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His warm voice called to her through the flames that licked behind her, heat dancing near her, tearing at her pale skin.

She ran. Her bare feet had never carried her so fast. She could not see, and she could barely hear, all she felt was heat from the flames and a hazy outline of the ground.

"Mai! Ty Lee!" The cruel, cold voice- so ironic, coming from a bender of fire- came from behind her. "Kill her!"

The ground stretched out before her. No flames, not pain... and then nothing. The ground fell out from before her.

"Toph!" His voice called nervously, right near her. "Toph, jump!"

Her head swam. She couldn't see, she would fall! She would fall to a horrible death. She would die!

"Toph!" His voice came again, anxious, and she knew he thought of failing, failing again, having to watch another person he cared for fall before him, having to watch them breathe their last breath before his eyes.

"Toph!" Their companions called, nervous.

"Jump!" His voice came a third time. She stepped back, shaking her head. "Toph! I'll catch you! I promise!"

She took a deep breath, her lungs filled, took a step forward... and then she was flying.

It was a wonderful feeling, like everything fell out from behind and before her and she was a bird, a sightless, careless bird.

And than he caught her up in his arms, and brought her onto Appa, and they whisked away through the air. He brought her in close to his chest, and she could hear his heartbeat, like a warrior's drum on its way to war, and his breathing, slow and regular. She would've protested, had she not been exhausted.

"Toph," His voice, usually so humorous and light, was heavy with relief. "Never do that again."



"Promise," She said, her misty eyes flickering shut. In a moment she was asleep. Sokka smiled lightly, and stroked her dark hair.

"Sokka and Toph, sitting is a tree! K-I-S-S-I-!"

"Shut up, Aang!" Sokka took a swing at his companion, who grinned. Katara shook her head.

That night, both Toph and Sokka dreamed of flying.


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