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Nakushita Kotoba

The cloud nin flocked to see the Konoha ninja enter the village. This party included the very travel-worn Hokage, the rookie nine, team guy, the sand sibs (who were in Konoha and wanted to come too!), their senseis and Iruka. Oh, and of course Shizune.

As the… group (?) were about to enter the Raikage tower, they saw a most interesting sight. A girl no older than the rookie nine was chained up to a post outside the said tower.

"I wonder what she did…" Iruka asked a rhetorical question, figuring the girl had committed a crime of some kind.

"Probably petty thievery," Kakashi figured aloud.

They watched, waiting for people to move so they could enter and they saw a man approach the girl and untie her from the rope, holding it in his hands. He then looked at Tsunade and his face went pale.

"Show some respect!" he shouted at the girl, making the whole street of people become to stare at him. The man pulled a whip like object and beat the girl who fell to the floor.

"Bow!" he commanded, and the girl didn't waste anytime obeying.

"Please pardon her; she is just a worthless eta." He said the last word so icily, many of the townsfolk flinched.

"She's a… slave?" Iruka gulped, looking at the girl sprawled out across the carriage way. When she finally stood she locked eyes with Tsunade, but many of them could see epitomes of fear and pure terror streak across them. The man noticed her lingering eye contact with the Hokage.

"Say you are sorry!" the man squealed like a pig. After seemingly remembering something, he pushed the girl back into the dirt, stomping on the back of her head so she literally ate dirt.

"Her eyes…" Shizune whispered as they entered the overly-crowded tower.

Once inside it was strictly business, but when that part was over…

"Please send for Yamamoto," the Raikage ordered his apprentice it seemed.

Moments later, in walked the pig squealing man and the girl.

"I'll leave you to do business, Yamamoto." And with that, the Raikage stepped gracefully out of the room.

"Now, Hokage-sama, I would like to do business with you to finalise the treaty!" the man that could only be described as greedy rubbed his hands together. "I would like to sell you this worthless girl!"

Tsunade thought she might vomit from the happiness in his voice.

"You mean I'd be buying her freedom?" Tsunade almost choked on her words.

The man's face fell. "Well I was going to sell her to you as your personal slave, but you may do what you want with her afterwards. She won't be my problem then," Tsunade thought she heard him whisper the last part. She turned to the other ninja's, all of whom were looking pityingly at the girl, who was being forced to eat dirt once again.

"Take her," Shizune urged her… idol. Tsunade had no choice.

"How much?"

The man seemed pretty pleased with himself as he wandered out of the tower.

"So, what is your name, onna?" Tsunade asked, looking the wimpy looking girl over again. The girl it seemed had frozen. Her eyes were wide with the same fear she shown in the marketplace outside.

Before Tsunade could ask what was wrong, the girl had fallen to her knees and was bowing. Tsunade definitely did not expect that.

"Uh, miss?" Tsunade knelt down beside the girl to touch her hand. Upon feeling touch, the girl jerked upright and held her hand close to her chest.

"Do I scare you that much?" Tsunade asked more worried than she'd intended to sound. No answer. Not even a simple nod or shake.

"Do you have a name?" Shizune cooed to the frightened girl.

"Ichi kyuu go!" the girl yelled as she fell back into her bow.

Iruka was confused. Ichi kyuu go. 195.

"I'm guessing that is her number, Tsunade-sama," Iruka proposed aloud.

Tsunade stood a moment in thought, considering the reason.

"Slaves usually have numbers, not names, so that must be her number in the slave order…" Iruka explained in more detail.

Tsunade looked at the girl, whose sea-coloured eyes were staring into her own.

"Ichi kyuu go?" Tsunade repeated to the girl, who merely bowed her head in response. "Can you say anything else?"

The girl didn't move.

'Guess not…' Inner Tsunade sighed loudly.

"We'll have to give her a name for now, won't we?" Shizune looked to her fellow ninja's who all nodded furiously in agreement.

"But what to call her? All she can say is ichi kyuu go!" Asuma pointed out the by now very obvious.

"Maybe we could pull those words together to form something… Chikyugo?" Kakashi nearly laughed at the name Rock Lee had come out with.

"No… How about… Chiyuko?" Kurenai voiced, startled at how odd it sounded.

Tsunade thought that would be the name that would stick.

"It is decided. Chiyuko it is!"

The girl, now christened Chiyuko, looked at around at everyone, wondering why they all were raising their fists. Maybe they were going to beat her?

Chiyuko bowed again, so low and so quickly that her head made a light banging noise as it hit the floor. Kakashi stared at the girl.

"My bet," he began. "Is that she grew up as a slave. I bet she has no education either…"

Gai looked at the helpless girl. "Maybe someone could teach her?"

Everyone spun around to look at Iruka.

He blushed brightly. "W-Why me!?"

"Because you're a teacher, Iruka-sensei," Kakashi teased, smiling and dragging out the "sensei" at the end of his sentence.

Sakura than had a good thought.

"Where is she going to stay?"

Tsunade's grand master plan of taking in a slave wasn't going as well as she thought.

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