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A Desperate Act

Fierce burning liquid burned at the back of her mouth. And then she could no longer hold it in. The wave of nausea went through her again and again, as she tried to swallow even one piece of rice. Her body and trembled as she ran towards the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach as her body heaved. 'Why?' were the only thoughts coursing throughout her mind, as her body continued to explode in pain. Her eyes closed as tears and sweat dropped into the bile that was in the toilet. After what seemed like hours, she finally stopped and wiped her mouth with the hand towel that was hanging by the sink. Flushing away her bodily fluids, Haruhi slowly stood and looked in the mirror. A thin face with black circles under the eyes, and sweaty disheveled hair looked back at her. This was the third time this week that she had thrown up randomly during the middle of the day. Actually it was evening now, but still. Luckily, her father hadn't been home either for the first two times, and luckily he wasn't home from work yet either tonight. Haruhi sighed as she turned of f the lights in the bathroom, and went to the kitchen to clean up the dinner that would not be eaten that night. Again.



"Neh Fujioka-san , if you do not answer me right now, I am going to sick the boss on you!"


Haruhi, stopped stocking the boxes of instant ramen and turned around to see Arai-kun standing there with an impish looking smile that would rival the twins.

"Eh?! What are you doing here Arai-kun? I thought that you were supposed to work on Sunday?"

"Umm, you do realize that today is Sunday, right Fujioka Haruhi. Or did you forget again that you weren't supposed to work until tomorrow?"

Looking at the sheepish expression on her face, Arai could only think that he had guessed right. And that she was here once again on her day off.

"Look, I don't mind working with you, but you kinda took my shift without telling me…so… why don't I help you finish stocking, and then you can go home for the day."

"Mmm" Haruhi nodded in agreement as Arai began to help her stock. If anyone had told Haruhi that she would be working at the local supermarket with Arai a year ago, she would never have believed it. Yet here she was stocking instant Ramen on her day. After finishing Haruhi, proceeded to slump back down to the floor.

"Hey, hey" protested Arai, "you can't just sit on the floor like this. Come on, let me get you a drink, you're kind of looking pale."

Haruhi glanced at the hand that was offered to her and took it, letting him pull her up. As he pulled, Haruhi could feel the mistake of letting him pull her up, as the contents of her stomach started to heave. Eyes widening, she tore off as fast as she could towards the nearest trash can, and proceeded to empty her stomach then and there.

" Goddammit, why does this always happen to me?" Haruhi thought as she continued heaving. Cool hands on her neck startled her, pulling back her hair so as to not in her way. She finally finished, and could not have felt more embarrassed as she turned to see Arai handing her a wet cloth to wipe her mouth.

"You know, Fujioka, whenever I'm sick I usually don't come to work on my day off. I usually try to milk it for all its worth and then try to get off for a few more days extra"

Haruhi, could see that he was trying to make light of the situation, and grimly smiled at his attempt to make her feel better.

"Thank you Ara-

Haruhi quickly turned and continued to dry heave in to the waste basket, completely embarrassed by now and mortified that someone such as Arai-kun had seen her in such a state. She wiped her mouth again, and took a few sips of the bottled water that was passed to her.

"Ano…I think you're right Arai-kun. I do believe that I am going to go home for today."

With that she nodded in thanks for the water and cloth. She'd have to make him some sweets or something else later to really thank him.

"You know Fujioka, you should probably take tomorrow off too..just in case your bug hasn't gone away, I'll tell the boss that you're sick. Oh yeah and is there anyone that I can call to come pick you up? I don't really like that you have to walk home like this."

Haruhi shook her head no, and proceeded to walk out the door. No, unfortunately there wasn't anyone she could call right now. Even though it was just over a month after graduation, the twins had gone to Milan do make the debut in the fashion world, and would be gone for the next six months. And although she had kept in touch with everyone after the graduation party ( not that anyone could really remember what had happened that night) it did not feel right calling up Kyoya-sempai to ask for a ride home just because she was feeling a little sick. Ok, scratch that. She had been feeling really sick. And the fact that she had been throwing up constantly for the past week and a half did not bode well in her mind. She could play it off with naivite and just say it was the stomach bug, but even she had taken health classes at Ouran, and if she counted her days right, she was late. Haruhi knew what all the signs were pointing too but she wasn't 

quite ready yet to face it. 'Please just let it be the stomach virus.' She thought as she proceeded to heave again on the side of the street.

The door was unlocked when she came home and was surprised to see her father sitting at the table not dressed in his okama clothes, but rather just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with his hair pulled into a pony tail. There was a cup of tea sitting in front of him half drunk, and probably cold by the way things look.

"I'm home. Hey dad, you know that when drink tea, you're supposed to drink right when you make it, and not let it sit there for an hour."

When he didn't reply, she sat across from him and peered up at him from under her bangs.


"Who was it?"

"Who was it?"

The seriousness and fierceness in his voice startled her. Her father never spoke that way, at least he had never spoken that way to her before. When he looked up and stared straight into her eyes, Haruhi realized she had never once seen such in coldness, nor anger and pain in anyone's eyes before now.

"Dad, I don't know what you mean. What's wrong?"

Her father grabbed her hands hard forcing her to look at him,

"Who did this?! Which one of these so called Friends of yours made you pregnant?! Was it those two conniving twins who claim to be your BEST friends? Perhaps it was the tall silent one. No, It was probably that dumb idiotic pervert who did this! I swear I am going to KILL HIM for doing this to you!!"

Haruhi froze. He knew. But how did he know, she had covered up so well for the last week, that she was certain that he wasn't going to find out. But somehow he knew.

Looking at his daughter's frightened and shocked face, Ryoji softened his grip and voice and pulled his baby girl in a warm hug. He knew from her expression that he had sadly enough been right. Tears rolled down Haruhi's cheek as her father embraced her, and when he pulled back he wiped them away.

"I'm sorry. I should not have yelled at you like that, It's just that well I didn't know how to react."

" How did you know Dad?"

Ryuji chuckled softly, "Well after seeing someone you love go through pregnancy you can kind of just tell. Besides, you were throwing up constantly, and Arai-kun called just before you got home to tell me that you had been sick at work. I'm sorry baby, this is going to be so hard on you."

He hugged her again, and then pulled away in all seriousness.

"Haruhi, I know I yelled horrible things before, but here," Ryuji handed her a plastic convenience store bag, with a small box inside. Haruhi looked up questioningly. Her father sighed.

"It's a pregnancy test. There's two in the box, and well I want you to take both just to be sure."

Haruhi sighed and took the tests with her into the bathroom..

Pink. There on both of those dreaded tests were two pink plus signs. Hot streaks rolled down Haruhi's cheeks in shame and frightfulness. What was she going to do? She had to work to go to school, but even that now seemed too hard. And what about becoming a lawyer? She still wanted to do that, but who would ever higher someone who was a teenage mother? Thoughts of discourse and pain went through her head, as she tried to think of a solution. 'Perhaps,' she thought, 'I should talk this over with dad first, and then see where things go.'

Haruhi walked slowly out of the restroom to see her father still sitting there with the half drunk cup of tea in front of him. Fresh tears ran down here cheeks as she squeaked out that the results were positive. Tears welled up in her father's eyes as he took her in a comforting hug. It was official, Fujioka Haruhi, was pregnant at age 18.

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