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Chapter Eight:

Sam woke to combined smells of pizza and coffee. His stomach growled loudly in the otherwise quiet room and he heard his brother's muffled laugh. "Come on Sammy," Dean told him. "I got your favorite, Pepperoni with extra cheese."

Sam sat up sluggishly feeling like he'd slept for a week. No longer tired, but still exhausted. He'd felt this way before and knew from experience that all he needed was a few cups of coffee, some food and some exercise. "You hate Pepperoni," he replied.

"Yes," Dean told him. "But I'm an awesome brother who is willing to suffer so that you get what you want." Dean came to the side of Sam's bed and held out a steaming cup of coffee and set the pizza down on the bed. "Besides," he smirked, his breath smelling heavily of peppers, onions and anchovies. "I've already eaten the other one."

Sam took the coffee and from Dean looked in the cup and was pleased to see his brother had added just the right amount of cream. He took a sip, closed his eyes and sighed. And the right amount of sugar. Dean really was an awesome brother when he wanted to be. "How long?" Sam asked grabbing a slice of pizza and biting into the heavenly delight.

Dean looked at his watch. "Thirty one hours," he replied.

Sam had been about to bite into the pizza again but stopped and looked at his brother. "What?" he asked shocked, more at the fact that his brother had not taken him to the hospital then because he'd been out of it for that long.

Dean saw the look of shock that crossed Sam's face and correctly read its meaning. "Believe me," he said seriously. "If I thought I could safely get you to the hospital your ass would have been there yesterday."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"I mean," Dean said walking to the window and pulling open the curtains just enough to look outside. "One or another of those crazy bitches has been perched outside since I woke up yesterday." He turned back to his brother. "I think they're sweet on us."

Sam looked at Dean. "Too bad," he said. "I have no interest in a repeat performance." He finished off the first slice of pizza and devoured a second as his brother continued to stare out the window.

"You've got to admit though, it's a bit strange," Dean said looking back at Sam. "Me, I get, I'm an awesome lover… but why would they want you back?"

Sam threw a pillow at his brother, finished off his coffee then stood on still wobbly legs and headed for the bathroom. Now that the edge was taken off his hunger he desperately wanted a shower, though he wasn't sure it would make him feel as clean as he wanted to feel. "Because I'm better," Sam replied with a smirk.

Dean tossed the pillow back at his brother, catching him in the back of the head just before he closed the bathroom door. "Keep dreaming lil' brother," he replied grin on his face. "Keep dreaming."

Dean closed the shades and sat down at the table with his coffee. He opened the laptop and checked his e-mail. "Gotcha," he muttered as he read Bobby's reply to the request he'd made yesterday. After turning and listening to make sure the shower was still running he called up his Live Journal and posted a short blog of their time in captivity with the Succubi. Laughing to himself he almost missed the shower turning off and quickly exited out of his "DarkHunter" account and deleted the history of his action before calling up his email again just as the door to the bathroom opened and Sam came out wrapped in a towel and surrounded by steam.

"What did Bobby say?" Sam asked assuming his brother had asked the older hunter for help as he pulled out some clothes from his duffle bag.

"He's…," Dean stopped mid reply as someone pounded on the door.

Sam who'd been putting on his jean's jumped for the other duffle bag, pulled out a shot gun and stepped into the bathroom out of sight of whoever was outside. Dean pulled his gun out from under his pillow before going to the door. He looked at Sam and waited until his brother nodded that he was ready before opening the door just enough to see who was standing outside.

The Parcel Service Driver was a bit surprised when the door opened as he'd been just about to knock again, a little more forcefully this time. "I've got a delivery for Dean Dylan," he said.

"Damn, that was quick," Dean said as he opened the door just wide enough to accept the package.

"I need a signature!" the driver exclaimed as Dean began to shut the door.

Dean rolled his eyes, took the pen from the man, signed a sloppy signature that could pass for just about anything and slammed the door in the drivers face.

"A package?" Sam exclaimed. "Who the hell even knows we're here!"

"Relax Sam," Dean told his brother. "It's from Bobby."

Sam leaned the shotgun against the wall and pulled on his shirt. He'd just gotten it over his head and pulled down when Dean tossed the box at him indicating he should open it. "Like I was about to say," Dean said sitting down again at the computer and reading the E-mail the older hunter had sent them. "Bobby said he was sending us some salve that would counter the effects of the Succubus' pheromones."

"Salve?" Sam asked pulling out Dean's knife from under his pillow and slicing open the package.

"Yeah," Dean said reading the e-mail again. "Say's to just rub it under our noses."

"That's it?" Sam asked pulling a small vial from the package.

"Yep," Dean told him laughing. "He says it's the only thing he knows that works so just shut up and use it." Dean shook his head and asked, "What's that supposed to mean."

Sam opened the vial and sniffed it. "Oh God!" he exclaimed nearly dropping the small bottle in his haste to get the lid back on. "I think I'm gonna be sick," he said as the powerfully horrible scent brought tears to his eyes. He put the bottle down on the bedside table and ran back to the bathroom.

Dean covered his nose and mouth as the smell quickly permeated the room. "No freakin' way am I putting that crap on me!" Gagging despite holding his nose tightly closed he grabbed a towel and wrapped it tightly around the bottle hoping to somehow dull the stench.

"Did we do something to piss off Bobby lately?" Sam asked coming out of the bathroom holding a damp towel over his nose and tossing another one to his brother.

"I don't think so," Dean said hesitantly. "Besides, I don't think he'd pull this kind of prank knowing what kind of shape you were in yesterday."

Sam looked at his brother. "So this really is the only way?" he asked.

"No," Dean replied shaking his head. "There's got to be another way."

"Dean…," Sam began but was interrupted when Dean's cell phone rang.

Dean looked at the caller id, rolled his eyes and flipped the phone open. "Bobby," he said tightly and listened for a moment. "Yeah, we got it a few minutes ago." Sam could hear Bobby's voice, but couldn't make out what he was saying. "Thanks for the tip speedy," Dean told the other hunter. "We could have used that little tidbit five minutes ago!" Bobby's reply was a loud laugh that even Sam could hear from across the room.

Dean looked at Sam and told him, "He said we shouldn't open the vial inside because…," Dean mimicked Bobby's voice, "It's a mite bit strong."

"Ask him if there's another way," Sam said.

"Listen Bobby," Dean said into the phone. "There's got to be another way. This can't be the best you can come up with." Dean listed for a few more seconds then said," Yeah, okay." Dean snapped the phone shut and tossed it on the bed.

"What'd he say?" Sam asked.

"He said we didn't use it we were going to die very happy at the hands of those bitches," Dean replied. Dean sat down at the laptop and opened Word. "Dude," he asked Sam. "How do you spell Eulogy?"

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