This has spoilers, so don't read it if you haven't seen the movie yet and intend to. This is a one shot.
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When did the game become real? When did it start to matter?

Dodger couldn't answer these questions. She had gotten everything she wanted. She had won the game. She had succesfully manipulated her friends and eliminated her enemies.

It had all felt so surreal. She was standing over that girl, gun in hand. She wasn't really sure if she intended on pulling the trigger or not. That was the reason she was standing there, but she had never really thought this far ahead. Sure, she had planned it all out, in meticulous detail, but it was so different in reality. Then it was like she had been watching from overhead, out of body. The girl was dead, and Dodger walked away.

Dodger didn't regret doing that. The girl deserved it. She had walked back in silence, consumed with a bizarre feeling. Not regret, Dodger had done what she had to. But she was surprised how easy it had been to do that. She wasn't really sure what she had expected, it was just one simple motion after all. She had planned it all out, but it was so weird now that it was over.

Then he came along. The new kid. He seemed so perfect for her plan, so naive and trusting. She controlled him, manipulated him into doing what she wanted. It was just a few more lies. Those beautiful lies she used to lead him on. And he followed her, never suspecting that she was really the "Wolf." He trusted her, and she took advantage of that trust.

Eventually she began to believe the lies herself. She knew it sounded stupid, but she actually had felt something for the new kid. She told herself it was all an act, but as time went on it became easier for her to believe that what she was saying was true. Maybe some of it was.

Then it was all over, as fast as it had began. He was the one who was punished, he was the one who took the fall. His only fault was his trust in other people. Misplaced trust, but there was something about his trustingness that Dodger admired. She had never been like that, ever. Sure, she used to be more trusting than she was now, now that she had been betrayed. But she had always been a rational person. If she saw a problem she got rid of it, simple as that. Couldn't Owen see that she was just a problem for him? Was he really so blind to reality?

Some people just never know when to give up. In a game like this, lives are like money. They are gambled, they are wasted, and they are stolen. Some people never know when to forfeit. How can you be so blind as to think that there can be any winners in a game like this? She had come as close to winning as it was possible, right?

Damn Owen. Why did he have to prove that she was indeed capable of emotion, just when she had done everything perfectly? Why did she have to fall in love again, knowing that was what had caused her so much grief before? It was so much harder to let go of everything when someone kept trying to hold on to her. He had stolen away her indifference, her perfect little fortress. And now, she felt so frail, defenseless, and disgustingly human.