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The Baby

Naruto was honestly starting to wonder how he managed to find himself in these situations. He was always getting in to trouble, sure, but he could always get out of it. But this was by far the worst. It had all started when his team had gone to meet the Hokage for a mission, if they were lucky it'd be a C-Class mission. And it was all going so well too! Iruka-sensei was going to hand them a mid-rank C-class mission, mid-rank! They were actually going to fight some bandits this time! But no, Tsunade just had to come out of her office, holding a baby of all things! Honestly?! How was he supposed to know the thing was going to reach out to him and say "Mommy!"?!

There was silence in the office. Sakura was the first to dare say anything.

"…Did…did that baby just call Naruto…mommy?"

And lo and behold it happened again. "Mommy!"

"Yes Sakura, I do believe that baby did just call Naruto mommy." Kakashi replied. "Have you been doing something we don't know about Naruto?"

"WHAT?! No! And even if I was why would it call me of all people mommy!"

Sakura nodded in agreement, "As if Naruto could get a date, and besides that baby is far too cute to have any relation to Naruto."

And it was true, the baby was pretty cute. It had a small disorganized mop of soft ebony hair that fell gently into its huge sky blue eyes. It was a fairly small little being, at least in Naruto's eyes, with healthy peachy skin, a cute button nose, and an adorable pout on its lips. It was dressed in a light blue baby jumper that zipped up in the front and had little pockets set around his mid stomach. In the child's arms was a small fox plush toy that seemed to be well loved.

"I resent that! Look, it has my eyes!"

There was another silence as they all looked from the baby's eyes to Naruto's. The resemblance was there.

"Oh, but Naruto I thought you said you didn't know this baby?"

"That is not what I meant and you know it Kakashi-sensei!"

It was now that Sasuke spoke up for the first time, "I hate to break up…Whatever this is, but don't we have a mission to go on?"

At this Tsunade smiled, "Yes, but not anymore! I have a new mission for you now!" Walking to Naruto she dumped the struggling baby into the blonde's arms where it cuddled happily into Naruto's chest. "Congratulations! You are this baby's new mother!"


"This child was found earlier out by the training fields and we need someone to watch him while we find his parents. But when I tried to have someone else care for him, he would cry. You're the only one he seems to like so far."

"But he wasn't crying with you!"

"True, but he never seemed happy, just pouted miserably the whole time. Besides, I'm the Hokage; I have better things to do instead of care for some lost kid."


"Oh be quiet Naruto! It's not every day that we get to watch such a cute baby!"

"But Sakura-chan!"

"No buts Naruto now let me hold him. I'm sure he'd prefer me better, I don't even think you're holding him the right way."

Taking the baby gently from Naruto's arms she paused to see if there was any reaction. The child sniffled a little at the loss of his "mommy" but he seemed comfortable enough in Sakura's arms for the time being. "So, what's his name Hokage-sama?"

"Well, we think it's Toppuu because it's embroidered on that plush doll of his."

"Doesn't that mean squall, or something of that nature? And a squall is a storm or something right?"

"Yes, a sudden violent gust of wind, kind of like your name Naruto, maelstrom."

"That describes the dead last alright."

"What did you say bas-"

"Not in front of the baby Naruto!"

"I mean- bass fish!"

Sasuke snorted, "Of all the things you could have come up with. That baby must be as idiotic as you."

"Don't be that was Sasuke-kun! Toppuu is a smart baby, why don't you hold him." The pink haired girl walked to her moody teammate and placed to baby in his awkward arms. Sasuke looked down at the baby and the baby looked back at him. Wait a minute; did that baby just smirk at him? Then out of nowhere Toppuu sniffled and his eyes watered until he broke out in a loud wail.

Running forward Naruto shoved Sasuke aside and took the baby from his arms and Toppuu stopped crying instantly. "I knew it! You're such a prick even babies cry when they see your face!" Seeing that he was being ignored Toppuu sniffled pitifully and waved his small arms at Naruto's face. "Mommy?" Naruto stopped his rant to look back down at the baby. "I'm not your mommy kid." At this Toppuu's eyes seemed to grow even bigger and water simultaneously. Naruto's resolve quickly washed away at the sight of those eyes. "Oh alright I guess you can call me mommy. So what's say that we get you home Toppuu-chan?" Naruto smiled at the now giggling baby and walked out the door.

Sasuke just stared, that baby…it couldn't have done that on purpose? No baby was that smart. No, he was just being foolish.

Little did Sasuke know that baby would cause a lot of trouble for him in the near future.

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