A/N: I am combining the three "poems" into one story. One so I can keep up with them and two so I can add more to them and make a story. This one is Logan's. I was board and wanted to write something so I came up with this. Hope you like it.

The Thoughts of a Lover's Mind

As I watch you walk down the hall towards me, I think to myself, how beautiful you look.

Your long red hair flowing like water in a river stream.

Your green eyes are like celestial eyes that hypnitize every man that meets their gaze.

You lips as red and as soft the pedal of a red rose which I have only touched once with my lips?

Dare I do it again? Just one more time?

So I could feel your lips upon mine once more and forever have that memory but if I did would I only wish for more like I do now?

My eyes go from your face to the rest of you which has been untouched by every man except for one.

There's only one man who gets your body, tall slinder, and I am not him.

But boy I sure as hell wish I was.

Not that I want to be a slinder red-one eyed boyscout always ordering people around but to have you.

The boyscout is away.

I want to make a move.

Whatever Ol' One-Eye doesn't know won't hurt 'em right?

If you were anyother woman, I would all ready have you.

I would have fought the man who held you so tightly and taken you away.

But your not any other woman and I can clearly see where your heart lies, even if you can't.

You love Ol' Skinny bones and you always will.

You love him like I love you.

He might be away but I love you too much to do something you'd regret or hate me for.

So I simply watch you walk by and smile at you when you smile and great me warmly.

"Hi Logan."

"Hey Jeannie." I say as I wonder if you can hear my thoughts.

You are a telepath after all but are you trying to read my mind or is it plain on my face?

You don't answer my unasked question and perhaps you never heard it.

You simply walk passed me, leaving me wishing I was your man.

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