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Something Going On

It was right after the group went back to the Tower of Salvation for the attack on Cruxis. Zelos had just betrayed them. He led them into a trap to take away Colette. Pronyma, the leader of the Five Grand Cardinals, had just took her away, and Zelos was about to fight them.

"All I want is a fun, easy life. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less!" With that, Zelos summoned his golden-orange wings to fight. The group thought that they were going to have to kill him, but Zelos had other plans in mind.

"All that I gotta do is stall for a little bit. Then, I can make up for running away from my mistakes." Zelos thought.

"Might as well go all out, right?" Zelos asked.

"...You bastard!" Lloyd spat.

"You can call me whatever you like, but it's not gonna change anything. You ready?" Zelos said.

Zelos was fighting against Lloyd, Persea, Genis and Raine. Sheena and Regal sat off to the side, ready to jump in at any time one of their allies got knocked out(they forgot to bring Life Bottles). Zelos started running after Raine, to take her out so that she couldn't cast any healing spells. With his angelic speed, he was hard to keep up with, but Lloyd was fast enough to keep up with him and protect Raine. Right now, Genis was casting Atlas, and Persea was running behind Zelos to break his guard, but since Zelos heard her footsteps with his angelic hearing, he used Victory Light Spear to catch them both off guard. Then he teleported down to use S. Lighting Blade on Raine. She yelled in pain and was knocked out.

The angel cringed. "Sorry, Raine," he thought. While he was thinking that, he didn't notice Persea running off toward Genis to protect him.

"You're gonna pay!!" Lloyd roared. With that, he dashed toward Zelos, and started slashing at him with his swords.

"Come on Bud, you're gonna have to do better than that to beat me!" Zelos said after blocking the Peeping Tom's attacks. Being called "Bud" was one, but being called that by this traitor was another.

"I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Lloyd screamed in rage. All of a sudden, a spell caught Zelos off guard. He heard a certain half-elf yell "Atlas!", and got hit by the said attack.

"Crap. I forgot about him. That spell took awhile, but it's powerful."Zelos thought. After getting hit with said spell, and a couple of Double Demon Fangs and Twin Tiger Blades from Lloyd, he finally went into Over limit.

"Damn, looks like I have no choice but to use that attack..."Zelos said.

With that, he summoned up a large amount of mana and concentrated.

"Ready for this?!" the redhead cried. "Shining Bind!" With that attack, he took out Genis and Lloyd.

"There's something I forgot to...CRAP!"Zelos yelled.

"Eh? What happened?" Lloyd asked after waking up from Zelos' very loud yell.

Zelos put away his wings and said, "Um there's something I forgot to do, bye!" With that he ran off.

"What was that about?" Lloyd and the group wondered.