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Keeping one eye always on Mori and the other firmly on Kaoru, Kyoya was using his every power to keep the pair apart as well as bring himself as much contact as possible with the younger boy.

And right now, hosting in an ancient Egyptian theme, he was happily talking with Kaoru who was carefully painting on the dark eyes of the ancient Egyptians onto him.

"…idea, so I thought it might be more interesting to try this as well." Kaoru smiled as he examined his handiwork, glad that both eyes appeared perfectly symmetrical, like his own. "Well? Should I paint everyone else's?"

Looking at his own reflection, Kyoya was loathe to admit that he should, when he just wanted Kaoru to stay. Unfortunately, Tamaki took that decision away by throwing himself at Kaoru and asking for his eyes to be painted as well…

And now he had to watch the young Hitachiin painting not just Tamaki's, but his older brothers, Haruhi, Hunny and now Mori! Moving as inconspicuously as possible closer, his eyes locked with Mori who, suddenly smirking returned to letting Kaoru finish his eyes.

Kaoru put the wooden end of the paintbrush into his mouth and looked at Mori critically, in particular the striking contrast of the paint on his pale skin. No doubt Kyoya's looked as spectacular, but it was hard to tell under the glasses…

Blinking, the young Hitachiin found himself losing balance and landed right onto Mori who caught him lightly in a rather compromising position. The red head blushed as he realised he was straddling Mori and couldn't quite get out of it without making the situation worse.

"Err…sorry…" Blushing further, the younger boy tried to get up only to have Mori place a hand on his back.

"Are you alright?"

Blinking to realise Mori's face was inches from his own, Kaoru tried, and failed to blush any further. "I'm fine; I just lost my balance…"

Kyoya was seething, knowing full well that Kaoru hadn't lost his balance at all but that Mori had tripped him. Moving over, he pulled the younger boy to his feet. "I hope you haven't injured your wrist further." After all, he couldn't go for another week of not seeing the boy.

"No, my wrist is fine – it's healing really well now." Kaoru grinned before helping Mori up, only to wind up being pulled down again. "I think I need to work on my strength, sorry Mori."

Mori just grinned over the younger boys head.

Struggling to control his temper, Kyoya helped Kaoru up again before ushering him away from Mori and over to Hikaru where the older brother was sorting out the last of their identical sets of jewellery, most notably, false gold wrist band to hide Kaoru's bandages.

The young Hitachiin pouted. "And there I thought I was going to be a mummy!"

Tamaki looked over from fussing over Haruhi. "You can't be Mum, Kyoya's Mum!"

Sighing, Kyoya raised his eyebrows. "He was referring to the process of mummification, Tamaki."


"As in horror movies."


Shaking his head, Kaoru looked at his brother who was scowling. "Is something wrong?"

Hikaru frowned. "Mori and Kyoya seem to be…touching you a lot more than usual."

"It's your imagination! I fell on Mori twice; he didn't try and touch me and Kyoya…" Kaoru frowned. "Well, I think he only appears to pat my shoulder more often now that your hand isn't firmly attached to it." He raised his eyebrows as Hikaru threw his arm over his said shoulder. "Hikaru?"

"Just letting everyone know your mine." Nuzzling his brother's neck, Hikaru smiled at the squeals of the female customers that were now entering the room.

Kaoru just sighed.

Gritting his teeth, Kyoya decided that it was time for him to take action after he caught Mori 'guiding' Kaoru around a table with his hand sitting far too low on Kaoru's back for Kyoya to be comfortable with.

It was practically on the smaller boys bum!

And he wanted to – Kyoya cut the thought off as he spotted Kaoru entering the Host Club with a feline yawn and stretch. The young Hitachiin was the first to arrive so it would be the perfect moment to –

"Good afternoon, Mori!" Kaoru waved as the older boy entered. "Afternoon, Kyoya." He stretched again, blinking when Mori put his hand on his side. "Mori?"

"I thought you were going to fall over." Moving away, Mori glanced at Kyoya and smiled again.

Kyoya seethed, it seemed to be an emotion he was experiencing a lot recently. Walking over to the younger boy, he watched him remove his homework from his bag for a moment. "How are you finding your studies? Have you fallen behind because of your hand?"

