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Through Time


"Well this is a first." Sasuke commented dryly.

Naruto gaped at him, "Our son just disappeared through an influx of chakra and that's the FIRST thing you say?!"

Sasuke shrugged, "We knew this would happen didn't we? And he comes back safe and sound. Just relax Naruto."

The blonde scowled at his husband and looked away. He knew something would happen to Toppuu, he just didn't think it would be this. They'd been walking through the training fields at the edge of the village for an inspection when they'd been assaulted by an enemy shinobi. Being the Hokage did have some disadvantages apparently. When a chakra laced attack had come too close to his son for comfort he used some of Kyuubi's chakra to make a barrier, the combination of Kyuubi's chakra with another human's made a small rip in space, just enough to vacuum a baby through… Of course Naruto had been so enraged that he'd nearly killed the other shinobi and he would have succeeded if it weren't for Sasuke, who reminded him that Ibiki was always in need of new playthings to experiment on. Ibiki would torture this man far better than he could.

"Sasuke? How do you suppose we even go back in time to bring him home?" Funny, he never thought the two men picking up Toppuu from their genin team ten years ago would be his older self, talk about freaky…

"Again, Naruto, I don't know. I could have sworn that the theory of chakra time travel was disproved…"

"Well, we just ruined that little theory didn't we?!"


Naruto scowled again but mentally sympathized with Sasuke, as they got older and eventually got married Sasuke had become a warmer person and for that he was grateful, not that he wouldn't have loved him either way…It was just more favorable to raise children with a father that could actually smile now and then. So of course he'd go cold again when he was worried about Toppuu, no matter how much he insisted that he wasn't worried and knew that Toppuu would be fine. Smiling he laced his hand into Sasuke's and pulled him towards the village.

"Come on bastard, there's some tea with your name on it."

It wasn't until a few weeks later that Kyuubi, in all his royal demon impatience, had opened a new time rip. The demon fox was seriously sick of his vessel's constant moping. He'd prefer a happy idiot than a depressed one.


Naruto stared in apprehension at the two figures standing in the Hokage's office. How could they be Toppuu's mother and father? They were both male! Not that he had any problems with that, he hated being bias for fear of succumbing to petty hatred like the villagers, but wouldn't child birth require…Oh I don't know…A VAGINA?!?!

The blonde man chuckled, "You'd be surprised at what a good medic can do.'

Naruto blinked, he hadn't said that aloud…Had he?! He blushed suddenly, he prayed to whatever higher being out there that he had NOT said that out loud.

Suddenly the small child in his arms started struggling and reaching out towards the blonde man. "Mommy!" Toppuu shrieked in delight. Suddenly squirming out of Naruto's arms and to the floor, the child tottered as fast as he could to outstretched arms of the older man.

Falling into a gentle embrace Toppuu smiled up at his real mother. The child had distantly wondered why his parents seemed shorter…

"Up!" Lifting the small child up from his armpits and into the air, the blonde spun around in circles making silly faces at the laughing boy. The other male just smiled slightly before turning back to a young team seven. Normally they would have been recognized that Toppuu's parents seemed a little too similar to Naruto and Sasuke but that was nothing a little hair gel for him and little cover up for Naruto couldn't fix. Now they just seemed to resemble their younger counter part's, and this explained why Toppuu addressed Naruto and Sasuke as mommy and daddy. They just looked like his real parents, but Toppuu being who he was immediately sniffed out who they were and Naruto was instantly mommy again.

"We thank you for watching our son for us; he hasn't been causing problems I trust?"

Naruto grinned and scratched the back of his head, "Nah, he's been no problem at all!"

Sasuke's face immediately darkened, "That's your opinion…"

"Shut up! You're just angry because he liked me better!"

"Ch, that's just because you looked like his mother."

"Oh yeah?! Well he still likes me better!"


"I'm not an idiot!"

Sakura looked on in exasperation, "Well at least Naruto is back to normal…All those maternal habits were freaking me out."

Kakashi nodded, "Maa, maa….But it sure was funny though!"

She looked at him oddly, "Only you Kakashi-sensei…. Only you…" The gray haired man only giggled and brought out his little orange book. Sakura sighed and walked away, if their mission was over she needed to collect their payment, she vaguely noticed that Kakashi, her two other teammates followed her. Naruto was so involved in his argument with Sasuke he failed to say goodbye to Toppuu. It was for the best anyway, it wouldn't be right to say goodbye when it wasn't true, they would see each other again eventually.

The older Naruto looked after them and laughed, "Was I really that short?" He rocked Toppuu back and forth in his arms as the child giggled happily.

"Hn, you're still short."

"I am not!"

"You only come up to my chin, face it. You're short."

"Gaaah! I wonder why I married you some times! And for the record, you're just freakishly tall."

Sasuke smirked and wrapped his arms loosely around Naruto's waist, comfortably resting his chin on the blonde's shoulder. He nibbled on Naruto's tan neck and gave a smug look at his husband, who shivered in pleasure.

