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The Oceans Love

The waves constantly rocked the ship, and the wind tossed and turned the sails as we headed home to our kingdom. "Woof Woof!" Howled Shadow as he jumped up on the railing beside me.

"Good boy." I smiled and petted his dark black coat. "Did I mention you did a superb job on that prince." I laughed and he barked. "Ah, the ocean is beautiful." I smiled.

"But also dangerous my lady." Said a crewmember sorting the fish they had just caught.

"The ocean can't be all bad." I smiled looking out at the setting sun.

"But it can, my sweet child." Smiling a man walking up to me.

"Daddy." I smiled and turned around to hug him.

"Crystal, I'm still upset that you didn't choose that prince, what's going to happen to our kingdom if there are no heirs to the thrown." He said running his fingers threw my short blond hair that was identical to his.

"But daddy, that prince, oh I can't describe it, but he didn't have that, special something." I said moving across the deck to the other side and looking out at the dark colors in the clouds. I sighed, "He doesn't need to be royal, or rich, as long as he's nice, sweet, and loving, I wouldn't have it any other way." I smiled leaning against the railing.

"I know Crystal, your mother was like that when I met her." Laughed my dad.

"Then you should understand how I feel then." I said looking up at him.

"I do sweetie, let's forget about it and get ready for your 16th birthday party, alright." He smiled and rubbed a hand threw my hair again.

"Okay dad." I smiled. "Come on Shadow." I said and he ran over to me following me below deck and into my cabin.

The deep sea

"Kuro, are you sure this is a good idea?" Asked a sea turtle.

"Of course it is, come on, it's this way." He said and swam over a cavern and stopped at a rock hiding behind it.

"Hey, wait up Kuro!" Yelled an octopus following the turtle.

"Shh!" He said to both of them. "If you want the sharks knowing we're here, be my quest, but if you don't, be quiet." He said and kicked his fin and swam over to a pile of broken wood with the turtle and octopus following him.

"How much further is it?" Asked the turtle.

"What do you mean, there it is." He smiled looking at the sunken ship as the sun shined on it.

"You mean, we're going in there." Asked the octopus.

"Duh." Said Kuro and swam over to a broken window and looking inside as the others followed.

"Kuro, don't you think its dangerous, sharks are always near by." Said the octopus.

"Listen, there's no trouble, besides, it's more exciting." He smiled and swam in with his little bag.

"Wait, Kuro!" Said both the octopus and turtle. The octopus swam in and the turtle was about to when his shell got stuck. "Oh no, Kuro, Chris, help." He said.

Kuro laughed a bit and swam back, "Crush, you won't be able to fit." He smiled petting his head, "Oh, theirs a hole below the window, try making it bigger, Chris, help him." Said Kuro.

"Right." Said Chris and both him and Crush broke the wood making it accessible. "I'm in now." Said Crush.

"Good, now lets look around." Said Kuro and he swam over piles of shredded wood and searching rooms.

"Hey Kuro, what are we looking for?" Asked Chris lifting seaweed and looking around.

"Something new, that humans had." He said and spotted a glint of silver shine on the floor over by a window. "Ah, look at this." He said and lifted the object up in his hand.

"What is it?" Asked Crush.

"I don't know, maybe we could ask that seagull what she may know about it." He said and put it in his bag.

"Good idea." Said Chris.

"Humans are such fascinating creatures, I want to know all about them, do what they do, eat what they eat, all that stuff." He said picking up a leather strap that had a long steel type thing attached to it.

"And you merfolk aren't." Joked Chris, "Come on, humans aren't that special."

"Yea, and we should be getting out of here." Said Crush.

"Why?" Asked Kuro.

"Shark approaching!" He yelled as a great white shark bashed in threw the window trying to bite him. "Ah!" He swam toward Kuro and bashed right into his stomach.

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