"Not really, Hikaru has been helping me catch up." He opened up an identical jotter with writing scrawled over it. "See."

It took a moment for the Shadow King to realise that it was Hikarus jotter that Kaoru was showing him. "Well, if you do need any help -" Kyoya made to catch the smaller boys chin, intending to whisper 'I'm happy to help, for a small price', at which point he would lower his head close enough so that Kaoru would get the hint but without committing himself at the same time, when Mori bumped into him.

The Shadow King was now currently pinning Kaoru to the floor, both were blushing brightly.

"Err…Kyoya?" Carefully pushing himself up, Kaoru raised his injured hand and reached out to the older boy's chest.

Freezing, the older boy couldn't believe that Kaoru was making the first move, that he had decided to reach out to him and not to Hikaru or anyone else.

That same hand now pushed against his chest, not reaching out, pushing away.

"Kyoya, I can't feel my legs anymore."

Getting up sharply, he pulled Kaoru to his feet before glaring at Mori. "Could you care to explain why you bumped into me, Mori?"

The older boy simply 'hnn'ed.

The young Hitachiin laughed. "The madness has begun already." Testing his wrist carefully, Kaoru frowned before shrugging it off. "I'll get the tea started, shall I?"

"Of course." Watching Kaoru head into the back room, he grabbed hold of Mori's shoulder before the older boy could follow. "Stop interfering, Kaoru is mine."

"Not yet." The taller boy replied. "Have you even told him of your feelings?"

"You haven't either."

"I'm planning to tell him later today."

No, he was going to tell him later today! Pushing his glasses up his nose and composing himself, Kyoya put on his best expression of calm serenity. "That will be quite impossible; I intend to tell him first."

"I'll tell Kaoru now then."

"Tell me what?" The young Hitachiin raised his eyebrows as both boys practically leapt at the sound of his voice. "Did I walk in on something?" Raising his eyebrows coyly, the young boy swung his hips and started to walk away, turning to look back at the stunned pair. "I'll give you some alone time, shall I?" Winking, he was about to vanish when Kyoya managed to make coherent thought start again.

"Kaoru, I was intending to inform you that I've decided to suspend the brotherly love act for the day." The Shadow King ignored Mori's surprised look. "I believe Hikaru was hoping to get away early today to help Haruhi with a project."

"But why suspend the brotherly love routine?"

Kyoya pushed his glasses up his nose and hoped to pull his bluff off. "What I meant, to be precise, is that I intended to allow both Hikaru and Haruhi off for the day to be made up later this week when I place them both on organising the room for the small ball we'll be holding."

The young Hitachiin nodded. "So the routine isn't being suspended, so much as it can't actually be performed today." He scratched his cheek absently. "Then what will I do? My routine has to have Hikaru, but I can't have the day off because I can't help put up decorations with my hand."

Mori suddenly spoke, startling the other two. "He can always help me with Hunny."

"No, that interferes with your act too much." Kyoya dismissed the idea immediately, from a business sense it didn't make sense. "You can work with me for today since I usually only welcome the guests. It will make a refreshing change to speak with them."

"But I could just talk to them on my own, play the part of the lonely lover." He grinned and suddenly spun round, tears miraculously appearing in his eyes as he tilted his head in a feminine manner, a hand going to his face as if about to wipe away a stray tear. "My love has had to leave on an arduous journey, through jungle and desert, facing unknown enemies, but," he sniffed, "that is, if, he ever," a dramatic turn of the head, a light sob, "returns."

Clapping at the door, Hikaru grinned as Haruhi shook her head. "I think that's a great act! But, err, why am I facing unknown enemies and crossing deserts and jungles?"

"You're helping Haruhi with her project; I thought it was an adequate description." The boy replied cheekily, only to have Haruhi throw a cushion at him. "Be gentle, I'm injured!"

"I'll injure you in a minute!" Haruhi threw a few more cushions and Kyoya resigned himself to a sigh, knowing he had just lost his current battle. But, looking at Mori who was smiling, he vowed to win the next round.

Kaoru sniffed again before burying his head into Kyoya's side, the older boy gently stroking the red hair that was all that could be seen.

