Hi, Junebug18 won't be finishing this or any other story. I'm just getting around to posting this now but she past away a few weeks ago from heart failure. So, yeah...she won't be writing anymore. I'm just putting this up cause she told me she thought it was rude it leave stories unfinished forever with no explaination or anything and I didn't want anyone to think that she was just rude or slow or something. I know no one cares about the writers' personal lives, but just for the record, my sister was a really good person. I wish I was more like her.

And I know that this is a really weird request, but I was kinda hoping that maybe someone could finish this story for her. I would but I'm sucky writer and I want her story be finished by someone who could do it justice. I know some of what she was gonna have happen. PM me if someone could do it. Thanks. -Nadirah