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He knew he had it pretty good, really good. Things were going so well for him, life was perfect. He had a beautiful wife and three wonderful children.

But there was a downside, and he had just discovered it recently. The direct result of the problem he had at the moment, he loved Hermione. He loved her a lot, and he loved showing her. And right now he really wanted to show her how much he did. And here lies the problem. He had shown her in the past how much he loved her, and he now had a family. A family that was always there, when he woke up, they wanted to their mum and dad. All through the day they demanded and received all the attention they desired.

There was nothing he loved more than being a father, and having his own family. But right now, there was nothing else that was as important as getting some alone time with Hermione, a little one on one. He was getting desperate, he thought he had the perfect chance earlier. They were all at the Burrow for lunch, and Hermione had disappeared into the pantry for one thing, and he saw an opportunity. But she wasn't too keen on a little bit of a snog in the pantry, and she did have a point, for his father walked in right after he did.

Right now he sensed a chance, the house was quiet. All the kids were in bed, it seemed perfect. He rushed through a shower, knowing exactly how he would be received if he didn't. No promises of showering together after ever weathered that storm. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he walked into their bedroom. He could see her lying with her back to the door, hoping she was still awake, he dropped the towel and slid in next to her, cuddling up behind her. Leaning over her slightly to see if she was awake, he knew he wasn't going to be in luck tonight.

The youngest, his little boy, was teething at the moment, and more than a little fussy lately. Seemed Hermione decided he needed to sleep in with them tonight. Seeing them cuddled up together, well it made the sacrifices worth it. And there was always tomorrow night.