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Author's Note: This story is set in between chapters twelve and thirteen of my last fic, Keeper. If you haven't read that, this story shouldn't make any sense to you at all. Read Keeper first. If you don't want to know what happens eventually in this fic, don't read the last chapter of the other one until you're done with this one.

Veronica hugged Logan with one arm, leaving the other on her still-flat belly. He hugged her back loosely, thinking of the numerous ways he'd nearly screwed everything up. He wondered about what had made her forgive his multitude of sins. And about what force had put her back into his arms. And about what had made her not only take him back, but accept both their child and his proposal without a second thought.

He knew he didn't deserve her. What could he really have done to make him that deserving? Whatever the answer, he knew that for the rest of his life, he would be a happy man as long as he had the tiny blonde currently in his arms.

He remembered how he'd proposed to her when she was still in the hospital and how she didn't even seem like she was surprised that he was asking her. It hadn't been romantic, but at that point, it really wasn't supposed to be. He'd just needed to get the message across and the job done. He knew that she'd anticipated the question. But, he realized that, expected or not, the proposal had caught her off guard. She had probably been expecting something grand and dramatic. Something more, well, more Logan. Instead, he'd just blurted it out:

"So, are you going to marry me when they let you of here?" Logan honestly wasn't sure what her answer would be. They were in love with one another. Check. She was carrying his child. Check. But this was Veronica. And with Veronica, all bets were off.

He held his breath while he waited. She still hadn't answered and he realized that he was squeezing her hand. He couldn't take it anymore. He did the only thing he could think of, the only thing that always worked between them. He leaned down to kiss her.

He hadn't realized that she hadn't gotten the chance to brush her teeth and her breath about made him want to vomit. But he'd have done it again. He'd do it again even if it did make him vomit. He just wanted to be close to her. He loved her so much, he was torn up on the inside that there was every possibility that she would reject him at any second and successfully shatter his world. He was terrified of losing her.

His head snapped back into the present and to the blonde still in his arms. She'd said yes. When they drew apart, Veronica looked up at him. Logan knew her well enough to know that she was wondering what he was thinking about. She looked as if she were trying to look straight through him.
He watched her as she looked through the pictures again. She looked so pretty, still in her simple white wedding gown. Logan smiled. He'd have to remedy that. He took the pictures from her and sat them down on the dresser and backed her slowly to the edge of their marriage bed.

Three weeks later, Veronica laid in the apartment that she shared with her husband. Sprawled on the bed, she flipped unhappily through television channels with the remote. That annoying doctor had put her on bed rest again. This time it was until "further assessment" of her "condition" could be made. She punished the buttons on the remote for the doctor's inane orders over her "condition."

She was alone because Logan was at a class. She had to keep up with all of hers via the Internet since there was no way she could get to campus. Her father had been checking in on her every day either in person or on the phone. Wallace almost always came over for a visit after he was done with classes and practice to try to keep her entertained. She wasn't quite sure how to describe it, but she was beginning to actually feel pregnant.
"Honey, I'm home!" Logan called from the living room. He ambled into the bedroom and clicked off the lights before joining her in bed. Veronica didn't notice his blackened eye until he was close to her. If he had really thought that turning off some lights would keep Veronica from figuring out that he'd been in a fight, than he must have had a few blows to the head that were harder than he'd realized.
"Who'd you get into the fight with, Logan?"

"Weevil," he answered with a chuckle. "He just heard the news about everything going on between us and I guess he didn't take it well. I think that he's got a crush on you." Veronica was relieved that he hadn't tried to lie or avoid the question.
"Oh yeah," Veronica tossed back sweetly, "Haven't you figured out our secret affair yet? I'm just waiting for him to pull up any second on his motorcycle so that I can ride away with him into the sunset." No sooner had she said it when she noticed Logan's expression cloud over. She instantly regretted the tease because Lilly really had an affair with Weevil.

It was no secret that both of them had been emotionally put through the wringer. Unfortunately, both of them were still having to make up for things done to the other. With her it was Lianne, Duncan, and the rape. With him it Lilly and Aaron. Veronica knew she had just broken an unspoken rule between them. Logan remained quiet as he turned away from her.

"Logan, you should clean that up before you go to sleep." She started to get up to get the things needed from the bathroom to clean his eye, but he jerked back around and stopped her.

"You're not supposed to get up, Veronica!" He jumped up and went to get the things himself, bringing them back to the bedroom.

She spilled some hydrogen peroxide over a shallow cut on his cheek smoothed antibiotic cream over it carefully. As she smoothed away a bit of excess, she decided to break to silence and apologize.

"I'm sorry, Logan. I... I didn't mean-"

He said nothing but shrugged it off, forgiving her but remaining hurt. They laid down beside each other and eventually fell asleep. It was two am when the sound of someone knocking at the door woke them.

Logan reluctantly dragged himself out of bed and went to the door. Veronica couldn't hear enough to know who it was, but she could tell that it was a woman's voice. She heard the door swing closed, but Logan never returned. He was still gone when Veronica awoke the following morning.

When she reached for her phone to call him, she saw that it had fallen from night stand and was now all the way across the room near door.