Just The…Three Of Us?

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Pairings: RikuXSoraXKairi, Akuroku (AxelXRoxas), and TidusXSelphie

Warnings: Okay, this story contains yaoi, a trio pairing, and confusion at times

Disclaimer: I do not lay claim to Kingdom Hearts or any of the characters. Squeenix owns that. Nor do I own Burger King.

On with the story!

Chapter 1

Too Many Crushes!

Sora's POV

We just had to move to a stupid city such as Zanarkand. I was perfectly happy in Traverse Town with all my other friends. Well, I might as well try to make the best of this and maybe I will be able to visit Traverse Town sometimes.

Sora, will you stop pouting and help carry these boxes inside?" Mom said as she walked into the house with a box of who knows what. I sighed and picked up a box full of stuff for my room.

"Cheer up, Sora! It's not that bad." Roxas, my twin, told me while searching for one of his boxes in the truck. I carried the box into the house and upstairs, setting it down in the room I chose to be mine.

As I walked back outside to the truck I saw two redheaded teens walking down the other side of the street. While they were walking our way I caught a bit of their conversation.

"…Riku said he couldn't go to the mall this weekend because he has to work." The redheaded girl was looking worried and talking to the redheaded guy. She was very pretty; I'm talkin' hott! She had blue eyes, a thin figure, and her beautiful red hair was shoulder-length.

"He really is working way too much for his own good-" The guy caught sight of Roxas who was walking back out of the house. The girl followed her friend's gaze but instead of seeing Roxas first she saw me staring at her. I quickly looked down and heard rushed footsteps crossing the street. When I looked back up, the guy was standing very close to Roxas and the girl was walking across the street, calmly, with a smile on her lips.

"Do you need help moving boxes and stuff because we would LOVE to help you!" The guy hurriedly spilled out the sentence still standing suspiciously close to Roxas. Roxas looked surprised and took a big step back and, his expression turning to uneasy, replied to the green-eyed stranger. "Umm sure, we could use some help. I'm Roxas and this is my brother, Sora." He stated pointing at me

"I'm Axel! It's great to meet you!" Axel said, his eyes never leaving Roxas.

"Gee, thanks for the introduction, Axel. My name is Kairi. It's nice to meet you both. So where did you move from? Kairi asked. So her name was Kairi. I like that name.

"We are from Traverse Town. We moved here because my parents wanted to live in a different town for a scenery change so, here we are in Zanarkand." I replied solemnly. Axel finally took his eyes off of Roxas and looked at me.

"Don't act so glum about it, Zanarkand is a great place. Hey…" He looked between Roxas and me. "… You two look a lot alike."

"Yeah, we're twins." Roxas answered.

"Oh! Are you making friends already?" Everyone turned towards my door where my mom was beaming and my dad was coming back out for another box.

"We told you it wasn't going to be hard to adjust here." My dad told me, taking a box out of the truck.

"Hello! I'm Kairi Harada and this is Axel Ogawa" Kairi introduced. Her voice is sweet and she is very polite. Well damn, I just moved here yesterday and I am already getting a crush on somebody.

"I live just down the road and Axel lives next door" She continued.

"I have a great idea! Why don't you have dinner with us? Well, we don't have much since we just got here yesterday but I can go shopping!" Mom exclaimed. I sighed. Mom could be way too hyper at times. Kairi and Axel stared at my mom as she continued. "Yay! I'll be right back!" And with that she ran into the house to get her purse and car keys. I looked over at Kairi. " I apologize for my mother. I think she has sugar running through her veins instead of blood sometimes." Mom hurried back out and hopped into her car, driving off down the street.

Kairi looked thoughtful for a second then she spoke to me. "My friend, Selphie, would get along well with your mom. She acts like that too."

"Kairi, do us all a favor and don't invite Selphie over tonight too. I can barely handle Mom when she is like this." I begged.

