A Mer/Add One shot that I wrote during a boring lecture last week. Lol Enjoy.

Meredith couldn't believe this was the second time she was saying there words to someone. "Pick me, Choose me, Love me!" She cried in an on call room.

"Meredith, please don't ask me to do this."

"Derek doesn't love you Addison." She wept, burying her head into the crook between Addison's neck and shoulder.

"You're right Meredith, Derek doesn't love me… he loves you."

Meredith moved her head and wiped her eyes, sitting down on the bed, pulling Addison by the hands to sit down next to her.

Meredith ignored Addison's statement. "What about all the times I let you stay in my room when you couldn't stand the trailer, all those times I would spend with you, eating you out for hours?" Meredith whispered. "You're wet for me right now, I know you are." Meredith felt Addison shudder against her, "What about all those toys we bought together?"

Addison sighed, "I love you Addison."

"I thought that we weren't going to use the 'L' word?" Addison asked.

"I'm changing the rules Addison." Meredith moved to sit behind Addison, cupping her breasts through her dark blue scrubs.

"Do you have any idea how jealous I get when I see you with Derek?"

Addison moaned.

"He's so lucky, to arrive with you in the morning and leave with you at night." Addison shivered, despite the intense heat she was feeling. "I'm going to be at Doc's tonight." Meredith said, still not believing she was uttering these words again.

"Meredith, don't do this." Addison pleaded.

Meredith stood, tears in her eyes yet again. "I'm tired of being the dirty mistress, and I know you have this amazing reputation and you don't want to jeopardize that." Addison started to stand, "no, don't. I can't do this anymore Addison. I wont do this anymore. I don't really care what people say about me." Then she walked out.

She was sitting at Joes waiting for a Shepard; it seemed that she was always waiting for a Shepard.

Izzie sat next to her, trying to reassure her that Addison would show up. Izzie had busted into Meredith's room one night to find the red head between Meredith's legs. Izzie had been really supportive through all of this.

Meredith kept her eyes on the door, watching everyone come in. "I probably should have picked a quieter place huh?"

"No way! You gave her an ultimatum. She should be able to deal with the PDA if she really loves you ."

"I don't think she loves he Iz." Meredith reasoned, "she's not coming."

"Meredith, don't say that."

Maybe she does love me, but Derek really isn't the kind of guy you leave if you can help it." She said, quoting her own words, taking a shot of tequila.