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Missouri was awoken by a pounding at her door she sensed it was John and he was in distress. Missouri opened her door and was shocked she sensed his pain, but she wasn't ready for what she saw, John was a broken man, she never seen him like this.

"Sugar what happened?" John looked at her "Oh my god, Sam did this to you" John nodded.

The psychic took John upstairs to her guest bedroom and nursed him back to health for the next few days, working while he healed on a cure for Sam. Three days later Sam was at her door

"Hello Sam, I know what you are" She said trying her best to keep her fear at bay.

"Then you know not to screw with me, where is he?" He said with hatred in his eyes, he was going to rip his father apart as slow and as painfully as he could. Maybe he wouldn't kill his father, maybe he would just find the demon and hand him his father. He smiled as he thought of all the ways he would torture him.

"He's in the back room." Letting Sam into the house she leaded him to the back room she turned to speak to him. "How could you Sam? How could you do those things to your father and brother?"

Sam had annoyed look on his face "Why does everyone keep asking me that? I am a Vampire, I suck blood from humans, I twist their minds to make them believe whatever they want to believe, I will rip my father into small little pieced. What I did to Dean" He smiled remembering the wonderful memory of his first feed.

"What I did to Dean is nothing compared to what I am going to do to my father."

Sam started to have a hungry look on his face. "Do know what I am thinking right now?"

Missouri sensed that he was hungry and she ran into the back room and he followed her. Sam was so hungry he didn't register the arrow in his gut until a few seconds later he looked down knowing what it meant. He looked-up and saw Dean with a frightened lost look on his face

"Dead man's blood" Sam said with an already weakened voice.

"Yep" Dean responded with a huge smile on his face, Sam collapsed onto the floor. "Good shot dad."

Sam opened his eyes, a bright burning light greeted him, his vision was blurry and it was difficult to concentrate. He shut his eyes tight, and tried to see again, it was still very bright and it burned like sunlight, but it was better. Although his vision was still very blurry, he could make out two figures not too far away, and they where talking. Sam's head was so foggy he couldn't make out what they where saying, couldn't concentrate.

Than a familiar sensation overwhelmed him, hunger, there where two in the room, enough to shake this fog. Sam hoped they wouldn't fight. He tried to move but instead he felt pain he couldn't move, he tried again to move his hands, nothing just pain, Sam winced at the pain and moaned.

John and Missouri heard Sam's moaning and looked-up from their papers and books. Sam looked like hell and he had been out for a while. Sam tried to say something, but he was so weak it was inaudible. John went around the table and moved closer to Sam to try and hear what he was saying.

"What did you say Sam?" Sam spoke again, but it was still inaudible, knowing that Sam was too weak to break through the chains John moved much close. "Say it again Sam"

Sam whispered into John's ear, moving back John answered "No son, we are not going to kill you"

Sam whispered something else, John strained to hear him. "Yeah son, I have some blood for you."

John walked back to the table and picked up a cup with an long handle and walked back to Sam. His mind was slowly starting to come out of the fog and as soon as he was strong enough he would attack, two for the price of one.

John held the cup at the end of the handle and placed the lip to Sam's. Sam eagerly drank and quickly began to choke and gag on it. It tasted awful and he could hardly swallow.

"Come on Sammy, you have to have it. Drink." John ordered. Sam took another drink of the vile concoction John was feeding him. When Sam's vision returned, and he was strong enough to ask "What the hell was that. I want blood"

"It's a combination of cow's blood and dead man's blood. I've been feeding it to you for days" John's voice was kind and reassuring. "Now that you are awake and more aware, I thought we would talk."

"About what? Quick or slow death I prefer a slow one for both of you" Sam tried his arms again.

"You're not exactly in a position to be threatening us. I want to know about how you turned."

"What's there to talk about, she drank me, I drank her" Sam started to smile "and I drank Dean. Do you want to know how he tasted, how hard I bit him, maybe you are starting to like idea of drinking yourself. Release me and I will let you know what it is like to turn"

"No, Sam I want to know what you meant by 'wanting to drink' "

"I don't know why I wanted to drink I felt no pain when she bit me. Which is strange because when I bit my victims they feel nothing but pain, Dean for instance was in a lot of pain, I clamped real hard on his neck. He couldn't believe his little Sammy was the one who would do him in. He was crying like the little bitch that he was." Sam smiled, knowing that he had hit a sore spot with John.

