Author's notes: This wandered into my head a while ago, and I found myself unable to get rid of it. I don't know if I should continue it, and would love to hear your opinions on the matter. I'm still getting back into the swing of writing so it might not be all that good. It's been years since I saw the anime but I recently re-read most of the manga. Its set before Nadoka finds out about the curse, and before any real relationship develops between Ranma and Akane. If I do continue it it will probably be Ranma paired with someone of the male persuasion.

Disclaimer: Ranma 1/2 does not belong to me, the characters do not belong to me, and I have absolutely no intention to make money off this piece.

It was a lovely day in Nerima, and Kasumi was humming softly to herself as she went about her morning chores. She had almost finished preparing breakfast and was setting the table whilst there was nothing cooking that needed her constant attention.

She smiled to herself as she listened to the commotion from upstairs and smiled to herself thinking how lucky she was to live in a house full of such lively healthy people.

She was going back to the kitchen when she heard the clamour of running footsteps. She deftly moved aside as Ranma came barrelling past in his female form being chased by his father and her little sister Akane. She continued on her way to the sound of Ranma and his father exchanging rapid blows and the splash of one or more bodies landing in the koi pond.

She gave a little giggle and went to get the kettle, which she heated every morning in readiness. She walked out to the koi pond and poured its contents on Ranma who was bare-breasted and wringing her shirt. Kasumi tried not to be, but was secretly amused by Ranma's complete lack of feminine modestly, and to be honest, a little jealous of her figure. Seeing Akane approaching with a dangerous glint in her eye, she decided that it was past time for her to get the breakfast on the table.

She was almost finished arranging the dishes on the table, and was going to go get the rice when there was a knock on the door. She was a little surprised as they weren't expecting anyone, but once more abandoning breakfast, went to answer it.

The person at the other side was not someone she had ever seen before; of this she was sure as he would be impossible for her to forget. He had long curly hair held in a loose ponytail positioned just over his left shoulder, and was dressed in the traditional style. He was tall – well over 183cm (6'ish) maybe even 195cm, and nicely muscled. He was also devastatingly handsome, in a quiet mature sought of way, with a long face and kind almond-shaped eyes. In short, he was just her type.

She could feel her face heat as she blushed harder than she had in a long time. She tried to say something, but not matter how often she opened her mouth nothing would come out. As someone that never usually lost her composure, not matter the strange occurrence, this was becoming mortifyingly embarrassing. He seemed to take pity on her and opened his mouth to speak.

"Hello, I'm looking for my wife. Her name is Ranma Saotome, and I was told she lived at this address."