Just The…Three Of Us?

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Chapter 2

Guilty Feelings

I had three reasons to believe that this was either going to be the most awkward dinner I've ever had or the best dinner I've ever had or the best dinner I've ever had. First of all, Kairi is the hottest girl I know who has ever tried to be my friend. Secondly, Riku is the sexiest guy I have ever seen (excluding celebrities of course). Last but not least, I was sitting between the two of them. I was going to have to try really hard to focus on my food.

Mom had made lasagna, garlic bread, and a tossed salad. I thought it was really good and everyone else seemed to enjoy it as well.

"So how long have you guys lived here?" Mom questioned our guest.

"Kairi and I have lived here our whole lives." Riku said on the right of me while Kairi chewed her food on the other side.

"I have lived here for 3 years now." Axel answered.

"Oh ok so, you all know this place like the back of your hand then…" Mom continued to make small talk throughout the whole meal. I wasn't paying too much attention though; I was focusing on trying not to stare at Riku and/or Kairi too much. I couldn't help but to send furtive glances at Riku and Kairi from time to time though. Oops.

Surprisingly, the dinner didn't last too long. Mom and dad began collecting the dishes after everybody was finished eating. Kairi looked at the pink and purple watch on her wrist and sighed.

"I'm sorry but I have to go. My father expects me home soon." She said.

"Aww! Well ok, Kairi, be sure to come over again sometime soon. Anytime you want." Mom said, smiling at Kairi.

"I should be going too, I will walk home with you, Kai." Riku said, standing up from his chair. The rest of us got up too and we all walked to the door. Mom opened the door and stood out of the way.

"Thanks for coming, you three. I'll see you some other time." She said.

Kairi smiled and walked out the door looking back at us as she walked down the steps. "Goodbye, Amy. See you later, Sora, Roxas." She said.

"Later." Riku mumbled, averting eye contact with me and following behind Kairi.

"See ya, Amy, Sora. Bye Roxy!" Axel said as he bounded out the door, yelling for Riku and Kairi to wait up for him. Roxas sighed and shook his head in annoyance.

"Bye, everybody!" I yelled after them, closing the door. I turned around and gave Roxas an amused smirk. "Roxy?" I questioned.

"Call me that ever again and you better keep one eye open when you go to sleep at night." He grumbled, going upstairs to his room. I laughed as he left and started up the stairs after him.

"I'm going to bed early, Mom, goodnight." I announced to her.

"'Night, Sora" She replied, heading back into the kitchen. I stepped into my room and collapsed onto my bed. I was dead tired from all this moving-in madness. I turned on my radio and listened to some music while I slowly fell asleep. My last thoughts were about Riku and Kairi and then I slipped into slumber.

I woke up the next morning to Roxas banging on my door, telling me to get up.

"Come on, Sora, Mom said to get downstairs!"

"I'm up, I'm up!" I yelled back, sitting up and stretching. The knocking stopped and then I heard him walk away from my door. I yawned and looked around my barren room. There were boxes piled in two corners of the room, my dresser pushed against the boxes, and my night stand right next to my bed. I got out of the bed and opened my dresser drawers, which still had some clothes in it, and picked out an outfit. I took a quick shower, dressed, then made my way downstairs.

"So first let's get the living room set up and then we can all work on our separate rooms." I heard mom say from the living room. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I looked into the living room and saw mom, dad, and Roxas unpacking boxes.

"Look who's finally awake!" Mom exclaimed.

"Come help us make the living room look like it's been lived in, Sora." Dad said, making a motion with his hand for me to join them. I walked over to the nearest unopened box and tore off the tape, freeing the flaps. Inside were a bunch of decorative trinkets that looked fragile. Me plus fragile decorations equals disaster so I moved to a different box.

By 2 o' clock we had everything in the living room set up just how we wanted and the kitchen, hallway, and lounge were decorated and homey.

"I'm starving." I complained.

"Well, if you had woken up before 11 o' clock, you would've eaten breakfast with us." Roxas taunted, dodging the couch pillow that I threw at him.

"It's just a little after lunchtime so I'll make a late lunch. What do y'all want to eat?" Mom asked, leading us into the kitchen.

"What do you feel like making?" I retorted.

"How about grilled cheese sandwiches?" She suggested.

"Ok, that works for me." I said.

"Put ham in mine!" Roxas piped up.

"Mine too." Dada agreed.

