AU, all human. Buffy Summers isn't the slayer, she's just your typical average new girl at Sunnydale High. Faith isn't the 'psycho rouge slayer' she's just a regular teenage girl wtih a bad rep and an air of myserty about her. So what will happen when our favorite bubbley newcomer catches the eye of the get some get gone queen? Hell if I know.

Buffy Summers walks up the stairs and through the large doors of Sunnydale High. There are teenagers walking all over the place, talking with their friends, getting their books out of their lockers, and waiting for the bell to sound announcing that school has begun. But there is still a good ten or fifteen minutes until then.

Buffy heads for her locker not seeing Willow or Xander anywhere. They're the only friends she's made since coming here three weeks ago. Thanks to Willow she's caught up in all of her classes and the redhead is still slightly expecting the blonde to ditch her and Xander to hang out with Cordelia and her gang. It isn't often that potentially popular people hang out with the nerds for long.

Buffy opens her locker and pulls out her math book. Math. What a stupid subject. You learn all of these formulas and for what? To never use them in real life and cause stress and anxiety taking a year or two off of your life. Well that's a really dumb concept. And if it weren't for her redheaded friend she would be seriously behind. She sighs and looks around again as she closes her locker door.

She looks around at some of the other students, scanning the hallway lazily for any sign of her friends. She sees Cordelia and her goons, some jocks, a couple of nerds, some girl studying for an English test and some of the 'bad boys'. Yep, every school has 'em, the kids that wear the leather jackets and ripped jeans and think they're better then everyone else. The ones with the reputations for being troublemakers.

Her gaze locks with one of them and she freezes. Staring back at her is the only girl in that group, the leader, the one with the worst reputation of them all. Faith Lehane. In her very short time at this school Buffy has heard so many rumors about this girl she's lost count. If she can believe the rumors that are whispered in the halls about this leather clad bad girl then she's a person to avoid.

One rumor is that when she got into a fight with Percy West she slammed his head into a locker so hard he was in a coma for two weeks and can't remember seven letters out of the alphabet. Another one is that she makes all her money by selling cocaine every other week when she goes to L.A. Another rumor is that she served two years in juvenile hall for beating the shit out of a cop when he tried to frisk her. But these are just rumors, they could very well be tall tales of the imaginations of the kids at this school. But one thing is for sure, Faith isn't the monogamous type. Nope, she's the fuck 'n run kinda girl. Or as she calls it 'get some and get gone'.

Buffy's breath hitches in her throat when she sees Faith turn to one of her friends and tell him something before leaving the group. The blonde isn't sure what to do. Faith's never come up to her before. Sure they've seen each other in class and passed each other in the hallways but they've never talked, never even waved to each other. So why is Faith walking towards her? Buffy has no idea, and she also has no idea why she was getting so damn nervous.

She clutches her book to her chest, using it like a shield, but she isn't sure why. If she can believe some of the other rumors going around the school then Faith isn't the kind of person to hit a girl, or be mean to a girl for no reason. She's definitely known as the ladies' girl. Rumor has it the reason she beat Percy up is because he was getting a little...rough with a girl and Faith saw it and did something about it. It would have been considered heroic if she hadn't hospitalized the basketball team's only hope at winning the state championship.

"Hey, you're Buffy, right?" she asks and leans her shoulder up against the locker in front of Buffy and folds her arms across her chest. The blonde stands there for a few seconds not sure what to do. There are just so many things she doesn't know about Faith, and if any of the rumors are true then Faith should be considered bad news and Buffy should just stay away.

"Yeah, I am. Weird name I know, but we can't help what our parents name us, can we?" she babbles nervously. Faith smiles a small amused smile at her. "And I usually don't talk that fast or that much in five seconds." She closes her mouth and watches as Faith's smile gets a little bigger. 'At least my stupidity is amusing her,' she thinks and shifts her weight from one foot to the other.

"I guess we can't. I'm Faith, by the way." They're quiet for a few seconds. Faith stands up straight and uncrosses her arms. "You got any plans for Friday?" Buffy freezes. 'Is she asking me out?' she asks herself. 'Am I freaked because she's a girl or am I freaked because of her reputation?' She doesn't know. She's never dated another girl before, never even toyed with the possibility, but she doesn't find herself wigged by either of those things. It was nervousness, but for a completely different reason. She shakes her head no and Faith smiles.

"Well since you're free, I was kinda wondering if you wanted to go to the fair with me. I know this is way last minute, but opening night is Friday, there'll be horrible food and smelly carnies, but I heard it can be fun when with the right company." And she flashes those dashing dimples. And Buffy is finding herself smiling back.

"Well...I'm not too sure." She watches as Faith's smile falls for a couple of seconds, but she puts it back up and leans up against the locker again. "I mean, a fair: crowded, smelly, noisy...the only reason a girl would want to go is if her date would try to win her something, say a giant teddy bear for example." She smiles one of her trademark flirtatious smiles and Faith stands up straight again.

