on a roller coaster ride right now. She wanted to feel wanted and loved, but she had taken the wrong road here. In a way she would have just used Vinnie.

"Sorry" she whispered. He pulled her into his embrace. "Don't be Gorgeous, it's not your fault. Besides," he caught her eyes, "when you are okay again, we can continue where we left off" he said and winked at her.

She smiled at him and gave him a kiss. "Stay with me?" she begged like a little child. Seeing his troubled gaze, she added "Please?"

"Okay" he said silently and placed them both on the bed. She snuggled up on him and laid her head beside his, her nose gently touching his cheek. Her hand went to his chest and she marveled the velvety feeling of his fur. Sighing in content, she drifted off to sleep..

This fic was written while these songs/CDs played on the background:
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