"Comin' right up!" Mom chimed. After lunch, we all went to our separate rooms to fix them up with our style.

Kairi's POV

I'd chime in with a "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"
No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a-

I yawned and sat up with my fingers still on the snooze button of my radio. Nothing like Panic! At The Disco to wake a person up in the morning. I stretched as I got out of bed and padded into my bathroom to get ready for school. Twenty-five minutes later I walked out of my room, ready to grab a pop-tart and go to school. Downstairs I did just that and hunted down a strawberry pop-tart in the pantry. Munching on the breakfast treat, I slung my backpack over my shoulder, picked up my purse, and walked out the front door to meet with Riku. I only had to wait for a short time before I heard Riku's car coming down the street. I smiled and waved at him as he came to a stop in front of my house.

"Good morning, Riku!" I jogged over to his car and hopped into the front seat.

"Hey, Kai, got everything?" He asked, pressing the gas anyway.

"Yep! So do you think Sora and Roxas are going to our school?"

"Most likely but they probably won't be in any school till next week since they just moved here and all." Riku stated. We sunk into a comfortable silence for a minute that was broken by Riku laughing. I looked away form the window that had temporarily held my interest and gave Riku a questioning look.

"I feel sorry for Roxas." He answered simply, turning into the school parking lot. I laughed along with him, understanding how bad Axel could get with his obsessions. Riku parked the car and we both got out so that he could lock it. Not to be rude, but I don't think anyone would steal Riku's car. It's not much to be proud of but it is all his family could afford and I really care at all how it looks, at least it can get Riku to the places he needs to go.

"And here's Axel now." Riku said, pointing ahead of us. I looked to where he was pointing and I saw Axel running over to us.

"(1)Ohayo!" He said, stopping abruptly in front of Riku and me.

"Right back at ya." Riku replied.

"Hi Axel!" I greeted. He gave us a smile and continued to talk.

"Do you know if Roxas is going to be in our school or what?"

"Nope, we don't know anything about what school he is going to." I answered.

"Oh. Well, ok then." He said looking slightly crestfallen but his expression immediately brightened. "I have to go; Zexion wants to meet me before class starts." He then turned and made his way to the side of the school.

"Don't ditch any classes again today!" I yelled after him. He waved his hand to show he heard me.

"Come on, Riku, Tidus and Selphie are probably eating each other's faces…let's go break them apart!" I said, entering the doorway into the high school.

I sat in History class, bored out of my mind, and thinking about the morning. It turns out that Selphie and Tidus were just talking at Selphie's locker, which happens to be across the hall from mine.


"Hi, Kairi!" Selphie squealed, almost tacking me in a hug.

"Mornin', Selph." I replied, hugging her back. Riku already had his locker open and was conversing with Tidus. Selphie let go of me and I quickly remembered my locker combination as I attempted to open the lock. When my first try failed I sighed and gave Selphie a pathetic look.

"Want me to open it for you again?" She asked, knowing I was helpless when it came to opening my locker.

"Yes, please!" I exclaimed, immediately smiling again. "Thanks, Selph, I swear that locker hates me." I grumbled. "Anyway, I had dinner with the new kid down my street. His name is Sora and he is H-A-W-T hawt!" I said, lowering me voice. My locker popped open when Selphie finished the combination and she gave me a confused look.

"I thought you've only had eyes for Riku since…forever." She questioned.

"That is the weird thing. I still feel the same exact way for Riku only now…Sora's in the picture." I said sheepishly. Selphie continued to look confused as I got out the stuff I needed form my locker and shut it again.

"But, Kairi, you can't have two boys at once, That would be very lucky if you could have everything you desire." She said dreamily.

"Yeah…" I sighed as the warning bell rang throughout the school. Selphie snapped back into reality and began hurrying me to homeroom.

"Come on, Kairi, don't want to be late!"

End Flashback

What Selphie said had made me feel a little guilty because I did want both Sora and Riku at the same time. I thought about what that would be like, dating both of them, and immediately banished the thought from my mind. That would be like cheating on them and it would label me as a slut. I tried to stop thinking about Riku and/or Sora and focus on whatever was going on in the class.

The rest of the day went by slowly and just when I was contemplating the chances of me dying from boredom, the last class of the day with Riku brightens up my day. Riku smiled at me when I walked in and I took my usual seat next to him. This class was dragging on like all the others until I noticed a folded note had just been flicked onto my desk. I unfolded it and read what was written.

