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Chapter 10

They walked up to the back door of the castle where it was unlocked. "Follow me." Said Crystal and Kuro nodded, following her through the kitchen and out the door. They were about to make it up the stairs when a loud bark was heard and two pairs of footsteps running toward them.

"Woof!" Barked Shadow jumping on Kuro making him fall to the floor.

"Shadow!" Said Crystal and started to pull him off of him when her farther came to the top of the steps.

"Crystal, where have you been!" He asked.

"I-I went to the beach, when I saw this boy, from my window!" She said quickly looking at Kuro and he nodded as she pulled Shadow off of him.

"Really, if that were true, why were you missing for 5 hours?" He asked and she laughed slightly.

"Guess you caught me there." She smiled.

"Thought so." Said Fai and he looked at Kuro. "What's your name?" He asked and Kuro shook his head a bit pointing to his voice.

"He can't speak dad. But from what I asked him on the beach, he was shipwrecked. He lives across sea. No one survived, and he's alone. I didn't get his name." She frowned.

"Hum, I see." Said Fai. "Well, we'll just have to give him shelter then." He smiled and ruffled Kuro's hair a bit. "Why don't you go and get changed for supper Crystal, and I'll get this one ready." He said looking at Kuro.

"Okay." She smiled and started to go up stairs before turning back to wave to them before running toward her room.

"Alright, why don't we find you a room to stay in." Said Fai and he turned walking down a hallway and Kuro followed with Shadow beside him.

They stopped at a large door and Fai opened it. "This is a guests bedroom, it has one of the best views of the ocean, and its more suitable for you since it is boy colors." Said Fai walking in and he opened the curtains letting the sunlight enter. "Sora, Riku!" He called and then two men in suits walked in and bowed.

"How may we be of service, Fai?" Asked Riku.

"This young man is going to be staying with us, if you could get him bathed and tailored for supper, and get a few extra pairs of cloths, that would be great." Said Fai.

"Yes sir." They both said and started to get to work by ushering Fai and Shadow out of the room, then taking his measurements, and Sora started to work on an outfit as Riku washed Kuro.

"It's nice to have guests in the castle again." Said Riku pouring some water on Kuro's head to get the soap out. "Ever since our queen died, there have been none, up until now that is." He smiled.

"That's right." Said Sora walking in with a suit. "Have him change into this once he's dried up." He said. "I'm still working on a few other sets of cloths." He said.

"Sure thing." Smiled Riku and continued to wash Kuro till he was clean. "There, that should do. Get out." He said and Kuro stepped out of the tub almost slipping on the floor. Riku handed him a towel and he wrapped it around this waist as Riku dried off the rest of his body.

"Okay, I got 7 sets of cloths done and- Riku! Why isn't he dressed yet!" Yelled Sora.

"He was more dirty than you thought." He said and helped Kuro into his outfit, which consisted of long black pants, a white shirt, and black tie. "There, good as new." He said and ran his fingers through his own hair.

"I'll say." Said Sora and handed Kuro the shoes. Kuro slipped into them and Sora tied them. "There, you're all set for dinner now." Smiled Sora.

Kuro bowed slightly to them when Shadow ran in through the door toward him.

"No, Shadow." Said Riku and was about to grab him as he jumped toward Kuro, when Kuro caught his paws and held him up a bit before letting them go and he landed back on his front feet before sitting and Kuro petted him.

"My, I've never seen Shadow take to anyone like him." Said Sora.

"I know, maybe its destiny for our princess." Said Riku as he and Sora led Kuro and Shadow to the dinner hall room. There, another servant opened the door and escorted him to the table where Fai stood by the window looking out at the sea holding a wineglass.

"Lord Flowright, our guest." He bowed.

"Thank you Tidus, please ring for Crystal to hurry." He smiled.

"Yes." He said and nodded leaving.

"Lad, why don't you come here and enjoy the view with me." Smiled Fai and Kuro walked over to him and stood by him. He looked out the glass window and spotted the sun halfway missing from the water and turning the clouds different colors like the shells he'd find in the reefs. "Lad, you see that setting sun?" Asked Fai and Kuro nodded. "My wife, died last year on her boat. She was traveling to find different styles of painting and drawing. She learned one from across sea, and the crewmembers that survived from the shipwreck said she painted a beautiful picture of the sunset. She's always loved the sunset, but no matter what she tried, she could never get it right. I guess she learned how to though across seas, but that night she sank with her ship, and the painting went along with it." He said and took a sip of his wine. "I guess you could say we eat here cause the sun is shining in the room, but more in memory of my wife, and Crystal's mother." He said.

Kuro nodded and was about to look back out the window when he heard the door open. He turned to it and saw Crystal walk in wearing a simple blue dinner dress that matched her eyes, and she wore her hair back as much as she could, letting bangs hang over her eyes. He was about to walk over to her when Fai moved first. "Crystal, you look lovely tonight." He smiled placing a gentle hand on her face.

"Thank you dad." She smiled and he walked to his seat at the table and she walked over to Kuro. "Hello." She smiled. Kuro smiled back and gently moved a piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear. "Oh, thank you." She smiled. "You look nice too." He nodded and then escorted her to her seat and pushed the chair in for her slightly and then moved around the table and took his seat across from her.