Kairi smiled. " Don't worry, I won't. I know the experience of having a permanently sugar-high friend hyper. After all, I have been friends with Selphie for a long time." I smiled back at Kairi while Roxas was inching away from Axel. Axel had mysteriously gotten quite close to Roxas again.

"I should go see if it is alright for me to stay over for dinner." Kairi said. "We'll be right back to help with the boxes like Axel said."

I nodded. "Ok, I'll see you soon then."

"Definitely. Come on, Axel" Kairi added, grabbing Axel's arm and dragging him away from Roxas.

"Bye, Roxas!" He said, waving to us. " See ya, Sora"

I heard Kairi grumble while she continued to pull Axel down the street. "Stop being so pathetic, we're coming right back."

I smiled and looked at Roxas. " I like them. They seem like good friends."

"Kairi's ok but Axel scares me."

Kairi's POV

I never expected to get another crush by just walking down the street with Axel. The first crush? That's Riku. He's been my nest friend forever but lately he's been more than that to me. Is it wrong to want two people at once? Well, if it is then meeting Sora has just made me do wrong.

"Roxas is hott."

I rolled my eyes at Axel's comment. "You're not going to stalk him like you did to Demyx, are you?" I asked him cautiously.

"I can't promise that."

I groaned. Roxas and Sora are gonna think Axel's a freak and I hang out with Axel. But I stopped thinking about that when I saw Riku walking down my front steps with a distraught look on his face.

"Hi, Riku!" I exclaimed, waving at him.

He looked surprised for a moment then smiled and waved back at me. I could have melted into a pile of Kairi goo. " Kairi! I was just coming over to see if you guys wanted to go out for ice cream since I can't go out this weekend."

I almost said 'Yay! Let's go!' but then I thought about Sora. "I'm sorry! I can't tonight, I am going over to the new guy's house. They invited Axel and me to stay for dinner." I felt terrible turning him down. He had looked so happy about the idea of going for ice cream.

"Oh. Ok, have fun then." He said, turning away to leave.

"Wait, Riku! I bet you could come too! His mom seemed happy enough to invite us to dinner." I said happily, referring to Axel and me.

"You sure it will be okay?"

I nodded

"Alright then." He agreed.

"Great! Let me go tell my dad." I jogged up my front steps and opened my door, giving Riku and Axel one last smile before closing the door. "DAD!" I yelled throughout the house, trying to get his attention wherever he was.

"I'm right in here, Kairi, no need to yell." He answered from the study. I walked into the room and saw him on he computer doing some type of work.

"The new neighbors invited me to stay for dinner tonight so I wanted to see if it was okay for me to go." I asked

"Of course it is. Just be home by 9 o'clock; it's a school night."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Thanks, daddy." I gave him a quick hug and then left the house again. My dad has been a bit over protective ever since…well, ever since my mother died 2 years ago. Anyway, as I walked out of the door, Riku and Axel were talking about Sora and Roxas. Actually, Axel was ranting about Roxas.

"Remember Demyx, Riku? Yeah, Roxas is going to be Axel's new Demyx, just you watch." I said walking back over to them. Riku and I laughed while Axel stuck his tongue out at me.

"He might actually like me this time!" Axel protested.

"Sure, Axel. Whatever you say. Let's go!" I replied. I wrapped my arms around Riku's and Axel's and led the way to Sora's house.

Riku's POV

My mom wasn't at home today when I got off of work and it surprised me. Usually, mom is moping around the house, whining about dad. Asking herself why he left and if he'll ever come back to us. I hope that bastard never comes back, we don't need him. What kind of man just leaves his son and his wife to fend for themselves? We barely had enough money even with him here. I vaguely wondered why mom wasn't home but I didn't think about it too long. It was actually kind of nice not hearing her crying. I don't know why she still wants him back. He used to hit her all the time but she put up with it and now she wants to have it back?

