Title: Please Kiss Me

Author: comeandgetmebabe

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of its subsequent sequels.

Summary: AU. Axel meets Roxas and is smitten with him. Roxas meets Axel and is disturbed by him, which leads to violence. But Axel doesn't care. He's in loooveee.

-NOTE- HO HO HO! This one's really stupid!

It's actually based after a BL (yaoi, for those who don't know) manga thing I read, called Sensitive-Pornograph (I know, I died when I read the title). Look it up if you wanna see hot man sex with the SAME UKE IN EVERY STORY OHMIGOD THE ARTIST NEEDS A LIFE!




I've never been one to fall in love at first sight. I've never been the type of person who would follow someone around like a dog, trying to get them to fall for me, or even look at me. And I've never been a masochist…I think.

I've been in a billion fights—I'm ranked number one badass in my class. Yeah, that's right. Go suck on that. Pay your respects to Axel. And I've always had a bit of an…attitude, I guess. That's why I got held back—I should be in eleventh grade. Instead I'm in ninth. It's not 'cause I'm dumb or anything, it's just that I keep getting suspended for fighting and need to make up a lot of time. I think I'll graduate when I'm nineteen or something. And teachers do like me—so do the kids, at least the kids in my year now. The kids who're my age, you know, kids like Vexen and Saïx and Lexaeus and those assholes, yeah, they don't like me. The kids from my first time repeating ninth grade, they were afraid of me. And the seniors don't really care. But these guys, you know, Zexion and Demyx and Sora n' Riku on a good day, yeah, they're cool.

We go to an all boys school, so I don't really get to hang out with girls that much. And my foster sister, Larxene…yeeeaaahhh, she'd make you want to swear off girls forever. She's fucking insane. But there's this one girl, Namine or something…I saw her when I was hanging out with Sora n' Riku, she's Sora's friends' cousin or something, she's kinda cute. Only she looks like she's fuckin' twelve. But, I mean, if I had to choose, I'd choose her. She's really nice and she's not totally turned off by my reputation. Mostly because I didn't tell her what it was.

And don't get me wrong; normally if you put a girl and a guy in front of me, I'll go for the girl no matter what. I mean, come on. Who wants to do a guy, anyway? They're all buff and deep voiced and just stupid—I should know, I'm one of them. I don't like guys. I don't love them either, if that's what you're getting at.

I just love one of them.


Like, this is how it is for me: there are guys, there are girls, and then there's Roxas. I'll go for the third one every time.


No matter how much he seems to hate me, I love him.

He doesn't hate me as much anymore, though. I doubt he hated me at all. After finding out all that shit about him, I think he's just…made like that, you know? Like he's just always been kind of aloof and stuff. That's just how he is. But I love him anyway. And even though he hates saying it, I know he loves me.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

Oh, hey, don't look at me like that.

I'm not gay, okay? NOT. GAY. Got it memorized?

I'm just in love with a guy.

That's all.


I met Roxas in April, just as the cherry blossoms were blooming.

Except there aren't any cherry blossom trees around here, so that was a dumb thing to say.

But anyway.

It was like…love at fist sight. I know I said I don't really believe in it, but when I say really I mean I kinda do, but it doesn't apply to me.

Man, was I wrong.

You gotta understand this about Roxas, he is so…so…how can I say it…

Cute. Sexy-cute.

Yeah, that's it. That's what I thought when I first saw him.

I was so busy gaping at him I didn't even notice my teacher glaring impatiently at me. He did that a lot.

"AXEL!" yelled our homeroom teacher, Mr. Highwind (Cid for short).


"SIT DOWN AND SHUT IT! This is our new student, Roxas. You fight him, you're fucked, understand kid?" He's so kind and polite, don't ya think?

"I'm not a kid, old man!" I yelled back.

Cid just sneered at me and turned back to the class. The blond kid next to him glared at all of us with a look that was trying to say, "Talk to me and I kill you" but really said, "I AM SOOOO KYYYOOOOOOTTT!!!! LOVE ME, AXEL, LOVE ME!"

What I saw was this adorable blond kid with big blue eyes and big pouty lips and a sign over his head, which said "I HEART AXEL!"

What everyone else saw was this cold, mean looking yellow haired demon with an icy azure stare and a frown that suggested he hated everyone and everything and wanted us all to die.

But I didn't care. Because I was struck, yes, struck with an arrow.


Stop fucking laughing, dammit, it's true!

