Her Story

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Chapter 1: Secrets Deteriorate the Conscience

The music was blasting, the band was hype, and the people were working up a sweat as they moved their bodies around in rhythmic synchronization with the beat of the music. During this cacophony of heathenish celebration, I stood on the sidelines as a bystander looking into a world where I didn't seem to fit in. Once or twice someone asked for a dance, but I turned him down. I just didn't see how I could fit into that picture, and more importantly, I didn't want to disrupt the natural order of things by trying to. After all, I was the odd ball out, which meant that I had no right being there.

"Gosh, look at Kairi. What is she doing standing all alone like that?" I cocked my head a little and listened to my sister's friend, Larxene, bad mouth my unfitting existence within their world. The two of them weren't standing too far off, just at the other end of the snack table. Unlike me they could mingle and not be persecuted about it and were only caught standing alone in this instant because they had worn themselves out with their dancing. Of course soda, chips, and dip weren't very satisfying refreshments so I doubted that they'd find anything to suffice their growing fatigue. I couldn't help but wish for that very thing though because maybe then Namine would finally take me home. In answer to Larxene's statement, my sister gingerly whipped some hair back from out of her face and shrugged.

"She doesn't party. It's not her thing," she told. She looked at the soda as though she was debating whether or not to drink one. I knew she wouldn't. Soda made her break out, and if there was one thing my sister couldn't nor wouldn't tolerate, it was a face full of oil filled bumps. Larxene carefully picked up a Mountain Dew.

"Gross. Why isn't there any water," she asked. She seemed to have dropped the topic about me after that.

"I don't know," my sister started, "but it's hot as hell in here and I'm tired."

"Ready to go?"

"...It's still early though… Well, I know Kairi's dying to get outta here by now. Yeah. Let's get the boys and leave." I smiled subconsciously, happy that the little diva decided to grant me my freedom. Soon the two were maneuvering through the crowd until they collected their prizes and made their ways to the front door. I looked on with anxiousness. Surely my sister didn't expect me to try and walk my way out through the heavy mass of sweating, hormone driven teenagers, did she? My nerves died down as my savior came to take me away from the damned place.

"Hey Kairi, we're leaving ya know. Or did you want to stay and keep the wall company?" A grin spread across Sora's face as he spoke and I rolled my eyes out of habit.

"Oh be quiet. I've been ready to go since the moment I walked in here. I can't believe all that I had to endure!"

"Oh spare me the tale drama queen." He pulled me by the arm and we made our way through the ocean of crazed monsters, and easily found the safety of the outside world through the front door. My sister stood by Riku's car, and the two of them were talking in whispers. I tried to understand why she felt like she could openly flirt with her boyfriend's best friend. I mean, if she meant to be discreet, she was failing horribly.

"What'd I miss," Sora questioned. He took his place at my sister's side and pecked her lightly on the cheek. I could have yakked. He didn't see her cringe? He was honestly oblivious to Namine and Riku's sexcapades!? As nice as Sora was, he could be too stupidly naive at times so much so that I felt extremely guilty for standing there quietly. Maybe her discreetness wasn't as bad as I thought, but why did I feel like I was apart of it?

"Nothing really. Man I'm beat," Namine mumbled and yawned for emphasis to her point. Sora pulled her close and smiled.

"Oh come on Namine, the night's still young…," he said as he suggestively brushed his lips against her earlobe. A smile broke the weatherworn look on my sister's face, but only for a second.

"Well, I must be getting old then because I really want to go to sleep. Besides, I've tortured Kairi enough already…" Sora looked at me then and I shrunk away from the couple. I was always the liability; I was always used as a good excuse for my sister.

"…Fine. I get the hint. Geez." He pulled away from her abruptly and I saw Riku grin.

"So, I'll be taking you guys home then?" he asked.

"Yea. I'll take Sora home since he's on the way," Larxene chimed in. I saw Namine tensed up a little from the suggestion. Unlike Sora, my sis' knew how to spot a problem. Larxene's attraction for Sora was no secret.

"No. Sora can ride with us," she stated, "or you could take us home instead Larxene."

"… Whatever."

"No. Let me take you and Kairi home. Larxene and Sora will be fine," Riku said.

"Yea, give me some credit Namine," Larxene mumbled. Namine sighed in defeat and gathered herself in the front seat of Riku's car. She waved out the window to Sora who waved back and blew a kiss. We all then drove away.


"Do you want me to come up?" Riku inquired. We were at my house now. The majority of the ride had been quiet, but now Riku was looking at Namine the way he always did when he got that itch in his pants. She sighed tiredly.

"I dunno… My parents aren't home yet but…"

"You're tired," he finished for her, "Well, I get it. Let me walk you to the door at least."

"…Okay." They both got out of the car and made their ways to the front door. I solemnly followed behind them. I already knew that she'd invite him in and they'd keep me up all night with their 'love making'. I could have slapped Namine for being such a slut if I was in a place to judge her for that kind of behavior, but I wasn't. It was her business. I waited patiently as they stopped in front of the door staring at one another hungrily.

"Well, g'night," Riku said. He kissed her lightly on the lips and Namine kissed him back.

"Hm… yeah…"

"It is late… maybe… maybe I should… I should stay…"

"No Riku. No. We said we'd stop. It's not fair to Sora," Namine claimed while at the same time licking Riku's ear seductively. He moaned a little and then began trailing peppery kisses along her jaw-line until he traveled all the way down her neck.

"That's what you said before… And I ended up in your room…"

"But… but this time's different. I mean it… This time…"

"Mm hm. I know… You said that too."

"Oh Riku." His hands began to roam around her body groping her in inappropriate places (to me anyway) and she just moaned and beckoned him with similar actions of her own.

"Let me in...," he breathed. Namine didn't need to be told twice. The door finally opened and they practically ran to her room in a frenzied passion. I sighed a little and closed the door behind me. I decided that I wouldn't go to my room. It was right next door to Namine's.

I used to feel awkward around them when I found out about them sleeping together, on accident, a few months ago. When I opened the door to her room (which was unlocked by the way), they were all twisted together in the nude. I knew already that Namine was having sex, that she was no virgin, but I didn't know she would sleep with her boyfriend's best friend. After I left she came to me red-faced and ashamed begging me to not tell Sora. I felt so strange. If it was one thing I didn't want my sister to confide in me about it was her being promiscuous.

After I got myself comfortable on the sofa, I thought to myself about how horrible I felt for not telling Sora about his friend and Namine. Then I thought about how I didn't want to betray my sister's trust by telling him. I kept thinking that if I gave her space then maybe she'd tell him already but no. Then as time passed and it became regular to find Riku at my house with Namine, I didn't think much about it until I saw Sora. He was such a nice guy, so sweet, funny, friendly, and talented. He and Namine had dated since middle school. He became like a brother to me. And as important as he was to Namine, I couldn't help but wonder how she could do that to him. It made me angry and I figured out some kind of way to tell him, but always lost the nerve because Namine already knew she was wrong. That's why she didn't want him knowing.

As they proceeded to do 'it' upstairs, I felt my conscience eat away at me and I hated myself. Then I wondered if the reason for me not being able to fit in at the party was the fact that I possessed a conscience. I mean, how many of those other party dwellers held depraving secrets that devoured him or her clean of his or her consciences? Maybe that's why the people at that party got along so well. That being they hadn't a care in the world.