"Don't cry, I'm here for you." Raising the boys chin to bring his head just inches from his, Kyoya hid a smile as Kaoru pulled away, turning to the audience of girls, one hand still holding the older boys uniform.

"I can't! What if, what if Hikaru was to return now?"

The girls held their breath in anticipation as Kyoya suddenly grabbed Kaoru and pulled him down so that Kaoru was being supported by him and their faces where inches apart once more. "I don't care, my beloved." Bringing his face closer, he forced himself to stop just before their lips touched, and also to see to the girls that had suddenly fainted.

The young Hitachiin stifled a giggle. "Who would have thought that the girls would love this routine almost as much as the brotherly love?" Carefully being placed back on his feet, he patted Kyoya's arm. "Hope you didn't mind improvising all of a sudden there."

Having Kaoru throw himself around his waist with a sob and a cry of 'Kyoya, please, I need you like I did last night!' was something he didn't mind at all. And if the customers liked it, all the better.

"Of course I don't mind, Kaoru, its you after all." Glancing at the boy, Kyoya sighed to find him speaking with one of the female customers.

"How long have you been seeing each other?" She asked with a large smile.

Kaoru sniffed again. "Hikaru has been gone for so long and, I couldn't stand the loneliness…the silence…"

The girl was nearly crying now and Kyoya had to admit the young boy seemed to know all the little gestures to get the reaction he wanted without relying so heavily on the words like Tamaki did.

"Oh, Kaoru!" She hugged him before taking him over to a table with a few other girls who proceeded to 'comfort' him with a mixture of hugs, comforting words and little pats of his arm and some cake and tea.

A new worry suddenly dawned on Kyoya, just because Kaoru acted like the uke didn't necessarily mean he liked guys in that way. He could just as easily be like Hikaru and prefer girls, any of the female customers who were practically throwing themselves at him.

Although that did explain as to why he seemed so oblivious to Kyoya's hints of romance, the Shadow King mused, considering the younger boy was constantly receiving attention of a similar kind he must have reached the point where he was immune to it.

So he'd have to increase the stakes. Turning, he frowned as he came nose to chin with Mori. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"The Host Club closes in five minutes; I'm going to tell him then."

Oh no he wasn't! "That'll be after you've placed all the teacups back into the cupboards and any leftover cake into the fridge for tomorrow. It is your duty this week."

Kyoya thanked the small mercy before leaving the older boy and announcing that the club was due to close shortly, much to the many female customers dismay. And then, he suddenly found himself running out of time as Tamaki had left, Hunny was with Mori 'helping' put away the cake and it was only Kaoru and himself in the room, tidying a few last things.

Taking a breath, he caught the younger boys shoulder. "Kaoru, I need to tell you something."

Golden eyes looked up at him. "Yes, Kyoya?"

"I…" He shifted his weight. "Well, I…you know how I observe everyone's actions in the Host Club? Well, I found myself observing you more so than the others." What was he doing? Was he just going to blurt everything out? "And I noticed particularly how you used to reach for Hikaru, and that he then stopped reaching for you."

Kaoru frowned. "Kyoya, are you…?"

"And then a few weeks ago I watched as you went to reach for him, then simply stopped – it was before you injured your hand, the week before we went to the beach actually and…" He took a breath. "I would like it if you could reach out for me…"

He had made an utter mess of that.


Kyoya cringed, what had happened to his plans and calculations? He had just ruined everything with that speech – it wasn't a confession at all! It was a long winded, confusing speech!

He blinked as a hand rested on his arm and, looking down, his face was just inches from Kaoru who smiled at him brightly.

"It seems even you can get flustered, Kyoya." He cocked his head to one side. "Now, would you like to try that again, but without words?"

Smiling, Kyoya leant forward and let his lips rest on the smaller boys, almost pulling back when Kaoru immediately deepened it, only for the young Hitachiin to catch his head by placing his good hand into the dark hair.

Pushing aside the curtain to the backroom, Mori smiled at the pair before making a much louder attempt at opening the curtain. Looking over at the pair, he saw Kaoru finish packing his bag and a rather ruffled Kyoya writing in his notebook.