Hey, Kai, do you want to go to the movies tonight? I got some time off of work. Axel said he is coming. –Riku

I smiled and wrote back my reply.

Sure! Maybe Sora and Roxas could come along? - Kai

I folded up the note and flicked it back onto Riku's desk when the teacher's back was turned. A few minutes later, the note was back in my possession.

Yeah, Axel already said he was going to ask coughforcecough Roxas to come with us and it wouldn't be nice to leave Sora behind.

I kept the piece of paper this time, deciding to continue the conversation after school. Class ended soon after that and I collected my stuff, following Riku out the door.

"Hey, guys!" Axel greeted as we walked out of the school.

"Hi, Axel, want a ride home?" Riku asked. Axel had set the driver seat on fire in his own car and he was currently getting the interior replaced. He wasn't lying when he said he liked to burn stuff.

"Yeah! Thanks!" Axel answered. We all walked in a comfortable silence to Riku's car and we all got in with me in the passenger seat and Axel in the back. There was more silence until Axel got sick of it and started talking.

"So are you coming to the movies with us, Kai?" He asked. I nodded, looking back at Axel, as Riku turned onto our street.

"Pick you up at 7 then?" Riku asked me as he stopped in front of my house.

"Yep! Thanks, Riku, I'll see both of you tonight. Bye." I replied, getting out of the car and closing the door.

Riku's POV

As Kairi got out of the car, Axel climbed into the front seat.

"When are you going to admit your undying love to her so that she can fall into your arms and say 'Kiss me, I'm yours'?" He asked, demonstrating how Kairi should act by leaning on me. I shoved him off of me and felt the tiniest bit of a blush appear on my cheeks. "Here. You're home. Now get out." I said jokingly, ignoring his question and stopping in front of his house.

"Ok but you've got to tell her someday soon, buddy. Thanks for the ride. See you at 7." Axel gave me a smile getting out of the car, and waved as I drove off. I thought about what Axel said and laughed at the idea of Kairi saying 'Kiss me, I'm yours'. Axel might be right but then there's Sora.

I don't think there is anything wrong with liking a guy but I've only wanted Kairi for so long and I've always thought I was straight. It's just…weird. I parked the car in my driveway, stepping out and locking it. I walked into my house quietly, listening for any sound that would let me know that my mother was home again.

I heard quiet sobs coming from the living room and I relaxed a little, knowing that she was back. It's not that I don't care about my mom. I really do love her and I have tried to comfort her before but she thinks it's my fault that father left. I can't help her and neither does she want me to comfort her so I decided to ignore her for now.

I sighed and went to my room, closing the door, gently setting down my stuff, and turning my radio on softly. I lay down on my bed and listened to the music playing out of the radio.

I suddenly awoke, looking around my room and wondering when I fell asleep in the first place."Shit!" I whispered, quickly sitting up and glancing at the clock on the radio. Red numbers shined 6:47pm on the front of it. I rushed around my room, collecting everything I needed for the night. I picked up the car keys as I dashed out of my room and quickly rushed out of my house.

Once I was in the car I started the engine and drove to Axel's house first. He was waiting on his front porch when I drove up to his house. Hr got up quickly and walked over to me, getting into the passenger seat. Next was Kairi's house.

"Will you go get her?" I asked Axel when we were in front of Kai's house. He went to Kairi's door but didn't knock. He hesitated at her door for a minute and made his way back to the car with a piece of paper in his hand.

"This was on her door." He stated, handing me the piece of paper when he was back in the car. I unfolded the piece of paper and read Kairi's hand writing.


I will be over at Sora's house. I decided to go over there early to make sure he and Roxas were coming.

-Love, Kairi

"No fair. She gets to go spend more time with Roxas than I do." Axel said

"Don't worry, Axel, I'm sure you are going to be stalk- I mean, hanging out with Roxas a lot." I laughed and blocked a hit he had sent my way. We slowly rolled up to Sora's house and Kairi, Sora, and Roxas were all laughing and talking on the front steps.

"Look, guys, its Riku! Let's go!" Kairi said, pointing at me. "Hi, Riku! Thanks for picking us up." She greeted as her, Roxas, and Sora filled up the back seats.

"Buckle up!" Axel said as we left Sora's house.

"What is a good movies in the theater right now?" Sora asked.

"Selphie said Happy Feet was a good movie. She forced Tidus to go see it with her last weekend." Kairi replied, giggling.