"So, you come from across sea?" Asked Fai placing his wineglass down.

Kuro nodded and looked out at the sea.

"You must have come from a far distance, you don't look like any people we've seen." Said Fai as servants brought out the salad and placed them in front of them.

"Dad, I was thinking of taking him around the kingdom a bit." Smiled Crystal.

"What a wonderful idea." Smiled Fai, "show the lad around, get to know one another." He smiled.

"Yea." She smiled and looked over at Kuro and he smiled back. They ate the salad and soon the main course was brought out, chicken, and different veggies. Kuro ate slowly, taking in the new taste and enjoying it.

After dinner, Crystal escorted Kuro around the castle and showed him the flower garden. As they walked along the patio and passing many different scents of flowers Crystal stopped in front of a flower and knelt down in front of it. "Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?" She said aloud and Kuro nodded to himself. "This was my mothers favorite flower, the Lilacs." She smiled and plucked one and brought it to her nose.

She smelt it then brought it to Kuro's nose and he smelt it. He smiled and she took the flower back and held it close lightly rubbing a petal with her finger. "Before my mother left, I remember she smelt of her flower garden, especially the lilacs. She told me she'd come back to me once she learned all she could, so I waited. I waited here with my farther. I visited her garden everyday, just so I could remember her scent. Even now I believe she's working on her flowers, though I know she isn't." She said and walked over to a stone bench by a fountain and took a seat.

Kuro followed and took a seat beside her. He sat silently and looked down at her slightly as she fiddled with the flower in her hand. "It's funny, I feel like I met you, but I don't even know your name." She said.

Kuro smiled and slightly shook his head. "Alright, I'll guess." She said. "Alex?" He slightly shook his head no. "Brendan?" No. "Hum, Chris?" No. "Daniel?" no. "Eric?" no. "Ian?" no. "Joshua?" no. "Leo?" no. "This is harder than it looks, can you give me a hint?" She asked.

Kuro looked around then spotted Selphie sleeping in a pond and pointed to it. "Hum?" She looked and saw the seagull. "What's a seagull doing in the garden, they never come here." She said and put her flower down and stood walking over to the pond and startled the seagull that took off flying toward Kuro and landed in the tree above him.

As Crystal made her way back, he looked up at Selphie. "What you want sugar?" She asked.

"Sorry about that, mom would never want a seagull in her garden, now what about that hint to your name?" She asked.

"Oh, I see." Whispered Selphie and Kuro nodded both to her and Crystal.

"Really?" She asked and Kuro nodded again, "What is it?"

He pointed him and Selphie spoke quietly. "Kuro.

"What was that?" Said Crystal and she looked around.

"Kuro." Whispered Selphie and she looked at Kuro who nodded.

"Your names Kuro?" She asked and Kuro smiled.

She smiled back. "Kuro, I would have never thought." She smiled. "Come on Kuro, we have a big day a head of us tomorrow." Smiled Crystal getting up and taking his hand. He held it slightly tight in his and followed her back inside and he brought her to her room. "I'll see you tomorrow Kuro, will you be able to find your way back to your room?" She asked.

Kuro nodded. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then." She smiled and waved slightly closing her bedroom door, and Kuro walked back to his room.

-Crystal's room-

Crystal smiled leaning against the door, "Kuro." She whispered.

"Ah, my lady. You've returned." Smiled a girl walking out of the bathroom. "I've filled the tube for you." She smiled.

"Thank you Kairi." She said and walked past her and into the bathroom. She striped and got in sighing. "Ah, thank you Kairi."

"Your welcome." She smiled picking the cloths up and putting them in a hamper. She then got a towel and a wooden bucket of supplies. She put them by the tub, then helped Crystal wash. "How was your day my lady?" She asked.

"It was wonderful, I had so much fun. Even though Kuro can't talk, he's so, special. I think I'm in love." She blushed.

"My lady!" She said and accidentally dropped the brush into the tub. "My lady, this is wonderful news." She smiled.

"Thank you Kairi, but please, it's a secret. I still don't know how he feels." She said taking a hold of her hands.

"I will my lady." She smiled. "I'm so happy for you too." She said softly.

"Thank you." She smiled. Crystal finished washing and got out and changed into pj's after drying and brushing her hair. Kairi left for the night to her room, and Crystal soon fell asleep as well.

-Kuro's room-

Kuro walked into the room when Riku and Sora soon ran up to him. "Your back late, we thought you got lost." Said Sora.

Kuro smiled and shook his head slightly. He looked out into the garden threw his window and Riku followed his gaze. "Ah, Crystals favorite place, of course." He smiled and hit Sora over the head.

"Ow, that hurt you know." He said rubbing his head.

"Don't you see, Crystal never lets anyone into the garden, just her farther and the gardeners, this lad though, Crystal must already have a liking for him." Smiled Riku.

Sora looked like he was thinking a bit. "Your right, why didn't we think of that sooner!" He laughed and they each hooked an arm around Kuro's. "Come along, time for a bath then bed." Said Riku and both he and Sora help Kuro bathe and changed him into Pj's and sent him to bed.

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