Working at Burger King is even better than being in this miserable home. But it's better not to think about it. It's better to think about Kairi. She has been my best friend since even before my father left. I have developed a bit of s crush on her but I won't admit it. Our friendship is too special and I don't want it to become something awkward.

I felt kind of bad because I had turned her down to go to the mall with her and Axel this weekend. I would have loved to go but I have to do overtime this weekend. So I was planning on taking her to go get ice cream. When I got to her house though, she wasn't home but she was walking up the street with Axel. I didn't mind if Axel came along or not; she probably would've invited him anyway. After a short conversation about the new neighbors and dinner, Kairi went inside to tell her dad that she was going to the neighbor's house for dinner. Axel decided to lecture me on how hott the neighbor is. I wasn't really listening and all I heard was that his name was Roxas and he has a twin named Sora. I was relieved when Kairi came back out of her house and got Axel to stop talking about Roxas. She linked her arms with my right arm and Axel's left like she usually does and led us about 5 houses down the street.

"Sora seems like an awesome person, Riku, I think you will like him. Axel has already informed you about Roxas." Kairi told me. As we reached the house I assumed was his, I saw a boy with spiky brunette hair and a girlish figure carrying a box into his house. He was hott. Wait, what? Did I really just think that? I haven't thought that about anybody, except Kairi, in a long time nonetheless a guy

"Sora!" Kairi shouted, breaking away from Axel and me to run over to said boy. Sora set the box down and looked out the door, smiling when he saw Kairi. Another teen that looked similar to Sora walked out of the door. I assumed this was Roxas when Axel's face lit up and he too ran over to the door.

"I brought another friend over with me but he is nothing like Selphie. Is that ok?" Kairi asked Sora.

"Yeah, that's fine." Sora answered.

"Ok, Sora, meet my friend, Riku" Kairi said, pointing at me. Sora looked to where she was pointing and I swear I saw his jaw drop. He gained his composure back quickly though and I made my way over to stand next to Kairi.

"Hello Sora." I greeted, giving him a smile I usually only use with Kairi.

"Nice to meet you, Riku." He replied, sending a smile of his own. It was extremely cute. No, Kairi's cute. Last time I checked I was straight. Get it together, Riku. We carried boxes into Sora's house until the truck was just about empty. It wasn't too tiring but when Sora's mom drove into the driveway with tons of grocery bags in the car, she demanded that we take a break. After she got done squeeing about me staying for dinner of course. She reminds me of Kairi's friend, Selphie.

"Go ahead and sit in the living room and I'll bring you something to drink. I have lemonade, tea, soda, and water. What would you like?" Sora's mom asked. I still didn't know what to call her.

"Soda." Sora and Roxas answered in unison.

"Lemonade, please." Kairi replied.

"I'll take soda too." Axel said.

Sora's mom looked at expectantly.

"I'll have water, Mrs…?"

"Hikari, but call me Amy." She chirped happily, then heading off into the kitchen. Sora led us all to his living room and we got comfortable on the couches and the floor. Kairi sat in the one-person recliner, Roxas, Sora, and me sat on the sofa across from her and Axel sat on the floor, leaning back on Roxas' legs.

"Let's get to know each other better." Kairi suggested. "What does everybody like to do?" She questioned.

"Sora and me skateboard a lot." Roxas replied first.

"I like to burn stuff!" Axel exclaimed. Kairi gave Axel a look but didn't say anything to the pyro.

"I love to sing. And I am pretty good at it I might add." Kairi said proudly.

"Blitzball is my thing." I said.

"I heard that Zanarkand has one of the best blitzball teams ever but I'm not too into blitzball." Sora piped up.

"Yep and I'm going to be on that team someday." I replied triumphantly. Before anybody got a chance to say something else, Amy walked into the room with a big grin on her face.

"Dinner is ready and your drinks are on the table. Come on!" She said, motioning for us to follow her into the dining room. We all got up and did just that to have a very interesting meal.

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