"Of course Selphie would like it; it's got 'cute little penguins' in it." I retorted.

"What else?" Roxas persisted.

"I heard Deck the Halls wasn't a good movie. Santa Claus 3 doesn't interest me…" Axel counted off thoughtfully.

"Let's see Saw 3!" Roxas exclaimed. "I hear it is the best out of all three!"

"Yeah!" Sora agreed.

"Sounds good to me." Axel said.

I just shrugged. I like horror flicks and everyone else seemed to want to see it. Well, except Kairi. She looked a little anxious.

"Umm, are you sure there isn't anything else you all would rather see?" Kairi asked nervously.

"Don't worry, Kai, you have all of us to be there with you. There should be nothing to be scared of when you have us there." I assured her. Sora patted her shoulder for extra comfort and she relaxed a little at my words and Sora's touch.

"Ok, count me in." She smiled at all of us as we all cheered, hopefully making Kairi feel even better. By this time we had made it to the cinema and parked as near to the front as I could. We all unloaded from the car and made our way to the front to get our tickets.

"Perfect! They have Saw 3 playing at 7:20." Sora told us, looking at the list of movies that were now playing. We all bought our tickets and entered the place.

"I want popcorn and soda." Kairi said. "Who wants to wait in line with me?"

"I will, Kai, I would like to have popcorn and a soda too." Axel volunteered.

"Ok, you all go save seats for us and I will buy a big bucket of popcorn in case any of you want some during the movie." She said, taking her place in line with Axel right next to her. Sora nodded and led us to the screen that Saw 3 was showing on. The place wasn't too crowded and we easily found room for the 5 of us close to the top row. It wasn't long before Kairi and Axel appeared in the room and Sora and I waved our hands, grabbing their attention. Kairi was sitting between Sora and me while Roxas had a seat next to Sora and Axel occupied the space next to Roxas.

"You weren't lying when you said you were going to get a big bucket, Kairi." Sora said looking at the large popcorn container.

"Yep and I got an extra large drink with 3 straws so that we can all share that too. Nobody backwashes right? I hope not." She said, holding the popcorn in her lap since she was in the middle of us.

"Axel got a smaller one so that he can share with Roxas but he got Roxas his own drink instead of sharing. I think he is going to be better with Roxas than he was with Demyx." Kairi whispered to me, laughing a little.

"Thanks, Axel, but you really didn't have to." Roxas said with an uneasy look.

"Don't worry about it. I wanted to." Axel replied, giving Roxas a smile.

"Shh it's starting!" Sora whispered excitedly, staring at the screen with wide eyes. The movie started out good and was much gorier than the first two. Around the middle of the movie I felt a shaking hand take a hold of my own and I looked down to see Kairi gripping mine and Sora's hands with a death grip. Sora was squeezing Kairi's hand back comfortingly. I looked back down at my own hand linked with Kairi's and began rubbing soothing circles on the back of her hand with my thumb.

There were a lot of moments where Kairi would squeak and hold onto my hand tighter but she held her own and continued to watch the movie till the end. When the credits finally hit the screen, Kairi sighed with relief and her grip on my hand got much lighter but she didn't let go of my hand nor Sora's.

"That was awesome! I'm so glad I got to see that movie!" Sora exclaimed when we were all out of the theater. Kairi was still holding our hands as we slowly walked to my car.

"It scared me shitless." Kairi said but smiling nonetheless. "Although I am glad I wasn't there alone." She added sending a gracious smile to Sora and me.

"I thought it was a lot more clever than the other two. I can't believe the ending hinted towards a 4th one!" Roxas said, walking close to Axel who was currently beaming at the fact that Roxas was warming up to him.

"Those movies never get old" Axel said. "And don't think I didn't hear you squeak and wince in fear at that one point in the movie, Roxas." He teased. Roxas smacked his arm lightly and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I did not!" He said. Kairi released Sora's hand along with mine as we all laughed and got back into my car, settling down from the events of the movie. The drive to Sora's house was quiet but a comfortable silence.

"Riku, park your car so that we can all go inside my house. Mom told me to invite you all in so that she could ask all of us how the night was." Sora said as I stopped in his driveway. I did what he said and once again we all got out of the car and walked up to Sora's door. As we approached the door, Amy opened the door quickly with an excited look on her face.

"Hey guys! I have a great idea! Why don't you all spend the night tonight? It will be fun!" She exclaimed.


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