Title: Please Kiss Me

Author: comeandgetmebabe



Sorry, I just finished up my midterms and various 'end of semester' projects, so there was no well in hell I was going to update before now. BUT I'M DONE WHOOOO!!! WHOOOOO!!!

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So, anyway, hey again. Axel here, telling you the story of me and my boo.

But don't tell him I said that, okay, because he'd toooootally kick my ass.

Oh hey, ass kicking's! That's the last thing I told you about, right?

Okay, so, I meet Roxie and I'm like, totally in love with him and stuff and then he beats me down, right?

Hey, dipshit, stop fucking snickering like that. I'm man enough to admit my boyfriend can kick my ass. You got a problem with that? 'Cause just 'cause he can beat me doesn't mean I can't kick your ass.


So this is what happened next.


Later on that day, after a quick trip to the nurse, it was time for lunch. I told Demyx and Zexion I'd see them later in class and, before either could say anything, scampered down the hall after Roxas, who'd left the room as soon as Cid announced it was our lunch break.

"Roooxxiieee!!!" I cried, smiling and ignoring the pain that shot through my cheek (that was one hell of a bruise he gave me). "Let's eat lunch together, okay?"

Roxas gave me a look of pure loathing and continued down the hallway.

"Hey, wait!" I cried, chasing after him, the brown sack that held my lunch nearly falling out of my hand "Why're you running away?!"

Just from looking at him back, I could tell he was exasperated. Because I'm that good.

"Come on!" I called, still chasing as he opened the stairwell door. "What's wrong with eating lunch together?"

I got to the stairwell maybe a second after he did, but he'd already gone up to the roof. I climbed the stairs, nearly giddy about being somewhere alone with my wittle Roxie and came to find him standing at the roof railing that supposed to stop kids from jumping off. Except for that one kid who did jump off by climbing over the railing, but anyway.

"Roxiiiieeee!" I yelled, running over. I brushed some of my red hair from my face and beamed at him. He just glared.

"Don't call me 'Roxie.'" He spat out the name as if it were poisonous.

Of course, I'm never one to back down from something I want (and hot DAMN did I want Roxas) so I just couched right down next to him and opened my lunch bag. My foster dad, Merlin, had made me a ham sandwich and packed in the leftover rice from last night. I grinned up at him. "I'm Axel, remember? Axel! Got it memorized? Let's eat lunch together!" I sat back and unwrapped my sandwich, taking a big bite of it.

Roxas didn't move. He didn't move closer to me, but he didn't move away, which is awesome, because thinking back on it, I was totally invading his personal space. I was literally, pressed against his leg.

Hey, sorry, but I gotta tell ya, Roxas has the nicest legs, like, ever. I mean, I've been with a lot of girls (because as I've said before I'm NOT GAY I JUST LIKE ROXAS NOW SHUT THE HELL UP) but none of them have legs as nice as Roxas. They're so creamy and strong and white and hairless and…and…heh heh heh heh….


So, Roxas didn't move. I finished swallowing the bite of my sandwich and looked up at him. "Aren't you going to eat? Lunch hour's almost over, right?"

Roxas reached into my bag, where Merlin had also packed a can of juice, and took the can out. He took a sip and said, in an irritated voice, "Eating one meal a day is enough."

I stood, almost about to comment on how he took my juice, but watching his Adam's apple bob up and down while he drank made me think of…a different kind of bobbing…hee hee hee…

Roxas tells me I'm a pervert. I'm beginning to think he's right.

Yeah, so, anyway.

I stood and smirked. "A guy like you must take forever to finish one meal. You probably eat like a bird."

Roxas just snorted and looked out at the skyline.

Okay, you're about to say I'm an idiot for what I did next, but honestly, I don't care.

I came up behind him and put my hands on his waist, running my fingers over his stomach and a little…heh heh…lower. Not that low, you know, just to where I could feel his hipbones jut out. "No wonder you're so skinny," I said into his ear. My conscious reason for doing this, just so you know, was just to see how skinny he really was, because he wears baggy clothes, my Roxie.

But subconsciously, yeah, I just wanted to cop a feel.

Roxas realized that too.

