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Swallowing as her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, Kagome made her way down the creaking stairs, her senses on edge as her eyes shifted around the room. Azure pools narrowed in an effort to make out the large, white and orange blur amongst the shadows, lips parting to let out a sigh when her attempt was in vain.

Once she reached solid ground, she scanned every corner of the old, wooden structure, curious blue orbs tracing every silhouette in search for one in particular. Slowly but surely, her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting.

Along the walls of the musty old edifice, small clusters of umbrella-topped mushrooms squatted like miniature soldiers huddled in circular formations, their white helmeted heads speckled with brown and grey flecks.

Small beetles skittered across the dirt floor near her feet, and she shuffled back to steer clear of the revolting insects.


Screaming as the shrill, sudden noise sounded behind her, Kagome wheeled around to find what she had been searching for sitting at her feet. Bending over, she lifted the pudgy cat into her arms and shook her head, eyeing the fat creature.

Souta stared cautiously to the bottom, where he could make out his sister's dim outline. Apparently, she had found Buyo.

When a strange rattling noise became present, he squinted to find the source, balking when an eerie light lit up the well house, illuminating his sister and the cat in an uncanny glow. From out of the well that stood behind her, several pairs of arms burst forth, shattering the wooden cover and grabbing her by the shoulders, tugging her backward.

Watching from afar, two sets of keen eyes observed the young boy as he dashed down the stairs, screaming for his sister.

"Well, this seems familiar," one of the figures stated nonchalantly.

"So… this is where it began," the other commented, his deep baritone rumbling through the air.

The smaller of the two nodded, turning her dazzling cobalt eyes to her partner. "Indeed, this is how it happened, how I discovered the gateway, and how I met you."

She knew it was destiny for them to be together, but that had not stopped her from coming to ensure that the young miko fell into the well. And now that her fate was sealed, she could rest at ease.

It was somewhat unnerving, since this appeared to be a cycle of sorts. That of course meant that on the day she had fallen into the well, two particular beings had been watching her from a safe distance, making certain that fate was taking the proper course.

Turning to her mate, the midnight haired female cooed, "Let's go, love, I've seen all I needed to see."

"As you wish, Kagome my dear."

Gazing at her watch quickly, the priestess squealed and shouted, "Sesshomaru, we're going to be late for Shippou and Yumi's anniversary party!"

He smiled as his mate began to panic, leaning over and kissing her gently on the forehead. She instantly calmed, and he lifted her into his arms, springing high into the air and toward their children's abode. "Calm yourself, koi, you'll shake up the baby," he teased.

Rubbing her rounded tummy, Kagome retorted casually, "After living for five hundred years, being your mate, warding off those who covet the Shikon, and giving birth to Shizukesa and Heishi... I think I can hold my own with this one."

Knowing not to argue with her when she was in one of her stubborn moods, Sesshomaru simply replied, "Of course, dear."

She was still frazzled at times, but he had enjoyed spending five hundred years with her. When she was around, there was never a dull moment. There had, of course, been other threats to the Shikon, but the majority of people who coveted it died out, leaving none to chase after the jewel. Now, in this time, it was practically a myth, which was promising news for them.

He cast a quick glance at her smiling face, grinning when he caught sight of the bewildered fascination in her eye. She had always loved it when he carried her.

It was strange, surviving through a time where the demon population shrank dramatically, and technology advanced far beyond anything he could have imagined. Kagome had not been joking when she told him that the future was a very different place. It was almost frightening at times, but with her by his side, he was ready to take on anything.


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