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Summary: Sakura, a man-hater has it out against the billionaire cooperate playboy, Li Syaoran after Li has broken Sakura's friend's heart like he has done to so many others. With the help of both Li's and Sakura's friends who have had enough of his behaviour, Sakura seeks revenge and she's going to get it, starting with a bet that has dire consequences and she's going to turn his life upside-down and make it a living hell. Will the grave be Li's last partner to bed or will he get a change of heart………?

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Chapter 1: Anger

As they sat talking to each other at their table, the two women didn't notice some men who had been eyeing them since they had entered the cafe. One of the women was Tomoyo Daidouji; the hottest new fashion designer in Asia, the other was her best friend since childhood, Sakura Kinomoto. Both were exceptionally beautiful and in the eyes of red-blooded males fresh meat.

The two most cocky and self-assured of the men made their way over towards the two young women. Sakura immediately noticed them approaching, but ignored them completely, turning her attention back to the conversation she was having with Tomoyo. The two men made their first move by intruding upon their conversation and making a point of introducing themselves.

"Well good afternoon my fair ladies, it seems luck was smiling upon me today to behold such beautiful goddesses as your selves", the first man said bowing gallantly, smirking. He made Tomoyo blush red and giggle, "Thank you kind sir."

"Please allow us to introduce ourselves, I am Jin Haku", and "I am Kayu Ranoki at your serve my ladies", stated the second man.

Jin didn't waste any time, he openly began to flirt with Tomoyo, who in turn responded to his attentions like a giggling teenaged schoolgirl even though she already had a steady boyfriend. Kayu tried is hardest, but his manly charms didn't work on Sakura, it only made her scorn his attentions, leaving his ego bruised and deflated.

After a while Sakura couldn't take it anymore, she was tired of listening to their incessant chatter and rolling her eyes at their lame pick up lines that were at least five hundred years old. Sakura had only bared the men's presence for Tomoyo's sake, but enough was enough. She was ready to tell them to "fuck off", when her cell began to ring.

Sighing she looked at the screen and saw that her good friend, Rika was calling her. "Hello, Sakura speaking", she answered, in reply to her greeting she heard a string of words that were jumbled together making no sense accompanied by the sound of her friend's sobbing and sniffles.

Sakura concern had already risen, she tried her best to sooth her friend and understand what she was saying. After Rika had blown her nose a few times and quieted her sobbing she moaned, "Hhhheeee…… dumped meeeee". Her weeping immediately followed and Sakura knew she had to comfort the distressed girl, so assuring Rika she would be there soon and telling her to stay at her apartment she hung up with a grim, worried expression which Tomoyo noticed straight away.

Gathering her things and signalling to the waiter for their bill, Sakura turned to Tomoyo and simply stated, "Rika needs us, NOW." Emphasising on the last word of her sentence, Tomoyo got the message and began to get up when Jin interrupted, "Come on now ladies you can't leave, I'm sure your friend can wait. We were having such a good time", flashing a yellow stained grin at the women.

Sakura recoiled in disgust and made to move past him but Kayu blocked her path taking had firm grip on her upper arm that was sure to leave bruises on her creamy white skin.

To say Sakura was angry would be a definite understatement, venom seeping through her voice as she demanded that he release her arm that instant, "If you ever wish to piss again without feeling pain or much less have children, I suggest you let go of me now!" she threatened.

Kayu started to laugh, "What the hell could a puny stuck-up bi…..OUCH!!!!!!" he trailed off not completing his sentence as he clutched his foot howling in pain after Sakura had mashed his foot "hard" with the heel of her stiletto, Jimmy Choo's. She then proceeded to kick him where the sun didn't shine (his groin), he soon went from griping his foot to he holding his manhood crouching on the floor crying out in agony.

Jin seeing his friend in pain went after Sakura next, except before he could defend himself Sakura delivered a roundhouse kick to his face effectively breaking his nose, and then cuffing him in the solar plexus knocking the wind out of him sending him sprawling on the ground a few feet away.

