Updated Author's Notes: Well, here's another mediocre one-shot that's now a proper story for you fans out there. And it's something that I will remember for many years to come... yeah right. I just revived this shit and am adding new stuff to this to show you all that this got updated. Anyway, while the super secret fanfic is in good development (50 chapters already completed, not like anyone cares), here's a little tibit of what everyone's favorite three dinosaurs do on their relaxation time!

Disclaimer: I'd try to buy Yoshi from Nintendo, but the video game media won't let me. Also, I'd try to own Peppy Ankylosaurus and Dr. Hoshi, but Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus said no. :(

Arrr, 'tis be a beautiful day at ye overused Super Smash Brothers Mansion by thar sea, yarr, where we be seein' that totally not just a Koopa Troopa with a yellow shell, Peppy Ankylosaurus, kicking a soccer ball... yo ho ho.

Anyways, Yoshi came out from the mansion and swiped the soccer ball away from Peppy. Why? Because he was a caprisun loving jerk who loved going, you know, IN THE BATHROOM.

"References, lol!" Yoshi stated as he pointed at himself. "I bet you guys would be at a loss of words if I explained it to you like Tim Buckley!"

"HEY! I was playin' with that!" Peppy angrily shouted.

Yoshi laughed. "Oh sure you were playing with it, but I just wanted to try it!'

Peppy fumed. "Youn have been playing Pokemon Stadium for 6 DARN, DANG, DAMN HOURS, but you're acting like you haven't done anything ALL FUCKING DAY LONG!" He screamed, twitching all of his legs.

Yoshi shook his head at Peppy. "Tsk tsk, Peppy. You really should try to cool off your temper."

Dr. Hoshi, a purple recolor of Yoshi with glasses, appeared outside, in front of Yoshi and Peppy, his arms on his hips. "Say, what's going on here? Why are you two screaming your lungs out like Chewbacca in a screaming match with Chris Chan?"

"We're arguing," Yoshi and Peppy both stated in unison, as they continued to argue.

Dr. Hoshi sighed. "Why must you two idiots ALWAYS argue? You act like Captain Falcon became a rapper and started a crappy group with Marth and Roy," He commented.

As if on cue, Captain Falcon came out, trying his best to sing the DK Rap as Marth and Fire Emblem's Roy were with him, also singing terribly badly as everyone in the mansion groaned. Lanky Kong was complimenting them as he was repeatedly stating 'HE' over and over, handstanding.

Peppy shook his finger at Dr. Hoshi. "Oh yeah? Well, what IF I challenge YOU to a... CHALLENGE!" Peppy shouted, smiling at the new idea he came up with.

Yoshi rubbed his chin. "A challenge, eh?" He chuckled. "I can handle that."

Dr. Hoshi sighed. "All right, Peppy. What is the challenge?"

Peppy pointed to the two flagpoles by the lake. "All right, whoever gets to the flagpoles first is the winner!"

"...That's it?" Dr. Hoshi stated in disappointment while folding his arms. 'You got nothing else?"

Peppy blinked as he shook his head. "Nope."

Dr. Hoshi and Yoshi glanced at each other, then turned back to Peppy and nodded. "Deal."

"Tonight, we got a real challenge tonight as Yoshi, Peppy and Dr. Hoshi try to prove who's the best of the group in a challenge of speed!" Mario announces as everyone gathered outside the mansion.

Pikachu holds the flag above the starting line. "Okay, when May says go, that means you have to go zoom off!" He says to the three dinosaurs.

"We know," Yoshi, Peppy, and Dr. Hoshi replied, narrowing their eyes at Pikachu.

Pikachu sweatdropped, and he chuckled nervously, shrugging. "Ehehehe... sorry."

May appeared in front of the three dinosaurs. "Ready...set..."

"You know, I never wondered why May was here," Rayquaza stated to Petey Piranha and Ridley, who nodded their heads in agreement to the green colored dragon Pokemon's question.

Yoshi and Peppy got into racing positions. Dr. Hoshi merely smirked and bent down.

"GO!" Matt from Digimon screamed excitedly, getting out of the way.

May was upset by this, and so she decided to beat the crap out of Matt, angry at him for stealing her spotlight.

Pikachu waved the flag, but only watched Yoshi and Peppy zoom past the finish line. He turned back at Dr. Hoshi in disbelief. "What are ya, deaf? I said go!"

Dr. Hoshi chuckled. "Eh, let them run. I'll catch up."

Pikachu sighed in dismay. "You moron, you're gonna lose."