"That's what I thought." John picked-up a book and showed Sam a spell "It's a binding spell Sammy. She was luring you in, controlling you. Every time she drank, it was like you where drinking with her. She gave you a taste, it was a trap."

John slammed the book down and picked-up another one "You see this one, it's a book of cures, it cures you Sammy." John looked into his youngest son's eyes and Sam knew he was telling the truth.

"That can't be true. You can't cure a vampire" Sam was frantic pulling at his chains. Sam would do anything to escape he didn't want to be cured. "LET ME GO!!" LET ME GO!!" He yelled.

"Finally got the right one, it took a few days, but I got it"

John pulled a flask out of his pocket, opened it, and splashed the holy water all over Sam. Sam was breathing heavily, the water burn him worse than sunlight, he started to scream.

Missouri felt something strange, it was Dean she smiled and looked around. He was standing beside John watching Sam screaming going into convulsions.

"It's okay Sammy, you'll be fee soon." Dean's reassuring words where lost in Sam's screams.

John began to read the spell that was in Latin originally written by the first vampire slayer, it was used to turn vampires back into humans, Elkins had it in his cabin and John swiped it, knowing one day it would be useful. There was no proof that it worked but John was willing to take the chance.

Sam's convulsions increased as John spoke the words, burning his black soul, making the blood inside of him burn. Sam screamed in agony, begging for mercy.

"Please dad, don't hurt me." Sam pleaded it was heart wrenching to see his son in such pain.

"Oh God Sammy……I have to." John said as a single tear ran down his face.

"Please your kil….." Sam let out an eerie scream and collapsed.

"He is okay" John had hoped he did kill his son.

"Yeah dad he is" Dean reassured uncertainly.

Missouri fetched the key to the lock and John held him as she undid his chains. Sam finally free fell to the ground John held him close and waited for him to regain consciousness.

It took a while but Sam eventually opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Dean. He was dizzy and sick, his vision was a little blurry and he had an awful taste in his mouth. It tasted like blood.

Sam smiled at Dean and said "I had the worst nightmare I dreamt I was a vampire and I killed you. Thankfully it was just a dream, your okay". Dean wished he could tell Sam t was just a dream, but he couldn't.

"I would do anything to not tell you this, but it was a nightmare. But now I can rest" Dean said with a smile as he disappeared.

"No, no please Dean NO!!" Sam was screaming, John held him trying hard not to let him strain himself. Sam started to cry realizing what he had done. All the lives he had taken. It would be a long hard road to recover from what Sam had become but together they would heal.

Part 2-Dean

Dean was standing in front of the darts board, he won again he turned to the woman and smiled. "I can teach you how to play if you like"

The woman was tall and slender, she had long blond hair and Dean figured she was the most attractive woman he had ever met. "I think I would like that. How do you throw again?" Cassie said while stroking the dart. Dean got behind her and put his right hand behind her's, and his left around her waist. She had Glow perfume on, and her hair smelled like lavendar, it was intoxicating and drew him in. Her porcelain skin was smooth as silk, and the closer he got to her the more he wanted to touch her. He never want to let go, and at that moment the blue smoke disapeared, the noise from the chattering customers silenced and disapeared. Only ones left where Dean and Cassie. He became so intregued by her that he forgot what he was suppose to teach her. Dean had never felt such an attraction to a woman before and wondered what it was about her that was so intoxicating. Cassie turned her head and smiled as another attractive woman with brown hair green eyes, and an hour glass figure approached them. Cassie and this woman seemed to know each other.

"Hello" said the other woman.

"Hello" Cassie said cheerfully.

"Hello who are you?" Dean was getting excited another chick, maybe they will get into a catfight over me, no a mud catfight. Dean smiled at that thought.

"This is my sister Steff, this is Dean" Cassie gave her sister a very perculare look, and walk around Steff putting her hand around her.

"Steff, nice to meet you"

Soon Dean and the girls where heading to the motel room they couldn't keep thier hands off of him, fiesty arn't we? I like that. Sisters I have never had sisters, I am so bragging to Sammy tomorrow.

