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"Hey, you Slifer slacker!"

Jaden turned to watch the breathless, pale-faced, hematite-eyed boy jog towards him; long black trench coat trailing after the seventeen-year old's body like a servant faithfully chasing after its master.

"Hey, Chazz!" Jaden grinned widely.

"What are you so happy about?" Chazz grumbled after realizing for about the twentieth time that insults did nothing to disintegrate the brown-eyed boy's incessant perkiness.

"Nothing." That silly grin was still frozen on the teen's face.

"Well, I have something that will wipe that smile right off. Look at this."

Suddenly, Chazz sharply turned his neck to the left. Jaden gasped.

"Chazz…you got your ear pierced!"

"That's right!" Chazz smirked in accomplishment. "And, it didn't hurt at all. A real man like me can withstand any pain."

A vague memory of a drawn agonized cry bellowing across the school grounds at around midnight jostled Jaden's memory, but he nonchalantly shook it aside.

"Wow, that's awesome! It's an apple, right?"

A scarlet blush crept over Chazz's cheeks. "It's a skull, you idiot! I bet you wish you had one, huh?"

But, Jaden was still staring. Consequently, Chazz soaked up the attention not unlike an overgrown sponge.

"Yeah, it's really impressive, huh?"

However, what Jaden said next completely shook Chazz to the core.

"Uh, Chazz? Isn't that earring supposed to be on the left?"

Chazz's eyes widened in absolute horror. "Wha…? Damn it!"

Jaden sniggered. "So, is there something else you want to tell me, Chazz?"

"Shut the hell up, slacker!"

Author's Note: A short and hopefully funny one-shot. Not to be taken seriously in any way.