Dr. Hoshi adjusted his light blue glasses. "Let them go ahead. I don't mind," He chuckled, as he started walking.

Pikachu rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He took out a chocolate bar and started chewing on it.

Yoshi and Peppy were running along the curve of the lake. Peppy started to shove Yoshi to the side, but Yoshi shoved back.

"Get outta the way!" Peppy shouts. "I'm gonna win!"

"Oh no, you're not!" Yoshi taunts back, as he pushed Peppy into a rock.

Peppy crashed, head-first, into the rock, and falling down unconcious.

Yoshi laughed. "Haha! What a sucker!" He then started slipping away on a banana peel. "Aiaiaiaia! What the!"

"HEHEHEHEH!" Peppy laughed in a freakish tone, passing Yoshi as the green Yoshisaurus slipped down on his head.

Yoshi growled, rubbing his head. "This is not over, Ankylosaurus breath! You have to pass the trap I set up!"

Peppy looked back at Yoshi strangely. "Wha...? Trap?"

On the ground, several ants were marching towards Peppy. The ants picked up the yellow Ankylosaurus, and started heading towards the starting line.

"ACK! NO!" Peppy shouted, watching Yoshi running by, laughing.


"That doesn't even make sense, you idiot!" Peppy fumed, and he electrocuted the ants using his 'Ankylosaurus Bolt' on the bugs. Once the ants disappeared, Peppy went into full throttle and started charging at Yoshi.

Yoshi turned his head to see Peppy charging towards him, but alas, the green Yoshisaurus had little time before the yellow Ankylosaurus colidded with him, and the two prehistoric reptiles started fighting.

"Mamma mia! The two-a dinosaurs-a are fighting with-a each other! What could-a be-a worse than-a that-a?" Mario announced.

Princess each Toadstool giggled as she had her hands over her giggling mouth. "I-a know-a! Speaking in a stupid-a Italian-a accent-a!" She joked.

Mario roared, and he started choking Peach relentlessly.

Pikachu gasped. "OMG! I call offense!" He shouted, and right at that moment, the Pokemon Police Squad arrived.

'We are here to arrest Mario for woman abuse!" Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur shouted.

Mario gasped. "Shock," He said in horror, as he was carried away by the Pokemon Police Squad.

"You can't do that to my bro!" Luigi shouted, only to be flattened by Goomboss.

"Shut it, recolor boy!" Goomboss stated as he kept on flattening Luigi, with King Bob-omb arriving and hand cuffing the flattened human Italian.

"It's off to the big boy jail for you," King Bob-omb stated as he took Luigi, who groaned in pain as Goomboss waddled after the two.

"Hey! Charizard didn't tell me he was part of a police squad!" Pokemon Trainer Red stated as Squirtle and Ivysaur were also equally shocked.

"You learn something new every day." Lucario pointed out as he was meditating, with Jigglypuff and Donkey Kong making out in the stands, causing some of the Smashers to gack.

Ike, however, didn't give a fuck, as he was enjoying his crunchy chicken nuggets from Wendy's.

Pikachu started to boogie to disco music. "YAY FOR THE POKEMON POLICE SQUAD! This is gonna be like COPS!" He laughed. He then stopped and thought. "Wait a minute...if Yoshi and Peppy are fighting, then where's..."

Dr. Hoshi whistled to himself as he waited for Yoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus to get to the finish line. He smiled as he watched the two weakened dinosaurs weakly arrive right on the finish line.

"Gasp...gasp...st00pid Peppy...making me weaker so that Dr. Hoshi could pass me so easily..." Yoshi wheezed, and fainting shortly afterwards.

Peppy was about to add a jerkish comment, when he fainted from the fight he has had with Yoshi.

Dr. Hoshi chuckled. "And remember, kids...may the force be with you," He said to the computer screen, waving.


"FIN? More like...O WAYTUR!1" Ness jokingly shouted, extending his arms out in the air.


"No more Yoshizilla, more like Fargus!" Ness said, trying to be shouted.

All of the Smashers looked at Ness oddly as they weren't sure if he was feeling all right.

"Shitty in jokes that no one will ever get!" Ness stated as he ripped off his shirt, revealing a tattoo on his stomach that had Dark Pit and Lucas kissing each other.

The words END OF STORY fell on top of Ness, killing him and ending his horribly bad jokes.

"YAY!" The other alive members of the Super Smash Brothers shouted.

Crickets chirped, and were eaten by Pichu.

"Ewww! These don't taste like cheesecake at all!" Pichu groaned as she shook her head in disappointment.

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"For you," Bane stated as she was crashing CIA's plane, with no survivors!