It was exactly like that! I even felt it pierce my heart! True, when Roxas first walked into the room Zexion had just flung a sharpened pencil at my back and hit me hard, but I know Cupid's arrow when I feel it, and goddammit I felt it then!

But I digress.

Cid told Roxas to sit down, across the room from me unfortunately, so I had to spend the whole class craning my neck over a whole row of kids to get a look at him. Didn't get much of a look either, Cid kept yelling at me to focus on the lesson, which was stupid. I mean, what do you learn in homeroom anyway?

After that whole thing we had to go and in the hallway I got my first good look at him up close. I mean, you have no idea how adorable this guy is. I could have just thrown him down right there and done everything from cuddling to…well…you know…heh heh…

Anyway, what you gotta remember is I'm sill in awe of just how adorable and sexy (yes, sexy dammit) this guy is. So we're all in the hallway and I guess the way I was just staring in awe at him made my boys think I was gonna, you know, attack or something. Because generally that's what I do to new kids. I told you I'm badass.

So I'm just gazing at the back of his head when all of a sudden he whirls around and he staring straight into my eyes. I froze. I had no idea what to do. His eyes are so captivating. I tell him that every time I see him. And then he smacks me. But anyway.

He looked at me, all cold and aloof, and I looked at him, all in awe and shock. And then, from his perfect lips came the perfect word for the moment:


Most people would think that means "What're you doing staring at me, you red haired freak?!" but I know it meant "What're you doing standing there, come lift me in your manly arms and carry me into the sunset. And then have sex with me." So there you go.

And his voice! It's just…perfect in every way! He sounds like an angel. A rough, get-the-fuck-away-from-me-you-weirdo angel, but and angel nonetheless.

I'm lost in my own world looking into his eyes and then Demyx and Zexion have to ruin it.

"What're you doing standing here?!" cried Demyx, who hated fighting but was always willing to see me do it.

"Seriously…" murmured Zexion, who also hated fighting, but didn't hate planning a fight—he'd usually help me ambush someone who fucked with the wrong people (i.e. us).

I gulped, still gazing at Roxas, and felt heat on my face. Yes, I was blushing, I'm man enough to admit it, shut the hell up. I finally found my voice and said, "Are…are you really…in our school? Roxas?"


He looked back and me and glared even more than he had before, although this time he looked cautious. "…Who're you?"

"Listen up!" yelled Demyx, catching the attention of people around us. "This is Axel, the number one freshman!"

"Even though he's actually a junior and just got held back…" added Zexion.

"Shut it, Zex!" Demyx turned back to Roxas, smirking. "Don't you think you should hurry and pay your respects?"

Roxas looked at the three of us with apathy.

I looked at him hard, trying to read him, but he was unreadable—still is, only now I can tell if he's happy or not 'cause he smiles more. Anyway, I took a chance and stepped foreword. Everyone in the hall gasped—generally when I do that, it means someone's about to get fucked, and not in the good way. I walked right up to Roxas, stood before him, towered over him and said:


I smiled, trying to make my teeth sparkle, much to everyone's bewilderment. "I'm Axel, one of this years freshmen! Got it memorized?! Nice to meet you! Can I call you Roxie?! You look tough! I'd like to be your friend, I really admire someone who looks like they could be a badass like me!" I'm kind of ashamed to admit this, but I blushed again and then leered at him. "How about…we start off as friends and then become…"

Even before I finished the sentence I could see the goose bumps forming on his neck.

And then I felt him punch, kick, smack, and slam me onto the ground, giving me a bloody nose, a bruised body (but not ego!) and messed up hair.

"K.O." said Luxord, some asshole senior who was walking by, in the Mortal Kombat voice.

Roxas walked away, looking distinctly unruffled.

"Axel!" cried Demyx. "Aw man, are you okay?!" Even Zexion looked concerned.

"Damn…Roxas…" I said, as I turned to look up at the bright white ceiling. "You punch good." I gazed through my fretting friends and then murmured aloud, "I'm in love with him…"

Everyone blanched.

"HAHAHA!" I cried, jumping to my feet despite my injuries. I grinned and cried out to the heavens amidst my classmates, "DAMN YOU ROXAS! I'LL HAVE YOU ONE DAY, JUST YOU WAIT!"

"Jesus…what a scary face…" muttered Zexion, looking away from me.

"Axel's brain is broken…" said Demyx, looking frightened and concerned at the same time.

And so began my quest for Roxas's heart.

But just Roxas, okay?

I'm not, like, gay or anything.


The dialogue here is not up to par with…other stuff.


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