Greg takes Dharma on a romantic getaway in the beach. He there expresses his gratitude for all of Dharma's love.

"Come on, honey, let's go!" Greg Montgomery called as he struggled with two suitcases in the San Francisco apartment he shares with his wife, Dharma. Greg was preparing to take Dharma away for a second honeymoon and the destination was a surprise for Dharma. If only she would get her butt down to the foyer.

"Dharma! Please, it's after 3 and it takes 3 hours to get to the beach! I do not want to hit traffic!" Greg yelled.

"I am coming!" she called from their bedroom.

"That's what you said ten minutes ago," he muttered under his breath.

Dharma emerged from their bedroom, holding a Victoria's Secret bag.

"Careful, sweetie," she said. "Or I will not wear these." She took out red, silky lingerie.

Greg said, "Ok, I can be a little patient." And so he was. Dharma packed up a small make-up bag and the two sent off on their trip.

"Ok, where are we going on this second honeymoon?" Dharma asked as she and Greg drove down on Route 1.

Greg smiled mysteriously. His response was to take her hand, kiss it, and say, "It is a surprise."

Dharma gave him a fake frown and said, "Tell me, pretty please, Greg." She rubbed his arm and said, "If you tell me, I will play the Hula hoop game."

Greg smiled again and said, "As appealing as that sounds, I am not telling so don't even think of asking me." He playfully ran his hand on her leg.

Dharma just shrugged her shoulders and reclined the car seat and fell asleep. She slept for a while. From time to time, Greg would glance over and look at his sleeping bride. Gosh, she looked so peaceful and beautiful when she slept, Greg thought. He looked back to the road and thought about all those times when he watched her sleeping, whether they were watching a movie at home or just finished making love. She looked so calm and relaxed that it touched Greg's heart every time he saw her. And it made him love her more. Maybe it is because she was so at peace, she was so relaxed because she was happy with her life. She never had to worry about pleasing people or being something she wasn't. She was herself, she did her own thing and she was happy. And Greg took notice of that and began using that as inspiration for his life. Greg was always an uptight kind of guy, always had to have everything planned and organized just so. But Dharma made him sees that he was doing to please others, preferably his parents, Edward and Kitty. But Dharma opened his eyes to see that he needed to please himself and make himself happy. SO that is what Greg did. He opened his own law practice, breaking away from his dad's business. He embraced Dharma's interest in yoga. As a result, he felt more at peace and more happiness than he had ever felt before. And he had Dharma to thank for it. Looking at his sleeping wife, Greg smiled, took his hand, and gently stroked her face. "Thank you, Dharma," he whispered. He removed his hand and continued driving.

Two hours later, Dharma and Greg arrived at the destination of their second honeymoon. When Dharma woke up and saw it, she was ecstatic. "Greg, honey, this is so beautiful!" She exclaimed as she stepped out of the car. "It is perfect!!!"

What she was talking about was a beautiful white Victorian house nestled on the beach. The two walked on the front porch where there was an amazing view of the ocean.

"Greg, this is so beautiful," she said. "How did you find this place?"

Greg wrapped his arms around her and said, "Well, I told my parents that our fifth wedding anniversary and they pulled a few strings to get us this house for our vacation."

Dharma smiled and kissed Greg on the lips. "Greg, thank you so much for doing this."

"Happy Anniversary, baby," he said.

The two hugged and kissed, tenderly. Greg let his fingers run through her blonde hair, savoring its silkiness and inhaling it sweet scent. Aww, Greg loved running his fingers through her hair. He loved seeing her hair blow in the breeze. It was so beautiful, it was gold being spun into hair…and Greg loved it.

The two pulled away and Dharma said, "Yes, it is." She smiled, happily. Dharma pulled away and the two toured the house. It was just as lovely inside as it was from the out. It had a huge kitchen and a spacious living room on the first floor. The two walked up to the second floor where they found three bedrooms, a master bathroom with a claw-foot tub, and a master suite with a window seat overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful house. Greg thought it was the most romantic house he had ever been in. And he knew it would be the most romantic weekend he and his wife would ever have.