Chapter 1---A Thirst For Blood

Nikki watched Sam cautiously walk through the back alley, she watched carefully, she had been watching for a while, today was the day. Sam would be hers, she yearned for him, felt his powers, feel and taste his blood in her mouth. Nikki couldn't wait any longer she had to make her move; she ran to him and lunged.

Sam feeling someone watching him turned in time to see her come at him and he readied the machete to attack. She quickly threw him against the wall holding his right arm against the wall so he couldn't attack. She smiled, revealing her fangs, Sam drew in a deep breath to scream for Dean but she sunk her teeth deep into his neck and bit hard, and than harder. Placing her hand on his shoulder she pressed closer to Sam's chest, she always became excited when she felt her victim's heart rate increase to make-up for the lost blood and then to slow down, she bit even harder.

Sam didn't feel pain, there was no pain this was pure pleasure. Was this how it felt to be bitten? He couldn't explain the sensations he was feeling, he was excited, wanting, connected to her, he wanted her to steel all his blood, leave him dry and dead in this forsaken alley. He released the machete, and her hand reached and held his. He whispered "Take more, it's yours" She stopped and looked at him, he was the one. Nikki had taken many men, but he was different, he wanted her and she could feel his powers. It surged inside of her holding and empowering her. Taking her index finger she seductively wiped her blood soaked chin and feed it to Sam. His lips closed around her finger and sucked and drank his own blood. It was sweet and had an energy that brought his senses alive, awakening him. Then Nikki opened her shirt a little and brought Sam's mouth offering her blood, her energy so they could be one. Sam bite her but didn't break the skin, she pressed on his head forcing him to take it. Sam bit hard, than harder, and his drinking was merciless, he was hungry but it was more than she could take.

"Stop you must drink a human" Sam released, he had a crazed hungry look in his eyes and she knew he would be a vicious vampire and they were meant to be together.

"I'm so hungry" Breathing deeply the new sensation of drinking blood had awaken a part of him he always feared but now he longed for more blood and was willing to do anything to get it.

"Let's find your brother." Sam smiled he didn't care he wanted to quench his hunger "Young blood tastes sweet, it has an energy, a power like no other. Your brother would be the perfect first kill."

"NO!!! You bitch what have you done to me" Sam was trembling, what had he become? He could never hurt Dean

"You can't fight your hunger Sam; it's too powerful even for someone as powerful as you."

Sam let out three big harsh breaths, and with each breath he became more tempted, hungrier, and a smile on his face grew, he would feast on his brother.

"Sam, Sam where are you?" Sam smiled and wiped his mouth with his sleeve and walked towards his first victim.

"Dean hey, I saw her, she's brutal. She isn't like the others; I saw her drink a man just over there." Sam pointed to where he just came from.

"Why the hell didn't you stop her?" Dean questioned angrily; he couldn't believe his brother allowed a vampire to drink a human.

Sam turned and smiled "Because I was enjoying it too much" Dean's face turned pale and Sam pinned him to the ground.

"SAM NO!!! You got to fight it" Dean yelled hoping it would shake him out of this freak spell he was in

"Why fight what you are? I already drank" He lifted his arm to show the blood he wiped off earlier and dug deep into Dean throat. Sam bit hard, pain searing, the drinking was pure torture, and Dean could feel his heart rate increase, all he could do was to look up as Nikki kneeled down placed one hand on his head and the other on Sam's shoulder. It was just as exciting to watch as it was to drink. Tears ran down Dean's face as his eyes glazed over, Sam raised his head and looked at his dead brother proud of what he had done. He was no longer a human, the hunger had defeated him and the victory was glorious.

Sam walked home just in time to miss the sun rise, closed the drapes and picked-up his phone.

"Hi dad, how are you? Me why I couldn't be better, you see something happened last night and I thought I would share it with you. I met this girl, she was really cute, oh man those tits where to die for." Sam laughed

"Anyways daddy dearest she bit me, she bit me hard, and then harder. I drank, couldn't help it, actually I'm lying I wanted it. I never wanted anything in my whole life so much. But here is the clincher I wanted more, I needed a victim and then along came Dean. Oops, I wasn't supposed to do that right." Sam laughed again

"All well, daddy dearest, you do know what is best don't you. I would never have been there if you never taught me to be hunter, Dean never would have been there if you had not taught him nothing but hunting. Sooooo, I guess father does know best" A short pause

"I'm coming for you father and I will torture you more than I tortured Dean. Bye for now can't wait to see you again." With a huge smile on his face Sam hung-up.