Sweet Dreams

Why? Because everyone has had lesbian dreams.

They'd just finished losing to Ember and her stupid guitar-waves. Unfortunately, they'd hit Sam full-on.

Sam just decided to go home and sleep it off because she felt quite weird. She had the strangest urge to jump on every girl she came across.

Writing it off as being tired and sore, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Ember was in her room. EMBER was in her room.

Ember was looking quite hot in a black leather micro-mini, a black corset, and high boots.

And she was currently massaging Sam's feet.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked.

"Shh. Be quiet." Ember admonished, "Just be quiet you stupid girl."

"No, get off my feet!" Sam shouted, trying to kick Ember off.

Ember just rolled her eyes and grabbed Sam's legs, stroking them slowly. "You know you like this. Shut up."

Sam couldn't deny that. She did like Ember stroking her legs, it was quite nice. She was only afraid that Ember wouldn't stop at stroking her legs.

"You have no idea how sexy you are," Ember said in a sultry voice, "Dump Ghost Boy and Geek Boy and come with me. You can be my little sex kitten on stage; my sexy little tambourine girl."

Sam couldn't fight the fact that she was actually turned on, and to make it worse, she couldn't figure out whether she liked it or not.

Ember's hands stopped stroking her calves and moved to her thighs. "C'mon, don't you like the idea of that?"

"But wouldn't I have to be dead?" Sam was barely even able to get the sentence out.

"Maybe," Ember responded with a devilish smile, pulling herself on top of Sam, "But maybe not. Doing what I'm going to do to you will make me feel alive again."

Sam had trouble swallowing as Ember's face loomed over hers.

"Sam, have you ever been… kissed before?"

Sam woke up with a jolt, sweating, shaking, and strangely, still turned on. Her feet also felt weird, but she raised herself up to see what was wrong.

Ember was smiling at her from the end of the bed.

"Shh, be quiet,"

Thanks to Jimmy and her Hot Lesbian Action C2 community, I am now writing HLA myself. You rock, dearie. You and your weirdo school.