A crowd had gathered at the scene and were shocked at what they had just happened, two fully grown men were on the floor howling in anguish after getting their ass kicked by a lone, petite woman. When the crowd had recovered they began to clap and soon the noise resounded throughout the entire café spilling out onto the street.

Sakura didn't waste a moment, not even to spare the two men a glance, she grasp Tomoyo's hand and pulled her out the café heading towards Sakura's BMW. When they were secured, Sakura burnt rubber peeling out of the parking lot with her foot pressed down firmly on the gas pedal speeding towards Rika's home breaking the limit.

Within five minutes they had arrived at the brownstone apartment building and making their way up the elevator striding towards Rika's abode with Sakura in the lead. She knocked on the door, but received no answer. Following her mind she tried the doorknob and found it open, both women instantly heard the sound of crying coming from the bedroom when they entered the apartment and made towards that direction.

What they saw upon entering the room was straight out of a horror movie, there was a creature on the bed that bore only a slight resemblance to that of the human and friend they knew as Rika. Her face was stained with traces of mascara caused by her consistent flow of hot, salty tears, her nose looked exactly like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer's own and her eyes were puffy with dark circles and a shit load of bags beneath them. Her burgundy hair was matted to the contours of her head and the sounds that escaped from her being were inhumane and were those of a wounded wild animal who was grieving to a great extent.

Tomoyo shrieked and hid behind Sakura's form before realizing it was Rika she had been startled by. Sakura moved toward the bed and wrapped her arms around Rika's small quivering form and placed her cheek against Rika's head as the girl shifted closer towards Sakura resting her head against Sakura's chest.

Sakura rocked the weeping girl gently back and forth, using soothing words to comfort the girl that she used on her much younger patients, but it worked all the same. Soon enough Rika's crying had died down occasional sniffling and that was when Sakura had decided to breach the subject of what had happened to Rika.

Gently she inquired while stroking Rika's hair, "What happened dear? Who has caused you to feel so much heartache and unhappiness? Please tell me?"

At first Sakura thought Rika had either ignored her question or refused to answer, maybe she hadn't even heard Sakura. When Rika's hoarsely rasped, "Li. Li Syaoran."

Syaoran POV


As he sat in the comfortable, plush, leather chair staring out of his office suite view eighty stories up in the air. Syaoran couldn't help recalling the incident that had taken place this morning and grimaced.

"That stupid ass bitch just had to be a fucking early bird!" he mentally cursed.

Syaoran had been planning on breaking up with her up for a while now, besides she didn't want to have sex and she kept going on and on about taking their so-called "relationship" to the next level. Whatever that meant!


"Harder! Harder! Yes, that it. Oh, God!" Syaoran groaned out loudly as his plaything (WHORE) for the while, Miku rode him hard till he had climaxed. Disengaging he pushed her off him and drifted off to sleep after a long night of hot, wild sex.

An ear deafening scream pierced the air immediately disrupting his sleep and effectively pissing him off. Syaoran blinked his eyes a few times adjusting to the golden rays of morning sun light streaming through his bedroom windows.

Then he saw his current girlfriend, soon to be ex standing in his bedroom doorway with her mouth hanging open.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" she screeched out, making Syaoran cringe.

"I've been meaning to tell you. Truly, I was. I just don't think you and I are working out for me babe. I'm sorry, but-" that was all I could saw before she exploded.

"YOU MEAN YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME! AND NOW YOUR DUMPING ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" then grabbing the nearest thing within her reach, a vase. She hurled it at me with great accuracy for a mad rampaging lunatic in my opinion and if I hadn't ducked I would surely have been in the hospital suffering from some major head trauma.

The good news was that she stormed out of my room soon after. Bad news, unfortunately for me the vase she had thrown had been an antique, priceless, family heirloom. I held my head in my hands; my mother was going to crucify me on a cross when she found out.

Incredibly enough Miku was still asleep after all that commotion, sprawled out on my bed snoring loudly, drooling all over my expensive silk coverings. I shook my head thinking to myself, "That dumb slut wouldn't wake up even if a tornado had hit."

End Flashback

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