This is the story of how Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler first became friends and then became lovers. They found out that they had more then one thing in common with the other………………………..

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Chapter One

Joey was late again today for school. Joey had tried to leave before his father woke up, but he forgot his books and went back for them, a really big mistake!!! As he tried to quietly walk back into the apartment to his room and he thought that he had made it, but when he came back out of his room there stood his father, and he didn't look very happy. "What in the hell are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in school?" His father yelled. "I forgot my books" Joey said. "Well then I guess you need to be taught not to forget again, don't you" he father said. He grabbed Joey by the arm and threw him back into his room and slammed the door shut. He then stood over him and told him to get undresses. Joey was terrified of his father and did what he was told. When he was laying there naked before his father, his father then proceeded to teach him a lesson. He beat Joey with his fists and then he told him to roll over on his stomach he told him. His father then took off his pants and he violated Joey and he laughed as he raped him. When his father was done, he told Joey to get dressed and get to school.

Joey tried to walk as normally as he could and he had to wipe the tears that were running down his face. One of these days Joey silently vowed that he would kill his father for what he was doing to him. As Joey entered the classroom, Seto noticed how Joey was walking. He wasn't the only one who noticed. Yugi did too. Joey tried to set down without crying out loud. As he eased himself into his chair he laid his head on the desk. "Are we tired again Mr. Wheeler?" The Teacher asked him. Joey lifted his head and said "not really, just out of breath from running all the way." The Teacher believed him and began class. When class was over Joey waited till everyone else was gone before he left. He walked to the bathroom to see how badly he was bleeding. As he lowered his pants he noticed that the pads he had put on were completely soaked with blood. What am I going to do he thought? I can't go back out there, what if I start bleeding again. How am I going to explain what happened? No one will believe that the Greatest Father, Mack Wheeler was a child abuser.

Seto followed him into the bathroom and quietly locked the door and waited for Joey to come out of the stall. Joey eased himself up and pulled up his pants. He walked over to the sink and washed off as much of the blood as he could. That's when he noticed that he wasn't alone. He saw Kaiba standing by the door. "What do you want?" Joey asked. "You need medical attention and right now," he said to Joey. "You don't know what you're talking about" he said to Seto. Seto walked over to him and place his hand on Joeys back and he screamed and fell to the floor. "I don't know, well I know more then you could ever know" he said. "What am I going to do?" Joey asked as he cried. "Leave it all to me," Seto said. He got out his phone and called Roland. "Get over here right now, and meet me in the East side bathroom." "What are you doing?" Joey wanted to know. "Getting you the hell out of here and to where you can get the help that you need." Seto said.

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