Ok this is a poem about Tenten aka Neji's wife lol I kept getting message from some fans asking for my to write another poem, so atm I'm stuck trying to think of a good one about Neji, I thought I would post this in the meantime

as always i dont own Naruto or even having anything to do with Kishi's plot, i guess i have to keep dreaming

My loving wife

Staring into your beautiful eyes
I feel the love deep within your sole
I feel your passion that will never die
But when I'm with you, I am whole

I love spending every moment with you
I know I don't always show it
Without you I would be blue
Even though sometimes you get mad and tend to throw a fit

Truth is, I couldn't of asked for anything more
I love you in my life
I dread if you ever walk out that door
I love you so much my beautiful wife

I crave for your affection
Your soft loving kiss
You are my true addiction
When we are apart, your kiss is what I always miss

Your sexy smile, so irresistible
You make me feel so good inside
Making love to you, it's so incredible

Within you I can confide

You have captured my soul and heart
I love you even more each new day
Nothing will tear us apart
In my arms you will always stay

And be forever in my heart

Yeah i know some of the lines are messed up, there fine in Word but keep putting gaps in when i loaded it on here. A new one-shot will be coming soon, just kind of having some writers block right now, as always please review and if you have any ideas on how to stop my writers block let me know lol