"Well girls here we are"

"Why don't you lie down Dean, I want to show you a little something" Cassie said seductively. Show me 'little something' I know I am going to like these girls. Dean took off his jacket and lied down on his bed and Steff sattled him "So what is this 'something' you want to show me" Cassie sat near his head and handcuffed him to the bed. "So you girls like bondage, never done it myself but I am willing to try anything. Especially with you two" Dean smiled.

Steff leaned forward and whispered into his left ear "Actually we just like to make sure our meal doesn't go anywhere" Dean's face turned pale, Steff dug her teeth deep into his throat. Dean tugged at the cuffs with no luck. Cassie sunk her teeth into the other side of his neck.

No way bitchs you'r not getting me without a fight. Dean turned his head and bit Cassie's ear, she screamed tugged away to release her ear. She smiled "He's a fighter, I like that. Maybe we should keep him. " She got off the bed, finding a knife on one of the tables she cut her hand, his mouth was open lightly and it was easy to feed him her blood. At first Dean struggled not to swallow, one drop of blood fell into his mouth than another. Dean could feel a rush of blood start to go into his mouth, he started to feel different, thirsty, hungry, the pain of being bit stopped. He felt a wave of new sensations come over him, he started to drink Cassie's blood from her hand, Steff stopped and watched as he drank her sister.

"Welcome to the family" Said Steff with a smile.

Later that night Sam made his way back to the motel. "Dean you here? Dean? Huh. Must sti..." Sam looked at his brother's bed and saw blood. He became alarmed, he knew something had happened to his big bro.

"Hey your back early" Sam turned around as Dean came out of the bathroom relieved to see Dean wasn't hurt.

"What's this blood?"

"Yeah that, man thoes girl's where wierd, a pair of freeeaks" Dean laughed "It got a little rough, and well I cut my hand." Sam gave him a strang look, shook his head and thought to himself that he really didn't want to know what his brother meant by that.

"I'm going to bed" Sam took off his bag and went into the bathroom.


When Sam came out Dean was sitting on his bed and giving him a strange look "What?"

"Dude I got to tell you about these girls I met"

"I don't want to know" Sam lied down on his bed.

"Come on, don't you want to know how freaky they where?"

"No" Sam closed his eyes, Dean got-up

"What? Woud you stop that, most likely I won't get much sleep I want to get as much as I can" Sam closed his eyes again.

"There is something I have to tell you Sammy" Before Sam could respond Dean was on top of him pinning his shoulders down. "Thoes girls where really freaky" Dean revealed his fangs and bit down on Sam and he screamed. Sam moved his eye towards the bed and saw the blood and knew what Dean meant by freaky. Dean's grip on his neck was strong, no matter how much he struggled he couldn't break free, Sam formed a fist raised his right hand and punched Dean on the temple releasing his grip on him. Quickly getting up he ran to the door, but he had lost too much blood and he got-up too quickly he was feeling dizzy Sam fell over almost landing on the floor. Sam had to get out of there, he opened the door and ran away, the bitter cold of the night greeted him freezing his bare skin. Dean smiled and slowly followed his prey, the hunt was on.

When he walked out the door he noticed some blood on the ground there was a trail and he followed it for two blocks than it stopped. "Oh little brother where are you?" Dean said in an eerie voice. Then he heard a strange sound coming from the alley way on his right, what was that sound? Dean sniffed the air and smiled "Come out, come out where ever you little brother" Dean walked down the alley and came across a large green steel dumpster that was cold to the touch but it didn't affect him. The sound became louder and louder, the smell became more intense, the hunger for blood was intensing as he could hear Sam laboured breathing, his heart rate rising, pounding, blood coursing through his veins. Dean stopped at the other side of the dumpster and saw Sam curled-up his legs slightly bend shivering and bleeding. Dean bend down and said "You look cold, I can fix that" and leaned forward to finish his meal as he did Sam said his last words "I love you Dean" and in a few moments he was dead.

Dean looked at his little brother who he always promised to protect and couldn't help but laugh at the irony that the one who was suppose to protect him was the one who had killed him, he left leaving his brother in the dirty, rat infested alley to rot, and to find thier father to give him the good news.