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I never thought you'd kill her.

I knew you were pissed but I didn't think she'd die.

I can't say that I'm sad to see her gone.

She was one hell of a witch and I suspected that she was still in league with the Hell Fire club but I guess we ain't gonna know now,

are we?

Unless you know but you won't tell

Not yet anyway.

I ain't happy to see Frost gone.

You killed her

Yer gonna have to live with that darlin'

Can you live with that?

Can you sleep at night now or will it haunt your dreams?

Can you move on or will it eat waya at you?

I ain't happy to see her gone cause yer the one who killed her.

I know what killin' does to ya.

It haunts yer dreams.

It eats you away.

It forces those you love away from you.

But this isn't what yer worried about now.

He is.

He came back with us and you two went to yer room.

That was three hours ago.

The students have come and goen from the living room where I sit, using my hearing to listen to yer conversation.

I don't meant to ease drop but its hard not to. Every now and then, everyone in the mansion can hear you.

Things ain't goin' well.

Yer cryin' again and I hate it when ya cry.

I hear you tell him to get out.

You don't ever want to see him again.

Yer hurt that deeply.

He tries to defend himself but ultimatly he slams the bedroom door and then slambs the front door and is gone.

I want to go to you but yer too upset for anythin' I can do to make a difference.

I wanna follow Scott and beat the crap out of him because he has hurt you to the point where you have kicked him out of the mansion.

You kick the leader of the X-men out of the X-men's house and, as of now, will never let him back in.

I wonder whose gonna have to explian this to Chuck? Training starts in half-an hour and yer crys ain't stoppin' anytime soon. Guess I'm gonna have to tell Ol' Charlie.

I leave the livin' room and head to Chuck's office.

I leave you.

Leave you to your troubled thoughts

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