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Chapter Eleven

Everyone had thanked Seto for having them and then they all left, Mary gave a sigh of relief and Roland smiled at her. "This is the best Thanksgiving this house has had in years and we have you to thank for it" he told Mary. Mokuba went up to Mary and said "thanks for what you did and the turkey was delicious" and then he gave her an kiss and hug. Soon they were all going in the direction of their rooms to get some needed rest. As Seto closed he door behind Joey, he said "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you so will you marry me?" Joey spun around and with tears in his eyes he nodded yes and went over and they held each other and Seto took Joey's hand and led him to the bed where they made love all afternoon. Mary had come back downstairs and found Mokuba sitting in the Living Room watching television and she asked "if he wanted a turkey sandwich with her?" Mokie smiled at her and said "yes I would" and they went into the kitchen and there sat Roland drinking a cup of coffee and he stood up when she came in. Mokie said "we're going to have a sandwich" and Roland smiled and ruffled his hair and Mokie said "love you" and Roland said "love you too squirt." As Mary got the leftover Turkey out and was slicing it, Serenity walked into the kitchen and said "sounds good can I have some?" Then they heard a deep voice from behind her and it was Joey "hey save some for us" and Mary laughed and said "as long as you save some for us." Mary looked at her son and knew that something had happened and it was good and she walked over to them and said "when is the Wedding?" and that took Seto by surprise but Joey smiled and kissed his mom and said "we haven't set a date yet."

Serenity sat there and then she said "how much do you love my brother?" Seto smiled at her and replied "he is my world and without him in my life, my world will stop revolving and then it will die." Serenity got up and walked over to Seto and put her arms around him and with tears running down her face she said "then welcome to our crazy family" and she kissed his cheek. Mokuba looked at Roland and without really thinking he said "when are you getting married?" and then he clamped his hands over his mouth and looked like he wished he was somewhere else at that very minute. Mary laughed and she smiled at him and said "give us time, we are still getting to know each other, but I can tell you this I like what I see" and that made Roland turn red and he reached across the table and took Mary's hand in his and he said "I like what I see too" and that made everyone sigh and then Mokuba said "I'm not in trouble?" Roland said "no son you're not in the least bit in trouble" and that made Mokuba smile at the man who was so much a father to him and Seto and he went over to Roland who picked him up and he gave Roland a hug and kiss. Joey looked at Roland and asked "what are you intentions towards our mom?" Mary blinked as she looked at her son and said "Joseph" and Roland held up his hand as if to tell her just a minute and then he looked right at Joey and smiled and then he said "what I feel for your mother can't be expressed in words, but if I had to this is what I'd say, when I first saw her it was like a bolt of lightening struck me and knocked me off my feet and when I'm away from her I'm lost and can't wait till I'm beside her again." Joey smiled at Roland and said "that's how I feel about Seto and so I also want to welcome you into this wild and crazy family."

So now they had to make plans for the upcoming Wedding of Seto and Joey and Mary was in seventh heaven. She was given full range to do what ever she wanted to and she had a couple of plans and she ran them by both of them and they opted for the second, which was for them to get married in the Manor and then for them to go to Europe for their honeymoon and that Mary and Roland would be left in charge till they got home. Joey made his mom promise not to make plans for anything else till they got home and she agreed. But for some reason Joey didn't quite belive her so he went to Roland and talked to him about not doing anything that he wouldn't do and they both laughed at his choice of words, but Roland promised Joey that nothing would happen.

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