Title: Driving
Rating: PG
Warnings: Unbeta-ed, ignore character death, CRACK
Genre: Humour
Main Character(s): Kira, Cagalli, Athrun, Shinn, Rey, Lunamaria, Meyrin, Lacus
Ship(s): None.
Disclaimer: Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed, Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny, characters and places are copyright to Hajime Yate, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Sotsu Agency and Sunrise.
Author's Notes: Total crack! Wrote this in less than fifteen minutes when thinking about the drivers in this city. I can assure you that most drivers actually do drive like some of the characters here...

Kira drives like an old man or an old biddy (no offense to old men and biddies). He keeps well below 25 on the road, never goes above it, even when the truck behind him is bearing down on his tail and the driver is cursing and honking him to speed up. He just drives along merrily in that slow pace of his without much care to the long, long traffic jam he caused.

Cagalli is a speed demon. She never drives below 70, drives like she's Michael Schumacher in a Formula One race and is the one who's bearing down on your tail so close that her car might just hump yours on the highway. People who cut into her lane, even though they give the signal, will receive a loud obscenity from her and the finger. Most people recognises her car when she's barrelling down the road and hastily get out of the way less they're the ones who get barrelled into by her.

Athrun is a model driver. He wears his seatbelt at all times, even for short trips to the town. Uses his turn signal when cornering, keeps a steady pace of 45 (never below or above) and follows all the rules and traffic regulations at all times. In short, he's a rather boring driver.

Shinn scoffs at driving, prefers to ride his motorcycle everywhere. He weaves in and out of lanes and cars, not caring if he causes a pile up, tune up the bike to its maximum so that it spouts more smoke and noise to pollute the environment (he thinks the louder the better). If he gets into an accident, well... it's not his fault since you should have been watching for him and not him for you. Like Cagalli, everyone gets out his way when they see him barrelling down the street.

Rey doesn't often drive (he's been chauffered nearly all his life) and when he does drive, he tends to drive into things... or people. The last time he drove, Mwu ended up in the hospital for a week. No one really knows what had happened but it had to do with the mailbox, the house fence and the orange tree in the backyard. He now bums rides from everyone if he wants to go to town.

Lunamaria loves driving. It's the ultimate freedom on the road like the ultimate freedom in the sky when piloting her gundam. However, she isn't the safest driver around. She tends to put on her makeup when driving at 65 down the street, forgets to use her turn signal when turning and loves to race the red lights.

Meyrin drives very timidly. She's afraid to cut into lanes, afraid to come out of junctions even when the approaching car is still miles away, afraid to drive at night or in the rain. Generally, she's just afraid to drive.

Lacus, when going for a drive, likes to sit all her Haro in a row at the backseat with them all belted in like small children. Pink-chan, of course, gets to sit up front as he (she always insists on Pink-chan being a he) is her most precious ''child''. She makes eyebrows rise when she drives around town with her row of colourful Haro all belted in, the top of her car down and singing the Mia Campbell version of her song.