"Because you love me."

"…Damn, I hate when you're right."

Sasuke was about to reply when a small fist bopped him on the nose. The ebony haired man gazed down at his son, whose face was scrunched in a pout and his cheeks puffed in an imitation of a frog. That look had Naruto written all over it. Ruffling the boy's hair he smirked. "Get used to it squirt, that's what married people do."

"You more so than others."

"Except I have an excuse, I have an entire clan to revive. Therefore I can have all the sex I want."

"You just say that so other people don't scold us when we do it in public places."

He shrugged," It works doesn't it? Plus, my wife is just so damn cute."

Naruto stuck out his tongue, "Nice try, but you're getting nothing tonight."

Sasuke sighed, "Fine, fine. Let's go home then."

"Lead the way."


The dark haired youth ducked into an ally way with a fierce scowl. Damn he hated women sometime! He could see why his parents were gay. After waiting a minute he checked his surroundings to make sure he wouldn't be spotted, making a break for it he ran up the wall and jumped from roof to roof, making his way to the Uchiha complex.

Walking up the path through the thriving garden, a hobby of his mother's, he opening the door and slipped his shoes off. Walking down the main hallway he intended to go to his room but he heard another voice. Huh, his father must have gotten back early from his mission.

"Well you see, the influx of chakra caused a rip in space…" Not that story again!

An eleven year old replica of the man in the parlor walked in with his arms crossed. Blue eyes narrowed dangerously, the only difference from him and his father except his wild hair. Toppuu glared briefly at the three other children in the room.

"Dad! You know I hate it when you tell that story! Do you know how ridiculous it is to be called the time traveling baby?!"

A thirty two year old Sasuke smirked at his first born. The only reason he brought the story up in the first place was to get mild revenge for all the times he interrupted him and his husband.

"But it makes a wonderful bed time story."

"Yeah! Leave dad alone big brother!" Toppuu looked down at his three year old brother. He had their mother's wild blonde hair, eyes and personality; he was also the only one in the family who had inherited the blonde hair.

"Oh, and what does the little sunspot going to do about it?"

"Arrrrrg! Don't call me that!"

"Alright, alright Kokuten, I don't see why it bothers you so much, that's what your name means anyway."

"Yeah, but Kokuten sounds cooler!"

"What do you think Sogeki? Hoshi?" Toppuu looked to his younger twin brothers, who were six. They had ebony hair and eyes, and their father's tame hair.

"Hm, well we think-"

"-That whatever irritates-"

"-Our brother dearest-"

"Has got to be the best story ever!" The twins finished as one. They twins were always together and only the family could tell them apart. They took great pride in confusing everyone else. Twins had the same chakra signatures, which was the most aggravating feature for shinobi who tried to tell the difference between identical siblings.

"What's the best story ever?"

Toppuu looked up brightly and ran to hug his mother who was holding a baby girl in his arms, their five month old sister, Mikoto, named after his grandmother, Uchiha Mikoto. She was the only female in the family and had dark black hair that almost seemed blue and obsidian eyes, she looked like their grandmother too.

Naruto smiled at his son and ran a hand through his hair, "How was your day Toppuu?"

"Boring, I had no missions today, you were at the office, and dad was on a mission, and everyone else was either busy, at the academy, or in daycare."

"Better than my day, I despise paperwork."

Sasuke smirked, "You've only said that for the past ten years."

The blonde stuck his tongue out at his husband, "Shut up!"

"You never grow up do you?"

"And act like a stuffy old man for the rest of my days? Never!!"

Toppuu smiled at his parents and ushered his siblings out of the room, he took Mikoto out of his mother's arms and left the room as well. These arguments usually led to his father's "creative" side, as he had put it all those years ago. Although he was still a mama's boy, he beat up anyway who dared say that, he had eventually let up on his father and gotten used to creation of babies. He supposed it was his fault, he had asked for a sibling after all… When he heard more moans than usual at night after that, he thought the house was going to fall down due to pressure or something, he WAS only four then. He blushed as he thought back to it, it was so wrong to hear your parents doing it

Shaking his head furiously Toppuu stepped outside from the empty hall, his siblings had scattered after leaving the room, and into the garden after putting Mikoto to sleep.

Although he hated the name "Time Traveling Baby" he was really grateful that he'd been the one to help bring his parents together, even if he only helped a little. Leaning against the tree trunk in their yard he yawned and looked up at the sky with a small smile.

Today was a good day.

He suddenly heard a loud moan from the house.

….Screw that thought.


Ug, he was turning into his father!

Scratch everything nice he ever said about the man, he was taking it back!

He heard another moan. He could hear that all the way from outside?

Smirking suddenly Toppuu stood up and ran into the house. "Moooooooooooooom!!!! Dad's being loooooooooooooud!"

Some habits never die, unfortunately for Sasuke.



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