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Warning: Unexpected pairing!!

Ginny Weasley sat down in her favourite chair, with her favourite sweater on and her favourite book in her lap.

She wasn't feeling particularly well.

Hell, of course she wasn't!

Harry Potter had refused her , again..

Why couldn't he just love her?

He'd said that he did, and that the reason was he could not be with her.

Well, she decided, that's just bull shit.

She got up and grabbed the phone, dialling Harry's number.

'Hello, this is Harry Potter speaking.' She heard.

'Hi Harry. It's Ginny.' He sighed and she almost lost the courage to say it.

'Harry James Potter! I do not buy any of your crap about how I'm going to die as soon as we're together! I just don't! So you better give me a real reason!' She shouted.

' Er… Gin, I mean it. I-'

'You do not! DON'T FUCKING LIE TO ME!'

'FINE THEN I WON'T LIE TO YOU!!' He shouted back.

'I CAN'T BE WITH YOU BECAUSE I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE , ALRIGHT! I'm in love with someone else.'

' Y-you…I can't believe…You kissed me! At the wedding, what was that, then?'

' I was..sad…The person I'm with wasn't, couldn't be there.'

'So you just took me!? That's low , really low Potter!'

'I did not just take you! I was drunk! I know it's a bad excuse but as long as I closed my eyes I could pretend it wasn't you but…'

'Who the hell is she anyway!'

'I can't tell you.'

'Why the bloody hell not?!'

'Because…I'm…What I mean to say is…I just can tell you because the person doesn't want me to. And I know that you'd never accept it!'

'Well, I can't really say that right now, can I…'

'Fine…Fine…You want to know so badly?'

'Yes, of course I want to know! I want to know who took you away from me!'

Shocked at his answer, she dropped the phone.

Draco Malfoy…


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