Chapter 21: Making Amends

Hermione waited patiently for Severus to return. She sat on the bench for what seemed like 10 minutes, and there was no sign of him still. Hermione sighed in a lonesome way, stood up, and walked away from the clothing store. Heading down towards the grille, she entered the gate towards the door. Upon entering, she took the stool on the corner and ordered a drink. She sat there and slowly sipped her drink.

Severus popped back, and then noticed she wasn't there waiting for him. That was when he hit a state of panic. He couldn't see her anywhere window shopping the stores, or she could be in the bookshop browsing for a bookto read. He went into the bookshop and noticed she wasn't in there. Then he thought of all the shopping they have done, and went into the grille. He noticed that she was sitting there in the corner drinking tea, and reading a book. Severus sighed in relief to see that she was ok, and he went towards her to sit down.

"You know that you scared the bloody hell out of me?" Severus told her as he felt all the stress leave his chest.

"Oh. I am sorry, but u were gone for so long. I got hungry and went in here to get some grub. I am sorry if I scared you, but I thought that you were fearless." Hermione teased.

"That I am fearless, unless you can find out what it is that I fear." Severus answered.

"Well then, what is your worst fear?" Hermione asked curiously.

"I will not answer that here, but I shall answer your question when we get home." Severus whispered in her ear gently.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Hermione asked as she shut her book.

"Lets go to the book store, you can shop while I pick up my order." Severus looked at her book and got the idea from the top of his head smoothly.

"Ok." Hermione nodded as she got up, finished her cup of tea, and walked out the door with Severus right behind her.

Severus held the door open while Hermione walked through, and together they walked down the street to the booke shoppe. Hermione entered the shop and immediately went into the Arithmacy section.

Severus smiled. Then he approached the front counter and spoke, "I've come to pick up my order."

"Ahh, Severus. How are you today? Yes, yes, that order did come in. It arrived this morning, so allow me to fetch it." The book keeper disappeared into the back behind the curtains, while Severus walked around the store to find Hermione.

Severus spotted Hermione's nose in an Arithmacy book, and he walked back to the counter just as the bookkeeper returned with a boxed parcel addressed to Severus Snape.

"Ok, Severus if you could please sign here to confirm you received your order." The book keeper set a receipt in front of Severus with an ink bottle and quill.

Severus scribbled his name on the dotted line, took his copy of the receipt, and then he called through the store, "Hermione, come we are done here."

"Umm.. ok." Hermione sat the book she was planning to purchase down on the shelf where she found it, and walked out the door in front of Severus. "What do we need to do now?" She asked.

"That covers my list, do you have anything?"

"Oh gods, I must go to Gringotts to pick up some money." Hermione spoke quickly as she remembered what she needed to do.

"Alright." Severus smiled as he followed his wife to the bank.

Hermione entered Gringotts, walked up to the service desk and asked, "I would like to make a withdrawal, please?"

The goblin peered at Hermione over his spectacles from the high rise of his desk. "Let's see..." He paused as he looked through his book. "You owe Gringotts 500 galleons."

"WHAT!?" Hermione exclaimed in bewilderment. Before she could continue to protest, Severus stepped forward.

"How did this happen?"

"And you are?" The goblin asked.

"Severus Snape, Hermione's Husband." Severus spoke for the whole bank to hear.

Everyone in the bank gasped, even a few goblins who were tending to clients.

"Well.. err... " The goblin tried to find reason.

"That is what I thought, I would like to talk to the Goblin leader of the bank immediately." Severus stated.

"Is there a problem, Mr. Severus?" The goblin leader asked as he approached the desk.

"Yes, this Goblin says that my wife owes 500 galleons to the bank, when she clearly does not. I believe that this goblin is mistaken, I want it cleared from the record books, and I want to combine Hermione Grangers' funds with my own." Severus stated clearly.

"I do apoligize, it will be done. Do it!" The Goblin Leader looked at it's employee, and watched over the transactions.

After a few minutes, the goblin said to Severus and Hermione, " Here is the receipt for the transactions, I do apoligize for the inconvience. Is there anything else?"

"Yes, I would like to make a withdrawal and if my wife wants to come here and withdrawal money out she may as much as she wants when she wants. The total is going to be 5,000 galleons." Severus told the goblin sharply.

Hermione stood there shocked as she witnessed the entire ordeal go down. She watched Severus get a green pouch full of 5,000 galleons, and , without saying thank you, he turned on his heel and strided away with his robes billowing behind him. Hermione followed behind him, and when they exited the bank, he turned to Hermione. "He will never do that again. He was trying to rip you off. That fucking goblin does it to students all the time, so now he will think twice about it. Oh, before I forget, here you go." Severus handed her the green pouch full of money.

"T-thanks!" Hermione exclaimed thankfully as she put it in her robes.

"Are you ready to go home?" Severus asked, "Or is there something else?" He added.

"No, I am done." Hermione shook her head and answered.

Severus pulled her into a hug, and with a loud pop, they were gone.

Through the smoke, Severus and Hermione apparated in front of the main gates of the school. Severus walked side by side with Hermione, talking about school work.

"This week, I will be torturing the dunderheads with a very familiar potion. I will see who will be going off to college for my apprenticeship." Severus spoke vendictively.

"Really?" Hermione giggled at his vendictive idea. "What potion would that be?"

"The Pollyjuice potion." Severus let the words slip from his lips, for he knew she brewed it well in her second year.

Hermione bit her lip, remembering when she was turned into a cat.

"And I remember having to give you a very ancient potion to turn you back into a human." Severus started to laugh.

"Oh, you think that's funny?" Hermione growled at him, staring daggers at him.

"I found it to be... quite amusing." Severus added the fuel into the fire, he knew he was sparking her temper, and that's what he wanted. He knew they weren't far from his quarters, and he counted on her anger.

"Why you.. fowl, lonesome, evil, bloody damn bat!!" She spatted as she was slapping him into the room. "I should transfigure you into a little ferret." Hermione drew out her wand, but before she could start a syllable of the spell, Severus caught her by the wrist, torqued her arm to where her palm was facing up towards the ceiling, and he flung her, with little effort, on their bed. Severus straddled her, and pinned her down quickly.

Severus grinned truimphantly as he looked Hermione into her chocolate eyes. Then, he couldn't stop what he was going to do next. He gently kissed her on her suctulous lips, tasting the sweet narcotic serum that barely basted her lips.

Hermione just gazed into his deep obsidian pools, searching for what was going on through his mind.

Severus smiled, "I will leave it up to you. I would like to get to know you on a more.. intimate level."

"Oh, umm..." Hermione blushed. Her mind raced. Oh my god, I forgot to fufill the duties of a wife. He probably has blue balls by now. Dammit.

Severus giggled. "I will not force you, but I would like to move to that level in the relationship. I would like to hold hands in public, some kissing here and there, whispering enticing and kinky tortures of sexual pleasures.." Severus trailed off with a devious smile.

Hermione felt at ease. "Okay." Hermione nodded.

"Then I will wait until i get the green light. In the meantime, I would like to mend the past if I may."

"Of course." You may start by dancing sexy."

Severus just looked at Hermione with wide eyes, groaned, and spoke, " Yes, ma'am."