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Ode to Orion

I sit in a clearing in the middle of the forest, my silver bow lying on ground beside me. My nymphs have all left me at my bidding. All I do is stare up at the night sky.

Stare at the glittering form of my friend who has his own place of honor amongst the stars.

Orion. My companion.

Are you happy up there? Have you hunted down the Bear? Felled the Swan? Have you trained the Dog to walk at your heels and help you hunt the animals of the sky?

If I had known, that day, that terrible day when my brother goaded me into a foolish contest…when I had fired my silver arrow at the shapeless, nameless rock…that it was you?

I would've used every single ounce of my powers to try and recall the arrow back into my hand.

Oh did I tell you? You've become a legend. Somehow the story got out about how I cared about you and how my brother tricked me into killing you. And I'm glad it did because now they know you're story. But everytime I hear it, I am overcome by terrible grief as I relive what happened in my mind.

My nails dig into the grass beside me as my anger builds thinking about that day and the subsequent fall out of my brother's actions. I close my eyes as I lie back against the ground and think of that day.


"Sister!!" I turned and looked up the hill behind me. My twin came down towards me.
Normally this sight would cause me to smile but now my eyes narrowed. "Apollo if this is so that you can try and persuade me to stop consorting with Orion I do not wish to hear it."

Apollo let out a laugh-forced, I could tell. "Relax Artemis. I merely have a challenge for you." "Very well, take me there."

We arrived at a seashore. My keen hunter's eyes could see a small black object in the distance. "What is your challenge?" "Hit that object with your silver arrows." A half-smile graced my face. "I thought you said this would be a challenge brother."

I drew a silver arrow out and bent my bow-with a thrum, my arrow took to flight.

And I took the life of a dear friend.

End Flashback

I care about my twin, but to this day I curse him for what he did to me. And I curse the twisted love he bears for me that drove him to do it. He told me about it the day after. How he Loved me and that drove him to decieve me into killing the one person I loved.

It was this twisted love that caused him to assist me in putting your image into the stars and preserving your memory for all the mortals to see. Even then, however, you share that distinction with others.

So I'm going to tell you that there is another distinction that belongs to you alone. Once, you asked me if I planned to be a virgin and unmarried forever. My answer was yes. It still is yes… only now because of you.

The distinction you have, my love, is that you are the only man whom I would've given myself to as a wife.

Enjoy your eternal life in the heavens, my hunter.

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