Waving at the both, Hunny left the room and Mori, following, paused next to Kyoya for a second. "I see you finally stopped watching."

"I didn't want you -"

"I was pretending, I do like Kaoru, but not quite the same as you do. Well done, take good car of him, he needs it." Patting the Shadow Kings shoulder, he left the room with a wave.

Kaoru looked at Kyoya questioningly. "What was he saying?"


"As long as it wasn't 'commiserations'!" Kaoru grinned as he hugged the older boy, snuggling his head into Kyoya's chest and letting himself be hugged back and the Shadow Kings long fingers play with his red hair. "You know, I am a very clingy person."

"I know."

"And I can be very demanding."

"I know."

"And I like to get my way."

"I know."

"And I'll want to hug you and cuddle you and reach for you and talk to you and -"

Kyoya pulled back from the light kiss. "I know, and I don't care."

Smiling, Kaoru gently touched his bandaged hand. "Thank you."

The ball on Friday went down well with the many customers who had not only brought themselves, but also male partners and other friends. As Kyoya had simply stated, it was going to more than make up for the recent loss of profits.

Kaoru had stammered that he intended to make up for his own losses in customers, only to be surprised to be told it was Hikaru and Haruhi who needed to make it up, much to both their discomfort.

And then the ball began, Hikaru being constantly asked if he was continuing his relationship with Kyoya and Kaoru being asked if he minded his 'brother Kaoru' loving another. As well as the other way round.

They replied with mischievous answers they had agreed upon earlier, that Kaoru had suffered so greatly from his sadness that he had chosen Kyoya as comfort and that, if Kyoya wished to pursue this relationship further, it will be with both of the brothers.

The rate of fainting girls had increased dramatically at the wilder version they had been using originally until they were told to stop.

And then it was the last dance and the customers left, leaving the Host Club to have their own personal last dance.

Mori scooped up Hunny as the pair moved to the quick delightful beat, and Tamaki immediately grabbed hold of Haruhi who looked despairingly at Hikaru who was swinging his brother about now that the injured hand had healed so well.

Kyoya separated the twins only to have Hunny put in his arms and Mori take off with Kaoru, Tamaki catching Hikaru before Haruhi could dance with him.

So Haruhi went to take Hikaru only to be given Kaoru by Mori who went to separate Tamaki and Hikaru himself.

Kaoru just laughed at her. "Enjoying yourself?"

"I would have rather danced something slower with Hikaru." She sighed, cringing as the rough scars on Kaoru's hand shifted as he made to twirl her round.

Catching her waist, he grinned like a cat. "Don't worry; I requested an extra last dance for you both. Just make sure to catch him before it starts!" Spinning her into his brother, he laughed as the pair blushed, Tamaki now being handed over to Kyoya by Mori as the giant reclaimed Hunny.

Kyoya raised his eyebrows as Kaoru tapped his arm and, grinning, he bowed and grabbed his hand, not caring about the rough scars as the music began to slow and they held each other closer.

Snuggling into the older boy's chest, Kaoru smiled at the other dancers. "This is how it should be."


"A happy family."

The Shadow King laughed. "It's more a dysfunctional one."

"I never denied that." Standing on his toes, Kaoru lightly kissed the older boy who stopped dancing and instead encircled his arms round the smaller boy.

Kyoya glanced at Tamaki's horrified expression and chuckled before kissing Kaoru, letting everyone else move around them to the music.

In Mori's arms, Hunny smiled. "Looks like Kyo-chan and Kao-chan found their love." Glancing at Mori's smile, he raised his eyebrows. "Did you intervene?"

"Nothing against that, is there?"

Hikaru was gawping at his brother. "I should have known that their little 'act' was real!" Turning to Haruhi, he blinked as she kissed his lips softly.

"Leave him be, he's happy, and so am I, and so are you." Laughing, she was twirled round. "We're all happy."

"Except Tamaki."

Everyone looked at the blonde who had chosen to sulk in a corner, before choosing to ignore him as the final chords of the song melted into the night.

After all, there would be time to deal with him, but there were only so many notes to a song, so many notes to be alone in a room of people.

So few notes to show your love.

The End

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