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Chapter 1: Back home

She shifted her lightly, her backpack falling off one shoulder. She stared at the place that she was about to walk into. As she looked at this apartment complex, she couldn't help but feel a bit of sadness and remorse. She hadn't been here in six years, nor had she talked to the person who occupied one of the apartments in that long as well, or anyone who had ever been in that apartment. She didn't want to go inside. Sure she'd received the invitation, but it didn't mean that she would be welcome; after all, she'd left with such harsh words. They were harsh words that were filled with hate and annoyance. Pain was there, and she didn't know if she could bear it. It was cold right now, it had snowed recently, and she was debating on calling another taxi, or just walking to a hotel to stay the night. Not knowing what to do, she dug through her purse until she found what she was looking for and when she found it, she opened up a silver case and pulled out a cigarette and lighter.

As she inhaled the smoke, she pictured in her mind what her lungs might look like now. They would be developing a grayish black color from all the tar that she had inhaled. However, her lungs weren't her problem, really. Her problem was to finish school and to be accepted into a good law firm, which wouldn't be too hard, she was already an intern for a very prestigious law firm in America. One in which would promise her a very good future. But she wasn't worrying about that now. As she put out her cigarette, the door she was standing in front of slowly opened.


A figure rushed at her and enveloped her in a bone-crushing hug.

"Dad", she whispered.

The next half hour was a blur for Haruhi. Her father had ushered her inside and taken her things. She was wrapped in a warm blanket and given a hot cup of tea. She couldn't understand. She had treated her father so cruelly, and yet, he was welcoming her back with open arms. She watched as her father flitted about, grabbing her bags and unpacking them, only to pause when he saw an envelope labeled personal. He looked towards Haruhi with a questioning look, but said person was drinking her tea and not paying attention. After Ranka-san had finally stopped running around trying to get Haruhi situated, he was able to calm down long enough to finally talk.

"So Haruhi, what brings you down here to see me?"

Haruhi stared at her father in disbelief.

"I came down for the ceremony." she mumbled, twisting the cup in her hands.

"Ah yes, yes. I am so happy you decided to come, however unexpected it was. Ryo-Chan is so good to me; unfortunately he's at work right now, so you'll have to meet him in the morning."

Haruhi knew of Kenta Ryo through her father's invitation. Apparently her father had met him while working one night. Silky long black hair, that was pulled into a ponytail, a good build, and apparently was quite well off. Her father had met the man of his dreams. They decided to have a commitment ceremony, and had invited her to attend, along with several other friends and family. Haruhi had been surprised to receive the invitation after not talking to her father for six years. They'd had a falling out, that neither Haruhi nor her father liked to talk about.

"Are you sure it's ok for me to stay here? I'm sure that I could find a hotel around here or..."

"No, darling you simply must stay here, I shall not here of it otherwise."

Haruhi looked at her father,

"What about what happened..." Her father did not meet her eyes as she talked, "Please, let's not bring that up here, it's such a happy time right now. I do not wish to spoil it, with such feelings of unhappiness." Her father's eyes were filled of such sorrow and pain, Haruhi decided not to bring it up again.

"So," Haruhi said, trying to change the subject.

"What does Ryo-san do for a living?" Her father looked startled.

"Oh, did I not tell you, he's business partners with a well known family, the Ohtori family to be precise. Won't it be wonderful to see Kyoya-kun and the rest of those good looking men again? They shall certainly spruce up the d├ęcor at the ceremony. Don't you agree dear?" Haruhi just looked at her father with her mouth hanging open.