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Chapter One: I Gave It To Duckie

"Abby!" I woke up when my mom called me but I just stuffed my head under the pillows.

"Abby!" my dad's voice rang through the house. I decided to ignore that call as well.

"Abigail Winchester, get out of bed now!"

Uh-oh. Full name. That wasn't a good sign. Giving a sigh, I pushed off my covers and stumbled down the stairs. My mom and dad were both standing in the living room. I think I resemble both my parents equally. I got my dad's height (I'm a whopping 5'10"), his puppy dog eyes and my mom's red hair.

"What is this?" Mom asked, pointing to an empty beer bottle on the coffee table.

"An empty beer bottle," I replied. Yup, I got my smart-ass remarks from my Uncle Dean.

"Don't get smart, young lady," Dad said, his voice kind of fierce.

"I swear, I didn't drink it," I told my parents.

"Then who did?" Mom asked. She had a point in that question. Both her and Dad had been gone all night and I was the only one home. I decided to tell her the truth.

"I gave it to Duckie," I told my parents. Duckie was our dog.

Mom rolled her eyes and Dad was holding back a laugh. I know they think that since I'm 16, that I try to sneak beers. But I don't and when I tell them the truth, they don't believe me. I crossed my arms over my chest and wished that there was someway I could make them believe me. As if reading my thoughts, Duckie came into the room, her tongue hanging out. She looked up at Dad and then threw up at his feet. I let out a laugh, Dad grumbled and Mom locked Duckie out in the backyard.

"I told you!" I called from the kitchen where I was getting some paper towels to clean up the mess. I handed them to Mom and followed her out to the living room. Dad had sat down on the couch, a hand over his eyes. I plopped down beside him.

"Why would you give a dog beer?" Dad asked.

"I wanted to see what she would do!" It was true. "All she did is walk funny and run around in circles."

Mom laughed from her place on the floor and I heard the front door open.

"Hello! Anyone home?!" came the voice from the front hall. I jumped up from my seat and ran to the hall.

"Uncle Dean!" I yelled, running up to him and throwing my arms around his neck. One of the many things I loved from Uncle Dean was his big bear hugs.

"What's up with the fancy welcome home?" he asked, looking down at me. He didn't have to look very far; I was only a few inches shorter than him.

"You've been away for weeks!" I said, as we walked into the living room. Uncle Dean looked from Dad shaking his head on the couch, to Mom on her knees cleaning up Duckie's vomit, back to me.

"What happened here?" he asked.

"Abby decided to give Duckie a beer," Dad said from the couch.

"A whole beer?"

"Yup," I said from his side. He looked down at me with a big smile.

"It wasn't funny, Dean," Dad told his older brother. I guess he had seen Uncle Dean's smile.

"And why wasn't it funny, Sammy?" he asked.

"She threw up all over the floor," Mom said, standing up with her hands full of dirty paper towels.

"They didn't believe me at first," I said, sitting down next to Dad. Uncle Dean sat down on an armchair.

"No, really? With our family's reputation?" he said, while Dad glared at him.

"That's exactly why we didn't believe her, Dean," Dad said. "We know she spends a lot of time with you."

Ignoring Dad's comment, I continued, "But then Duckie came in and threw up all over the floor at Dad's feet. It was so funny, Uncle D! You should have seen Dad's face!"

Uncle Dean smiled. "I bet that was worth a million bucks. And don't call me Uncle D."

I gave him a signature Abby smile: cute and innocent. Mom had told me the story about Uncle Dean being called Uncle D like Donald Duck and so I called him Uncle D all the time.

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