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Chapter 1

"I'm all done here, Fred, I'll see you back at the dormitory," George yelled to Fred on his way out of the Prefect bathrooms.

Fred and George Weasley had figured out how to sneak into the Prefect bathrooms during their second year at Hogwarts, and had been making use of the luxurious private shower stalls ever since. George had to yell to Fred to even be heard by him, as the doors to the shower stalls were solidly-built. He was always the first twin to leave, as Fred enjoyed exceptionally lengthy showers.

"All right, later, man!" Fred affirmed in response. He relaxed into the hot water and steam, hoping he would hear 'the voice' again.

Despite having used the Prefect showers for so long, he had only started hearing 'the voice' recently, in his seventh year. He remembered the first day he heard it, two weeks into the new school year.

He had just finished up a long shower and was drying off when he heard the main door to the showers open. As per his usual drill, he stayed silent, so as not to get caught somewhere he wasn't supposed to be.

"Hello?" he heard a female voice call out in whispered tones. "Is there anyone else in here?"

Fred remained silent.

"Yesss," he heard murmured by the same voice. He heard a shower stall door open and close, water start to run, and then he heard a spell unfamiliar to him: "Accompanor mentalis."

Music instantly filled the room. It was somewhat muffled where Fred was, as the sounds originated from another shower stall, but it was still just audible. He had never heard the music before either, and then the voice joined in.

The unknown Prefect sang a song about light and day, and reaching for the sun. The voice was good – deep and throaty, and pleasant to listen to. And while it had instantly caught Fred's attention, what had really grabbed him was the music. It started off light and tinkling, but suddenly many more instruments joined in, and it sounded to Fred as though the world was having a party.

It didn't take Fred long to figure out what the incantation meant. Evidently, it gave the singer the musical accompaniment that they were thinking about.

The song ended, and the water stopped running shortly after. Some doors opened and closed, and Fred was again alone in a quiet shower room.

Fred had heard 'the voice' many times after that, and always listened intently. She sang different types of songs, sometimes gritty, faster songs, sometimes slow love songs. He enjoyed listening to all of them, as he never recognized any. He realized early on that the music must be Muggle music, which would explain why he hadn't heard any of the songs before. He liked the music far better than the songs he would hear played on the Wizarding Wireless Network, which to Fred, all sounded the same.

He heard the main door to the showers beginning to open and quickly turned off his water, as usual, so as to not alert any Prefects of his presence.


Yes! thought Fred. It's the voice! He decided that this would be the day he would discover who the owner of the voice was.

"Accompanor mentalis."

He wrapped himself up in his bathrobe, and listened to the voice in the shower sing enthusiastically about walking on broken glass. He prepared himself by his stall door, ready to peek through when the voice left her stall.

The song ended, and the door opened. Fred took a quick look outside at the Prefect in a fluffy blue bathrobe heading to the main door, her back to him. He was still able to recognize the familiar head of long, bushy brown hair.