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Chapter 4: The Bet

Sakura sat on her bed in shock. She wondered what the hell just happened. She was left in a daze, Gaara's charm was extraordinary. She couldn't help but feel slightly attracted to him. She wondered whether all the ghosts were either very aggressive or perverted. They were so odd. Maybe that's what happens since they don't have much social interaction. Sakura didn't know, she didn't really care either.

Then a thought popped into Sakura's mind. Had Gaara been watching her the whole time? While she was changing? That means he saw her body. Her naked body. Sakura blushed at the thought. She was completely embarrassed now. She had to put on clothes right this instant.

Sakura was very careful about getting dressed while Gaara was in the bathroom. She tried to be quick so when he walked out she wasn't half naked. Not that it would matter, because he'd seen everything anyway. She then decided to hide her plushie and remembered that she hugged it briefly; Gaara would've seen that too. He must've thought that she was very odd.

"Oh god, how embarrassing" Sakura sighed as she opened the door and left the room. She shut the door quietly and slowly made her way downstairs to the living area. Nobody was downstairs except Neji at this point. He glanced at Sakura, no emotion on his face at all. Sakura thought about how odd he was too. And everybody else at the dorm, Sakura figured that she'd fit right in.

"Good morning Neji" said Sakura.

"You've learnt how to talk properly. Good for you" he said. Sakura wasn't sure how to take this, though she certainly wasn't pleased, she didn't like rudeness. She readied herself for a verbal attack when Neji raised his hands in surrender and spoke.

"It was a joke" he emphasised the last word.

"Oh, sorry" muttered Sakura as she hung her head in embarrassment. As Neji was sitting on the couch watching TV, Sakura decided to join him. "May I sit?" she queried to which Neji nod his head and gestured towards the place beside him. Sakura sat down and sighed. From the corner of her eye she could see him look at her with his pale eyes. She turned and returned the stare. He opened his mouth, shut it, opened it again, shut it then turned his head to watch the television once more. Sakura quirked her eyebrow, but didn't really think much about it and glanced at the TV.

"What are we watching?" asked Sakura. There was a man and a woman on the screen. Not really doing anything of consequence. They were cleaning their bedroom. Sakura noticed that the cinematography wasn't that great and the quality was a bit lax.

"It's just some random DVD that was left in the player. I was curious" he said. We both watched the movie and then suddenly the couple were kissing, then groping, then taking their clothes off.

"Um, Neji? What the hell?" asked Sakura quizzically as she turned to look at him. Neji froze, he wouldn't move or say anything. "Neji?" pressed Sakura. She then heard some sort of moaning noise, so she looked at the screen and was shocked to see the two people having sex. "Oh my god! Neji is this pornography?" yelled Sakura.

"I suppose so, It's not mine, it was just left here!" he explained.

"Quick, turn it off before anybody hears it!" said Sakura in a hushed and paniced tone.

"Oh not yet, it's getting to the good part!" came a loud voice from behind them. The two turned around to see Sai saunting towards them in jeans and a black shirt. "See?" he said. Then unexpectedly, there was a large groan and then panting.

"You disgust me" said Sakura through narrow eyes as she got up and ejected the movie from the dvd player. She then threw the dvd at Sai. He dodged with ease.

"Aww, don't be like that. You know you'd like to do that with me" he said with a seductive smile. Sakura's face contorted into a vicious glare. "Wait, Sakura.. Are you a virgin?" he asked suddenly. Sakura's face turned from furious to shock then embarrassment in a matter of seconds. "Wow, you are! You really are a virgin!" exclaimed Sai as he stifled a laugh. Sakura scoffed and folded her arms.

"There's really nothing shameful about it. I don't know why you think it's so funny. I just haven't found the right guy yet" she explained as she looked away. Sakura wondered why she even bothered to explain to that dim-witted whore. Sai chuckled and walked over to Sakura.

"It's just that you haven't found a guy that will charm your pants off. I accept the challenge Haruno" he whispered into Sakura's ear. Her body tingled with the same feeling as before, when she was with Gaara. What was with the men in the dorm, she wondered to herself.

"Actually Sakura, I think that's very commendable of you. Most girls do not value such things. It's a shame really" piped Neji. Sakura relaxed a little. At least there was somebody else who vaguely understood her and didn't laugh at her little predicament.

Then there were the sound of footsteps bounding down the stairs. Ino paraded into the lounge room and hugged Sakura. Ino was actually taller than Sakura and as she held her Sakura's feet were barely touching the ground.

"Aw, Sakura-chan I think it's cute that you're a virgin" she said. Sakura turned bright red. "Haha, your face almost matches your hair" she continued. Sakura was too embarrassed to say anything. Then suddenly Sai spoke.

"Hey Ino, I've accepted a challenge to be Haruno's first. Are you up for a little competition?" he asked. Ino quirked her brow.

"Oh really? I'd like a piece of that action" she set said slowly and buried her head in Sakura's next. Sakura felt oddly comfortable while Ino hugged her. Sakura knew she wasn't really attracted to women but, this was a bit different. Ino had a different kind of charm to them. Sakura then realised what the two were talking about.

"Hey, don't I get a say in this?" she fumed. Ino let go of Sakura finally and stood next to Sai and stared at Sakura.

"No" said Ino and Sai in unison

"So what are the conditions of the bet?" queried Ino to Sai.

"Hm well, let's see. It has to be consensual sex" started Sai. Sakura cringed at the thought. "And you can't lie about it. There must be some sort of proof. Underwear, photographs.. Video footage.." said Sai trailing off.

"You perv" spoke Ino as she shook her head. "There doesn't need to be proof like that. I think Sakura should just admit it." Sai and Ino looked at Sakura intently. She could feel her face heating up again. Sakura turned to Neji

"Um, aren't there like, rules against this?" she asked. She didn't really need two ghosts after her virginity. Neji merely shook his head.

"Oh geez, what good are you" frowned Sakura. Neji said nothing, but he wasn't offended. Sakura sighed. This was going to be a strange school year.

So then, today was the day that the bet began. So who would be the one to claim Sakura's virginity?

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