"Don't touch me!" he yelled, and punched me in the nose, sending my face straight into the ground.

A quick stream of blood flew out of my nose, but that's just because of what he did to me earlier. I mean, I can totally take being punched in the face. But, hey, like I said, Roxas is really, really, really fucking strong, so he got me on the concrete. After lying there for a minute, I pulled myself up and sat on the ground, legs splayed apart, rubbing my cheek, and smiling up at him.

"Are you gay or something?!" exclaimed Roxas, unable to believe that I was still smiling at him after he PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE YES I KNOW IF YOU DON'T STOP LAUGHING I'M GONNA DO THE SAME TO YOU GOT IT DILDO?!

Yeah, that's right. You're not laughing now, are you? ARE YOU?!

That's what I thought. Bow to Axel, you fucking punk.

So WHAT if I just referred to myself in third person, shit back, look who just got punched in the face! There are only two people in this room, dickweed, and I can assure you, the guy who just got punched ISN'T me.


Asshole, WHAT did you just say?!

NO! I AM NOT FUCKING GAY! The only guy I like, the only guy I've EVER liked is Roxas! Get OVER yourself! God!


…Wait, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, so Roxas is like "Are you gay or something?"….

I smirked, licked my thumb and tried to wipe some of the filth from being thrown on the ground off my face. "I shouldn't be…" I murmured, my eyes not leaving his for a second.

He gazed down at me, for once his expression not one of anger. It was a mix of frustration and disbelief and it looked sooo good on him.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered what he looked like when he smiled, just a smile out of pure happiness.

"If you're not gay, then why are you bothering me?!" exclaimed Roxas, obviously not noticing the whole "Axel I want YOU and only YOU to make me smile baby!" vibe he was giving off.

I smiled up at him and stuck my tongue out in a way that I thought was sexy and Roxas later told me was the ugliness thing he'd ever seen. "Because, Roxie…" I purred.

I could see the gooseflesh forming on his neck again.

"You're too cuuuutte…" I finished, grinning. I reached out and grabbed his pant leg. I still maintain I just wanted to stand up. He still says it was because I wanted to throw him down on the ground and fuck him without abandon. Which is true, but, seriously, I just wanted to get back on my feet.

And then once again, it was BAM BASH PUNCH KICK and with an extremely not manly cry, I was on the ground again, bloodied up and dirty. I think he gave me a concussion that time.

"Pervert…" muttered Roxas as he walked towards to the stairwell, to go back down to class. Somewhere, in the back of my concussed/Roxas filled mind, I heard the bell ring, signifying the end of lunch.

It took me a few minutes to regain total consciousness, and by then Roxas was already back inside and probably sitting in class, looking totally delectable. I sat up, blew a stray bit of red hair out of my face and smiled. I ignored the pain that flashed through my now black and blue cheeks. "I even like your violence, Roxas…" I murmured.

Then, sitting there on top of the school roof (my lunch bag completely forgotten), my smile grew wider. In front of me was the doorway back to the stairwell, but to me, it was a door to my wittle Roxie's heart.

I stood, with difficulty (I gotta tell you, man, Roxas punched HARD as FUCK), and walked to the door. Placing my hand on the knob, I said to no one: "I must have you…"

And then I opened the door.


You don't need to know that when I got back to class and everything, Cid yelled at me like there was no tomorrow and I got detention and had to stay after school and wash the blackboards, then come home to find Larxene going through my stuff AGAIN while Merlin yelled at me for getting back so late because he thought something bad had happened to me, but I'll tell you anyway just to let you know I'm human and everything.

And by human, I mean I got in a fistfight with Larxene after finding her in my room and got in a screaming match with Merlin.

Because there's only so much abuse from people I love that I can take.

But boy howdy do I love Roxas. Wait awhile, man, you'll find out just how much I love him.

You know. Looooooovvveee him.

I swear to God, man, you keep looking at me like that and I'll fuck you up again, you hear?

Or better yet, I'll get Roxas to do it.

Yeeeaahhh, now you look scared, don't you.

Ha ha ha.






I hope you enjoyed, this is super fun to write. And poor Axel didn't get to finish his lunch. Aw, shucks, poor little guy. I give him my soup!