A New Life, Adventure and Fight (No matter how strong Willows spells can still go wonky)

A New Life, Adventure and Fight (No matter how strong Willows spells can still go wonky)

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Author note: This is an AU as well as a multi Crossover and multi pairing. I don't know if there will be OC's, there will be at least one pair of Slash or M/M pairing could also end up with a foursome, it depends on my muse. This will be my first try at a crossover story so please be kind.

First crossover is Ah my goddess, next Ranma.


In the multiverse there are many ways of evolution as well as individual paths, it is rare that one or more cross paths. It is rarer still that one or more individuals in one multiverse get to travel to one or more than one of the multiverses or to make a new home in said universe. This is a story about one such happening.

Dimension 3592.


A barn just outside Tokyo

As they watched Willow sleep with her head in Spikes lap, Ethan suddenly sat up straight looking around he knew that feeling running through him though usually it was a great deal lower in intensity, someone was coming and that someone was powerful as well as being a deity.

The others looked on curiously before Giles asked: "what are you sensing, love?" Looking back at the others Ethan said: "we have company coming, powerful company." Boring his eyes deep in to Giles' he continued "much more powerful than Janus, but from the same place."

At that Giles paled before he turned his attention to the people around him, seeing the look on his face Buffy tensed and asked "what's coming Giles? Do we need to fight it? If so how do we fight it?" As Buffy asked her questions the others grew tenser, by the time she was finished they were fidgeting. As she finished Giles felt fear deep in his bones and reacted with ferocity as he said "Leave it alone, don't attack, you could be gone in a second." From the side Xander looked at him and asked "are they really that dangerous Giles?" for once not using any of his many nicknames.

Sighing and releasing some of the stress from earlier Giles turned to Xander "not necessarily dangerous as powerful, there's a god coming Xander and a god more powerful then Janus and when you deal with gods it's best to be careful." On his other side a voice shivered as it asked "it's not Glory is it?" Dawn's voice sounded small at that moment. Smiling reassuringly at the girl he said while shaking his head "no not Glory, this one isn't of that vocation." At that they calmed down, and not a moment too soon as a small piece of something one the floor glowed and someone presided to come out.

As Belldandy stepped out of the mirror shard, she felt a tingle of demonic energy though it was faint and after a second she noticed that it was split in two as well as encased and restrained by human soul energy. Looking at the people in front of her she quickly noticed where the demonic energies came from and decided to take it up after giving the explanation.

Spike carefully shook Willow to wake her as he kept an eye one the strange woman, his demon shaking, it did not want to get too close though Spike didn't know why. But as Willow groggily sat up and looking in the direction the others where Spike felt his demon calming slightly. And it was at that point the woman started to speak.

Belldandy smiled reassuringly at them and when she felt that the Girl that had been sleeping was coherent she said "Good evening, my name is Belldandy, Goddess first class of the present, I have come to tell you how you ended up here." The girl that had just woken looked up at her with pleading eyes before beginning to speak "you can tell me what I did wrong so I won't ever do it again?" the girls eyes were tearing up as she remembered what her spell had done. Bell looked at the girl and said "there was nothing you did that caused the spell do go wrong, the reason for you being here is the fault of ONE grain of sand that got it to you herbs."

Willow, Giles and Ethan looked ascent at that information, before Willow said "but I washed the herbs I swear I did." It was Ethan that comforted the girl as he spoke "Sometimes no matter how careful you prepare your ingredients something will stick, usually that won't have any effect on the spell. However sand is sometimes used as an ingredient in spell work and as such can depending on the spell transform one spell into another on matter how small a part it is." Nodding her head as Ethan finished Belldandy continued "that one grain did transform your spell form a guidance seeking spell too a transportation spell through dimensions to someone and someplace needing help." The horror on the three spell casters as well as the fear on Dawns had her quickly going on "it was fortunate that several of the beings guiding your dimension where looking in at that moment and saw what was happening, they sheltered you from the spells damage and after getting instructions on where to send you left you here."

Oz having stayed silent until now felt that there was more to them being deposited here and asked "Why?" Cordelia nodded as she had noticed some oddities and elaborated Oz's question "Why here, what's so special about this dimension?"

"Because the ruling god here is the grandson of your dimensions ruling god." Belldandy answered.

"WHAT" came the shocked shout from ten voices, Oz simply raised an eyebrow.

Smiling at their shocked look Bell went on "it was felt by that god that you have been wrongfully hindered in your work and as such has replaced all the Oracles and Powers in your dimension and neighbouring realities, she was anything but pleased with them. Most of you will also find that you have new powers and more control over what you have as well."

Buffy was looking carefully at the goddess in front of them then something she said caught up to her. "Wait a minute what do you mean SHE?" Buffy asked "I thought the ruling god was male".

"Oh no," Bell said, "the ruling god can be either male or female, it's more like who has the most insight and power then what sex you are."

"Oh, ok, I can get that" Buffy said.

Suddenly the Buffy's cell phone rang, digging through her purse she looked sceptical at it she didn't know anyone in this dimension that had her number and she didn't think the thing worked here. Looking somewhat confused she looked up when the goddess asked "Can I answer that? It is most likely father calling." Taking one more confused look at her cell Buffy nodded and handed the phone to the Belldandy, she then whispered confusedly to Angel "Since when do gods use phones to talk to one another and others on earth?"

"Don't ask me, I didn't think they talked to one another at all unless it was 'face to face' with riddles or confusing visions" He whispered back. At that moment Belldandy pressed the end button and handed the phone back to Buffy.

As she closed the connection and handed the phone back Bell thought of the instructions she had been given, one would take care of the demonic energies and one would let them easily talk to people and get around. It was however the other instructions that had her a little uneasy, but if that was the way Father wanted it then she would do as instructed. Looking at them she began to explaining what she had been given instructions to do.

1 Hour later

A shocked group looked at each other and the changes the recently departed Goddess had done to them, some where clearly visible like Giles and Ethan's age reduction, and Xander's new eye and leaner body, but most were invisible. Like Oz's full control over the change both on the full moon and out side it, Buffy's knowledge of demons and other things should she need it, Cordelia's Vision control, Willows Spell knowledge and control, Connors weapon and fighting knowledge as well as better social knowledge, Dander's military know-how and blending of all possessions. Ethan's link to Chaos and Giles's link to Order as well as their link to one an other, Dawns Portal knowledge and spell knowledge. The most amazing however was the merger on Demon and soul of the two vampires and their ability to now walk in the sun.

Before she had left Belldandy had pulled from the mirror shard a bag, from this bag she pulled eleven other bags one for each of them and then she told them that they would find all they needed in toughs bags. As well as that they would find other talents along the way, and to not be surprised if someone felt the need to go somewhere the others didn't. As they would be drawn to places and dimensions where they would do the most good.

Walking out of the barn they looked a little unsure as to where to go until Cordelia cocked her head and started to walk the rest followed. After they had walked a few minutes they passed a sign in the road it said:


They had no idea what lay before them but as they continued to walk on a sudden feel of excitement filled them, this was exactly what they needed. And they would help what ever came their way in need of help one way or the other, as Xander said "Look out worlds and dimensions the Scooby Gang is here, and there is nothing we fear." If that was true or not remained to be seen.

Note: This is the beginning of their travels, so and that means that it I may continue the next part here as it they travel or start a new fic for the next travel destination and make a series of it. So far I don't know maybe a little bit of both. It simply depends on what I feel like.