Plush Kain: The Convention Adventure

Author's Note: This is one of the adventures of plush Kain; a character brought from the game to the real world via a plushie body. For more details, please read "Razzy Plush" by Smoke. This is roughly set in her universe; used with permission.


The Scion of Balance lounged on the couch of his latest fan host, his gaze rarely leaving the glare of the television. He glanced around the room and allowed himself a sneer of distaste. He disliked having to deal with the typical fanboy collections littered everywhere... "squalor" came to mind at one point. But calling one's host's abode a "hovel" was not in good taste, nor would it serve his interests to be evicted. Of the myriad of fans that had the fortune of sheltering the displaced emperor, Robert was one of the more obliging

"Hey, Kain, take a look at this," Robert called out.

Kain, the erstwhile king of Nosgoth, paused John Carpenter's Vampires and stood up. Truly, that movie became more amusing every time he saw it. Gingerly stepping over magazines and model kits, he made his way to his host's computer room/home office.

The former monarch leaned over to see what deserved such attention and found himself entertained and mildly disgusted. A female fanguild member had submitted a photograph of herself in some sort of costume. The headdress was stiff and must have been uncomfortable. The bodice was merely a swath of fabric crisscrossed over the woman's non-existent bosom and the brief skirt that would have looked attractive on someone else merely revealed the deluded soul's scrawny limbs.

"What pray tell is she supposed to be" Kain mused aloud.

Robert grinned. "The Priestess. A deleted character from the game. She supposedly worshiped you as a God."

Kain allowed himself a thin-lipped smile. "Naturally."

Robert continued, "She also wrote a story about how you and she fell in love and then she became the new Priestess of your cult."

"Oh, please." Kain snorted in disgust and then asked, "Where does this creature hail from?"


"Yes...remind me to never go there." Kain shook his head in pity. Some of his fans truly needed a life.

"But what I really called you back here for was this," Robert typed a few words and brought up a new web page. Kain lowered himself into the captain's chair beside him and read along.

"Online petition for the continuation of the Legacy of Kain series," Kain found himself mildly flattered. His fans were quite devoted. A shame they had the misfortune to also be human. "Interesting, but what has this to do with me?"

"Let me show you," Robert clicked on a link and a new window popped up. "This is GamerGeekCon, one of the newest and biggest gamer conventions in California. They are urging fans of the series to come out and camp on Eidos' doorstep to show support for a new game."

Were Kain anyone else, he would have been touched by such a strong show of devotion. Instead, he found himself curious. "I shall go to this convention of yours and I will meet with this Eidos you mentioned. I am sure I can 'persuade' him to continue to chronicle my triumphs over my enemies."

"No! Uh..." the young man hastened to explain. "Eidos is the name of the gaming company that created you-" he stopped when he saw the look on Kain's face. The vampire did not like to be reminded of the fact he was an artificial construct at the whim of the authors of the game. "Anyway, they have the final say so about a new game..."

Kain was no longer listening. "I have faced entire nations and defeated the Hylden. I refuse to be stymied by merchants who are more interested in commerce and profits than in restoring my world. I will go to this convention and lend my support. Surely the name of Kain carries great weight within the fan community and thus I will unite the fandom into a mighty force and bend my will."

Turning on his heel, he strode out to the garage.

"Wait! They'll never're...real," Robert sighed. There was no way in hell to stop much less reason with Kain once his mind was set. The best he could do was to warn a few friends in Cali to be on the lookout for Kain and hope the king of vampires didn't get himself arrested or end up in a science lab to be dissected.

Chapter One

Kain, Scion of Balance, popped a wheelie as he zoomed down the deserted highway. He gave the motorcycle he rode an absentminded pat. He had taken this vehicle from a strange spiky haired blond man who insisted on referring to him as "Sephiroth." Well, if the man was insane, he had no business on such a splendid vehicle. Kain had no doubt prevented the poor fool from doing serious harm to himself or others.

Strangely pleased with his "good deed", Kain studied the small map displayed on the cellphone a fan had given him. Truth be told, he was enjoying these useful bits of technology. Advances in science and medicine were all well and good but cellphones, computers and motorized vehicles were so much more practical. Though he was occasionally afflicted with a longing for Nosgoth, nonetheless Kain enjoyed what the modern world had to offer.

If the map was accurate, then he should reach the convention site in six more hours. That was good. He was becoming hungry and needed the adoration of his fans to feed off of.

The convention was being held at very large and luxurious hotel, Kain noted with approval. He parked his motorcycle in the hotel's parking garage, not trusting valet to do it, slung a duffel bag over his shoulder and walked to the lobby. Some tourists stopped to stare at the tall white haired man in leather pants and a matching jacket but a curled lip and a regally arched brow soon persuaded them to attend to their own affairs. They were fortunate he was using his Beguile Form ability, his true self would send them scurrying for a law official or kill them from fright. Seeing a desk marked 'Registration', he approached the clerk and gave his name as Kain.

The young woman typed a few keys and met his gaze with a smile. "Ah, yes, here you are, sir. The executive suite room 1404. The room is already paid in full and there is a convention badge for you as well." She handed him an envelope containing his badge and electronic room key and had a porter take his bag and escort him to his room.

After settling in and sampling the fruit basket provided, Kain made his way back downstairs to wander amongst the common fans.

He cautiously looked around. Several people were in costume, including a blue skinned young woman with matching hair and bikini walking with what appeared to be an Ifrit demon. Reassured, he stepped behind a pillar and allowed the illusion to drop and was gratified to see all the admiring stares in his direction once he stepped back into view. He heard a squeal and turned to see two young women holding up a sign that simply read "Kain Rules!".

Well obviously, he thought to himself and approached them. Both were dressed as Vorador's brides, but somewhat tastefully for decency's sake. Both were young and slim but one was dark haired, the other red. The effect was that of a pair of bookends.

"Hi, I'm Jessie!" The brunette reached for his taloned hand and kissed it reverently. "Rob told us you were coming! So if you need anything, ANYthing while you're here, we'd be happy to get it for you," she dropped her eyes shyly.

"I'm Aiden," the fiery haired one told him. Contrary to the popular stereotype, she seemed level headed and calm. She curtsied gracefully. "Thank you SO much for coming out here, your Majesty. I know with YOU here, we're sure to get Eidos' attention."

Kain graciously acknowledged their sentiments with a nod of his head and soaked up their devotion. He found himself feeling stronger in their presence.

"Oh! Come on!" Jessie impulsively grabbed his arm. "Ben is organizing a panel where fans can get together and discuss how to get a game made. He says he has a representative from Eidos coming. I bet if you talked to him, we could get a sequel made, no problem!"

Kain allowed himself to be led along until Aiden accidentally bumped his chest, causing his con badge to fall off his shoulder harness. Jessie scrambled to find it in the milling crowd but couldn't.

"I believe this may be yours."

Kain was about to toss a careless thank you over his shoulder but the words died in his throat as he caught sight of the person who stood there, holding out the lost badge to him with an enigmatic smile. Jessie and Aiden hissed at the newcomer, attempting to sound like fierce vampires, but in reality they resembled frightened kittens.

The monarch turned around. It was only pride that prevented him from gaping openly. He stared in disbelief. The world seemed to come to a screeching halt as he finally recovered the power of speech.