"And I have to ask my mom of course, but if she says yes then all I'd have to do is find someone who'd be willing to try and win me a big bear, or some other type of stuffed animal." She smiles again and watches as Faith seems to be thinking about it. She very casually leans a little closer to Buffy, the blonde hardly notices until Faith starts talking and she is able to feel the other girl's breath gently brush against her face.

"How 'bout you ask your mom, and we meet tomorrow same time, same place and if the answer is yes then I'll try to scrounge up someone who'll be willing to spend an obscene amount of money to win you a stuffed bear, how's that sound?" Buffy nods her head yes and gives another little smile. She watches Faith smile wide, showing off those dimples again and the taller girl takes a step back. "Alright, see ya tomorrow, B." And she starts to walk away, leaving Buffy in a daze.

"Yeah, tomorrow," she says absently to Faith's back as the other girl walks back to her group of friends. The bell rings and all of the students start to scurry off to their classes. Buffy decides to sit in the back row of her math class that day. Normally she tries to sit somewhere in the middle of the room so she can see the board but not be in the front where the teacher will be more likely to call on her to answer a question.

But today she feels like being in the back so she can think. She could always have Willow help her with this later. But she isn't sure if she wants to involve her friends in this or not. 'No, they'll ask too many question. I'll just keep this to myself for a while,' she decides and continues to doodle in her notebook.

That night, Buffy paces in her bedroom, back and forth at the foot of her bed. She still isn't sure what do to. She can do either one of two things: ask her mom if she can go to the fair with Faith, or she can go to school tomorrow and tell Faith she asked her mom and her mom said no. She isn't sure if she wants to go out with Faith or not. She doesn't care what other people think of her so the whole Faith-being-a-girl thing doesn't bother her.

And homosexuality isn't really considered a bad thing at Sunnydale High. As long as you're comfortable with yourself people tend to leave you alone. Well, except for Cordelia and her goons, but they pick on everybody in the lower social ranks. As long as Larry is still out and proud Cordelia will back off on the rest of the out and prouds and pick on them simply for the way they dress or the way they do their hair.

But back to the point, does Buffy want to go out on a date with Faith? It's so clear that it would be a date, complete with a goodnight kiss at the end and a potential second date. And a second date with lead to a third and third dates usually lead to making out. Is she ready for all of that? Is she ready to be in a relationship?

'Ok, Buffy, calm down. One date doesn't mean commitment. And besides, Faith's reputation doesn't scream 'I wanna settle down', so I don't have much to worry about. I can do this. I can go out on a date with her. Have her dote over me for a night, get a stuffed animal, a goodnight kiss and that's it. Just one night of fun. I can do that. Besides we might not even get along.'

With her mind made up she walks downstairs where her mother is sitting at the breakfast bar looking over an artifact for the gallery. Her mom is very optimistic about settling down in Sunnydale. The divorce from Buffy's father was a rough one, so rough she had to leave L.A. to get away from all the memories. But they're slowly on their way to getting better. Buffy sighs and walks into the room thinking, 'I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.' She sits down across from her mother and clears her throat. She waits for her mom to look up and then she starts her little speech.

"Ok, mom, as you know we've been in Sunnydale for three weeks now." Her mother nods her head yes. "And as you also know I've made exactly two friends since moving here. Well, today I think I made another, and she wants to know if I can go to the fair with her this Friday. And since we're trying to start out fresh here, which involves me not getting into trouble, I thought I'd make sure it's ok with you first before I give her an answer." 'There, that was pretty good', she thinks and entwines her fingers together.

"Oh, is Willow and Xander going too?" her mom asks as if it's no big deal. Buffy can't really believe it but she has to answer this question very carefully. Her mom could either be interested whether or not they are going or she could do what parents to be and say something like 'well you can't go without them, I don't want you alone with a stranger'.

"No," Buffy says and tries to gauge her mother's reaction. "Well, I don't know. They're not going with us but they might be there." Her mother puts down the artifact and nods her head a couple of times.

"Oh, ok. Well, it's ok with me as long as I meet her before you leave. I don't want you driving around with a stranger." She gets up out of her seat and grabs her purse off the counter and turns back to Buffy. "Here," she says and hands her some money. 'Thirty bucks, what a rip,' she thinks and looks into her mom's eyes. "This should be enough for admission and something to eat. And Buffy don't waste all of it trying to win a stuffed animal. They're always dirty and usually fall apart." Buffy blushes a little because every fair she's gone to since childhood she's tried to win some type of toy and always fails.

"Alright, I won't," she says and holds back the smile that wants to creep out. 'I have someone to try and win it for me', she thinks and takes the money from her mom. "Thanks mom, you're the best." She leans over the breakfast bar and gives her mom a kiss on the cheek.

"I know, dear. Now, go to bed, it's getting late." They say their goodnights and Buffy runs upstairs. She still can't really believe what just happened. That her mother said yes so quickly and that she's actually going out on a date. Three weeks in a new town and someone's already asked her out. She does feel pretty good about herself. 'But just remember who this someone is. Someone with a reputation for getting into girls' pants and then running off. But that's not going to happen to me. Nope. I'll go out with her a few times, if the first date ends ok, and then I'll break it off', she thinks as she changes into her pajamas.